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What Moiraine knows for sure about the future


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The popular notion?


Min told her she would marry Thomdril Merrilin, hence "dearest Thom," "I can guarantee that Tanchico won't kill you," and "I will wager I know the face of my future husband better than either of you."


She knows he'll live because else they can't marry, knows his face as her future husband, et al.


Since it didn't happen pre-ter'angreal, must be post.


It's also a bit of an argument for the "burned out and can't be Healed" school, since it even gives her a serious reason to consider marriage like never before. Something else to fill the Void, with a man who's her intellectual equal and can keep her on her toes.


EDIT: It also dovetails into Min's only failed viewing being of Moiraine.


Also edit: Note too, that Thom likes women who at least look far his junior. Thom likes that twenty-something look, it seems- Morgase had some slowing, and Dena was that young. A stilled Moiraine would appear that young. Just noting that it's a consistent bias! Thom doesn't mind looking the old fool with a young woman.

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