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Approved Wk Bio for Orrin al'Cairdarei- CCed by the WT


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Character Name: Orrin al’Cairdarei


DM Handle: spec_op_soldier


Age: 19; sword age 5


Gender: Male


Place of Birth/Raising: Shienar


Physical Description:

Height: 6’ 2”

Weight: 205 lbs.

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Brown


Orrin is tall with a trim muscular build. He had the blue eyes and

waist length brown hair held back by a Hadori typical of those with Malkier

ancestry, at least among those who remember the traditions.


Character History:

Orrin is the youngest of three brothers. Orrin is 4 years younger than

his youngest brother, his mother often told him that he was the

creators surprise to their family. His grandfather settled in Shienar after

the destruction of Malkier and to this day refuses to speak of the events

that caused him not to be in Malkier when it was destroyed. Orrin's

father was the youngest of all his siblings and the only one not old

enough to fight and die against the shadow when the Seven Towers were

destroyed. Being raised without a mother hardened Orrin's father, a hardness

which despite Orrin having a wonderful mother was passed down to him.

Orrin and his 2 brothers were sworn by there mother to fight the

shadow. To this end they were trained in the use of weapons before they knew

what death was.


Since the age of 8 Orrin's grandfather would take him through the woods

to a clearing far from any man-made distractions. When there his

grandfather would have him lay aside all there weapons and begin moving

through different poses. Despite the fact that the movements were very

slow, by the end Orrin was always sweating and his muscles were always



At the age of 12 Orrin was allowed to join the older boys on the roofs

of houses to let fly arrows when the Trolloc raids came. At the age of

17 his father first took him into the edges of the Blight and began

instucting him on the dangers one will experience there.


Orrin began to be able to see better than everyone else and hear better

too. Then he began to notice that everyone around smelled and he could

tell who was around with his eyes closed just by using his nose.


One night as Orrin's family was settling in the den after a delicious

dinner, Orrin had a vision flash in his mind of trollocs and fades.

Shaking it off he continued to read his book. Then the vision came again,

longer and more intense. When his mother asked what was the matter he

said that he just needed some fresh air. When he stepped outside he had

another vision, this time it was so strong, mixed with the fact that he

could now smell trollocs on the wind whipping in his face, he mistook

the vision for reality and as loud as he could warned that a trolloc

raid was upon them. His father and brothers ran and grabbed there weapons

as well as his. He sprinted toward the warning bell in the center of

village yelling his warning the whole way. His oldest brother met him at

the bell as he was ringing it handing him his short sword which he

belted around his waist as well as his spear and buckler. When it was

obvious that all the men of the village were out and ready to fight Orrin

stopped ringing the bell and ran back to his families house just outside

of town. The quiet of the night seemed unearthly after the tolling of

the bell stopped, broken only by the muttered questions of those who had

expected to be met at their doorsteps by trollocs. When Orrin arrived

back at his house he saw his grandfather and older brother guarding the

front and back doors. His other brother and father where outside the

house watching for any sign of attack. Orrin was confused, he could have

sworn that the trollocs where on top of the village when he started

sounding the alarm, he hadn't even been sure he was going to make it to

the bell in the center of town before they struck. The sent of the

trollocs was even stronger now and he turned toward the house and let his

family know, none of them could smell anything. Orrin heard a noise

behind him and spun around. Then he saw the trollocs he was sure he wouldn't

have been able to if not for the torches that someone had lit. No one

should be lighting torches now, but Orrin had more important thing

occupying his thoughts. Orrin hurled his spear at the nearest twisted one

drawing his sword before his spear tore through the twisted one's head.

The twisted one's companions roared in anger and exitement knowing that

the time for battle had come.


After the trollocs had set fire to one of the barns and had tired of

seeing their numbers dwindle, they turnedd tail and ran back into the

darkness. As Orrin was about to persue them alone his brother grabbed him

by the arm and told him that his gandfather was dying. At those words

it was as if Orrin was shaken out of a dream, a dream where he hunted

twisted ones. He ran to his home and saw his grandfather lying on the rug

in the family room with the thick black shaft of a trolloc arrow

through his chest. As Orrin watched his grandfather take his last breaths,

his eyes began to blaze a bright gold as if they were light itself, his

family was scarred as he began a low gutteral growl that became louder

and seemed to stretch on for hours. When his grandfather's eyes went

blank with death, Orrin howled. Then with death in eyes that shone like

hot burning coals and hatred so plain on his face that it caught even

his own family off guard and left them silent and still, Orrin grabbed

the golden headed spear that lay by his grandfather's side and ran out

into the night. He knew that direction the twisted ones had gone and he

could smell them.

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