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Old Tongue Font


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Greetings everyone from a new member to the site.


A friend and I have put together a rudimentary role playing game and as such we wanted to create maps for use with our game.  This led me on a frantic search of the internet for an Old Tongue font that I could use when I create them.  After a few hours of searching, the only thing I found was an adobe PDF document on this site calling the Old Tongue script by the name Domeran.


As I was unable to find a true type font for it, I borrowed the domeran.pdf file that was found here and used it to create an OldTongue.ttf.  In keeping with what I believe, and considering I found it here, I figure this would be where I will post the link so anyone can get the file if they want it.


I hope you enjoy it, and get lots of use out of it.

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