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Sullynn - Death by cow & ogier buttocks \m/


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OOC: Takes place on the way back from Cairhein to the Waste, in a valley in the middle of no where in particular ;)



"Edna? EDNA!!! Where did you go, girl? EEEEEDNAAAA!". Sullynn eyed the little boy that was shouting in search of someone. Normally, Sullynn wouldn't care less about wetlanders, but a boy left unattended by his mother was unfortunate. "Are you looking for you mother, little boy? Come now, I'll help." Sullynn tried to grab the boy's hand, but he quickly pulled away. He kicked her knee and ran off. Sullynn cursed. She should have followed her first instinct and just ignored the boy. His faulty manners were an indication of a bad education. No doubt his parents fault. Folding her arms under her breasts, she wondered who that Edna was, though.


As if her thought was a wish that came true, Edna appeared behind her. Fierce and unexplainably angry. Unafraid. Courageous. And apparently unperturbed by the Aiel Warrior standing in front of her.  Edna charged from behind. The last sounds that echoed through the valley were "MOOOOOOO!"  Edna crushed Sullynn to the ground, leaving her mangled body to indulge with some grass. But just a bit. After all, Edna had to maintain her figure.


While Edna was preoccupied with getting her butt bigger, she did not notice Sullynn crawling away. Sullynn managed to lean herself against a tree, practically agonizing. But at least far away from the mad cow that attacked her. But alas, Sullynn's fortune did not seem to improve, since she was sat on by an unsuspecting Ogier.  *squish*

The Ogier took a long deserving nap before he woke up to discover his error. Oops!

He still maintains she sat herself to death.



Death by cow & ogier buttocks  \m/




* No animals were hurt throughout this production. And if they were, we got rid of the bodies >.>





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