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Like, Whoa, Spazz!!! - [attn Kinsters]


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“What do you mean, I can channel?” Jagaea screamed


“I mean that you have the spark. Normally, I wouldn’t have even tried to sense your ability, but when you told me about your brother, I thought it might be likely.” Said Kalyn, the warm hearted Wise Woman Jagaea had been staying with. Her dark hair was pulled back in a bun to emphasize her facial features. She wasn’t Ebou Dari, that Jagaea was sure of. Jagaea was bad at telling people apart. She looked rather ordinary, in a motherly way.


“But I don’t want to channel! I don’t want to go and be a Tar Valon Witch! I don’t! I don’t! I don’t!” Jag spazzed and started hyperventilating.


“Hmm, just as I expected.” Kalyn said to herself. “Girl, stop it or you’ll have a heart attack. You don’t have to become Aes Sedai, but I know of something that may be a good alternative. Come with me.” Jagaea calmed herself somewhat to a level where she could think clearly. She grabbed her cloak and followed Kalyn out the back. She caught snatches of something that sounded like “flaming Whitecloak brainwashing.” They went through most of the city, stopping twice to tend to the loser of a fight. During that time, Jagaea grew very impatient.


A good part of the day later, they came to a large house, almost a mansion. Kalyn stopped in front of the door and turned to address Jag. “What you see beyond these doors is top secret. Before we enter, you must swear to me that you will not speak of what you see to anyone. Alright?”


“Very well. I don’t see the big deal, but I’ll do it. I swear by the Light and by my hope of salvation and rebirth to not speak to anyone about what I see beyond those doors. Happy?”


“Yes, I am. What you may not know is that the White Tower is not the only society for channeling women. There have been several others over the years, most were stomped out immediately after the White Tower found them. But one survived. They have hidden in secret and rescued White Tower runaways and found wilders too old to be Novices. I understand that you do not wish to channel, but you will eventually. These women can teach you so that you do not kill yourself when you do channel. It’s for your own good.” Kalyn turned back to the doors and pushed them open. “Welcome to the Headquarters of the Kin.”


Jagaea Kazim

Kinster wannabe



OOC: Someone can take over for Kalyn now and show her the ropes.

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