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  1. I remember reading "Fionavar Tapestry" by Guy Gavriel Kay when I was younger and thought it was a great read. I may have to go back and read it again to see if it is as good now as it was then.
  2. I think Siuan must have seen a ta'veren or else how would she know she has the talent. The only way they found out that Nicola has the talent was when Mat walked into Salidar (one of my favorite scenes) and she saw the glow around him. So, Siuan must have seen a ta'veren sometime in her life and the only person I can think of who could be a ta'veren was the Murandian rebel lord who was supposed to unite Murandy but instead was shot by the farmer on the horse raid. Altough, I can't remember if she said she saw him or if it was a foretelling that told her about him.
  3. I would lift up millions of small rocks or pebbles with air and then send them incredibly fast back and forth through the enemy lines thus popping small holes through everyone or take that cuendillar chain from Tar Valon and run in lengthwise across the battlefield and then use air to drive it through the battle lines cutting everyone in half or make a cuendillar string to do the same thing.
  4. I actually think this is how Rand will get over his "block" of not being able to kill women. He will feel a male channelling at him and automatically respond and fry her but then when he finds out he is a she... he will then be cured and in the 2nd book of a memory of light he will go on a rampage making up for all the missed opportunities in the last 12 books, "your bow wasnt low enough, ZAP" "straighten that dress, ZAP" "stop straightening that dress so much, ZAP"
  5. dubz


    Has anyone else noticed the lack of shields in the books? I know the aiel use small bucklers but that is the only shields I can remember reading about. Maybe I read it and forgot because my memory is not as good as it used to be (I blame it on my freshman year) but you would think that there would be some shields used. I can think of a couple of reasons why. Just as the samurai and other asian warrior classes did not use shields because of the intricacies of their swordmanship this would be why Lan, Rand, Galad and all other great swordsmen do not use shields, simply they do not need them as their sword can act as a shield. but for all the other warriors who are not as great as the aforementioned masters wouldn't they need a shield? Especially in the army as they would need to stand up to archer fire, cavalry charges and the like, a shield would be very, very useful.
  6. I think 3 books is a great idea. This way we get three climaxes (i've never met someone who has complained about 3 climaxes) and it gives me time to read the whole series over again between each volume. Before each new book comes out I like to start at the beginning again so I'm all caught up when I read the new one...then I read the new one again!
  7. What about an Aiel vs fade? It takes more than one aiel to take down a fade and I would consider an above average aiel (sweet alliteration) to be on par with a blademaster.
  8. just because our world was the 1st age does not mean when the wheel returns to that point it will be exactly the same. the wheel spins out infinate variations
  9. I want to see a dark victory for once, like capturing all the borderland cities in a weekend or the capture of caemlyn or cairhien not total but I want them to succeed in something. So far it has been all forces of the light. I want to see the world filled with blood death and destruction. main characters dying. hardships and troublesome situations. Just as you would picture the last battle to be. not just a cakewalk for the forces of the light. i dont want it to be too predictable.
  10. I think if they used the wii motion technology, it would be very easy to wiive the one power (tee hee hee...sorry) but seriously, i think they could make it work
  11. Wouldn't Rand's first times using the source be based on intense need. In all the cases he really needed something to happen. Be it Bela running faster or escaping from perverto in Four kings. Do you think that if Rand did have a block it would be he could only channel when he really needed to?
  12. maybe her foretelling wasnt fulfilled. remember the foretelling that elaida (i think it was elaida) had about that murandian who was supposed to unite all of murandy and siuan made gareth byrne back off from the border and bit his head off doing so. but in the end the murandian was killed on a cattle raid by a farmer. Perhaps this was the same case. foretelling doesnt always come true. Perhaps she had a foretelling that said if luc went to the blight he would find something that would help the cause of the light or something along those lines but the dark caught wind of this and send isam in an attempt to stop this from coming true.
  13. I think a great cover would be the army of light (ashamen, aes sedai, aiel, borderlanders etc) gathered in a city (doesn't matter which one) being led through a massive gateway and on the other side of the gateway is a massive battle scene at shayol ghul with hordes of trollocs, myrdraals, drakhars and all other nasties battling it out with massive explosions and dead bodies and in the background looms shayol ghul and the bore in some apocalyptic representation (what yet, im not sure) I really can't wait for this book, i got goosebumps writing this
  14. Hurin's sniffing could be considered comparable to this. If the person is a really bad darkfriend he would be able to smell them. I bet he would've smelled kadere's sister strangling, forehead mopping fat ass a league away. I think that is one of my favorite talents.
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