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Theories on How It Will All End


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One thing I've noticed is that every possible issue I could think to present a theory on has already been debated to death here ::), so rather than formulate my theory on the lesser knowledge I have, I will just ask for what the common theories are in the following matters:


1) If Rand is to survive Tarmon Gaidon(sp?), how will he do so?

2) If the Bore is to be sealed as if it was never bored into, how will that be achieved?

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Mm some of the more common theories I recall reading for


1) Bodyswap


2) Singing, Cheodan Kal ubercircle


I'm sure RAW, Cloggy and Luckers will be happy to either give some explaination or link to previous posts :) I don't have the time or the knowledge though.

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