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Setalle Anan & Corianin Nedeal - SPOILERS


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Now i have no idea if this has been discussed, but i have been listening to the final books recently and this sprung to mind for the first time.


When mistress Anan see's matts medallion, she goes all weak at the knees. I originally thought that this was only becuase she use to be AS. But another thought (which may have been brought up already) came to mind. That she use to be Corianin Nedeal that use to observe and study Ter Angreal? It makes sense to me from her reaction of Matts Medallion. She seems to over react to that considering she has been around these things for a long time, finding runaways for the Kin. If she had been Corianin Nedeal then her reaction makes sense, a Ter Angreal never seen before would inlicit an awe reaction.


Am i way off line here, or has been discussed previously? Thoughts would be nice from people

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Ram,  :), many thanks for that. I was sort of on the right track with the Ter Angreal, just completely the wrong person lol.


Interesting link! Unfortunatley rises another question to me.


Nyn heals Siuan (who has been stilled), who can still sense the source. Can Nyn heal someone who has been BURNED out?


Any thoughts people?

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Can Nyn heal someone who has been BURNED out?


Almost certainly yes, although Damer Flinn would be a better choice for Martine Janata.


I say this because Lanfear was almost certainly burned out and Healed using Nynaeve's method, after her transmigration.


Did Nynaeve ever try to Heal her?  I don't recall.


No.  Nynaeve did not know that she was a former Aes Sedai.  She never admitted it until KoD.

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