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ORGs (the shorthand for organisations) are communities within a community, usually with a theme or a purpose. They are a place to meet new people, even if you don't have much connection with the theme of the ORG. Also, they usually have a ranking system which you need to do various activities to earn points to get promoted/raised/wahatever-technical-term-the-ORG-likes-to-use.


For example, the Band of the Red Hand is the music and travel ORG of DM. We hold discussions on music and travelling. These discussions earn Band members points, which help them to get promoted within the ORG. Also, each ORG aims to have fun, while also doing some work.


By joining an ORG/ORGs, there is nothing to stop you from taking part elsewhere at DM. Unfortunately, I struggle to take part in the fun elsewhere as the Band takes up a lot of my time (I am the ORG Leader).


As for the other ORGs, I am not that sure of what their aims are except to have fun. All I know is that Shayol Ghul is the evil ORG at DM. I would suggest popping by each ORG to see whether you feel you fit in or not. Each ORG is different. Have a look and see whether you like what you see.


I hope I have been helpful in answering your question.


May you have lots of fun here at DM, like I do.

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The Black tower is where you get to do what ever you want pretty much. You just have to blame it on the taint in Saidin.


The white tower is where you can become a full Aes Sedai. Then you get to choose witch Ajah you want.


Hope that you find the perfect org that suits you. ^_^

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I actually did decide to join the Black Tower. It seems to fit my needs considering I absolutely love reading, movies, and gaming. Definitely in that order!


(ahem)Not to mention destuction and mayhem (ahem)appeal to me. But that was the taint on saiden speaking. (really can't use that excuse anymore thanks to Rand!!!! grrr)

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