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Is Selene actually Lanfear?


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it's not likely Selene was Lanfear using Illusion to downplay her looks.  Loial says "I have never thought of it before, but if a human being were to have perfect beauty..." when he meets Selene.  I don't think she used any disguise except the name. 


And I think she actually told one of the boys "Selene is a name I use sometimes" or something.


Lanfear, Selene and Cyndane are all the same woman.

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I don't know if someone said this yet but....

You can kind of tell Selene is Lanfear when she is the most beautiful woman alive and that's what Lanfear was. Lanfear's sign has something to do with the cresent moon and stars and Selene wears silverworked crescent moons and stars in her dress.

In tSR she actually talks to Rand and says "Selene is only a name I sometimes use Lews Therin. The name I made my own is Lanfear." (pg.181) and then tries to persuade him over to the Dark One saying all that crap about how he is 'hers.' and always has been.(Oh pllleeeaassseee *rolls eyes*)


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In terms of the looks of the women, he was a vietnam vet and his description of Lanfear is like a “dragon lady” many vets describe gawking over when on RnR. He was also a history buff and pulls the whole world geography and cultures into his one world he creates. It is almost as if he created Pangea as it was first breaking apart-hence the breaking of the world.

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