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Kin bio for Jagaea Kazim-CotL CCed \m/


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Basic Information

Handle : Tigara

Character Count :3

Contact : tigara@look.ca


Character Information

Name: Jagaea Kazim

Age: 20

Nationality: Taraboner



Hair: Very light blonde hair halfway down back in traditional Taraboner braids.

Eyes: Dark Blue

Skin: White, but slightly tanned

Height: 5’5”

Voice: A soft sultry voice, with a touch of fire to it.




Special Skills:

Knowledge Weakness: She never had any educational training.


Physical Weakness:


Personality weakness: She has a tendency to spazz out randomly at things, even if they are going her way. Easily stressed.


Personality: Jagaea has a very strong personality. If she wants something, everyone and their dog know it. She is often known as demanding and selfish. She is very emotional, she can cry, flare up her temper, and then laugh over the same thing in a matter of minutes. She does not handle stress easily and can spazz at anything. She is also very flirtatious, having worked as a tavernmaid.



History: Jagaea was born into a very poor family. Her parents both died in a riot when her and her brothers were very young. Later, when she was 10, her older brother Lionel, became very sick and died. So she was left in the streets of Tanchico with no one but her 12 year old brother, Tigara. Jobs were scarce, but she got a job as a tavernmaid. Her brother, Tigara, however, was not as lucky. He had to make his way along by stealing some food here and pick-pocketing there. The two managed to get by, but barely.




            Tanchico seemed to get worse continually. It was no longer very safe for anyone, so her brother decided it was best for Jagaea and him to go to Amadicia, where Tigara then joined the Children of the Light. Jagaea found job in the Fortress of the Light, being a secretary to one of the Questioners, so she saw her brother often. It was one her day off, because her employer was out for the day, so she was wandering the city. It was there she heard the rumor that her brother had channeled and was being hunted down as a Darkfriend. She had not been conformed to the thinking that channeling was the work of the Shadow, like many did in Amadicia, so she did not think her brother was really a Darkfriend. But knowing how Whitecloaks were, she thought she might not be so safe being here being the sister of a man they claim to be a Darkfriend. So she quickly went back, packed up her few belongings and some food, and went south. She didn’t know where she was going, really. Once she got to the border, she decided she was going to Ebou Dar. She heard of the taverns there, and they interested her.




Upon reaching Ebou Dar, she found the country divided in four. It almost seemed worse than Tanchico, but more organized and purposeful. She went about looking for work, but could find none anywhere. With no job, she had no where to stay, until she heard something about “Wise Women”. They were supposed to be Healers of some sort, with herbs and such. The man said that they may be willing to take a woman like her in for free, with maybe some chores done. So she located one of these women’s house and knocked. The woman said that she could stay for free, as long as Jagaea did her share of cooking, cleaning, and other chores. It was a fine deal. The two got along well together, and often chatted for hours into the night. It was all good until the nice motherly woman told her that she could learn to channel.

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