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Chance Meetings {Atten: Shaneevae }


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D'Ashan idly kicked the mud from his boots on a nearby fencepost as he gazed at the city of Tar Valon in the distance. It's beauty took his breath away. Remembering the rain with a shiver, he shifted his blades and walked on towards the small village's Inn. Traveling from Arafelle, D'Ashan had been practicing with many weapons applying his skill with knives to an array of other weapons hoping to impress someone at Tar Valon. A weapon he had used a fair amount in the past to train, and one he had took a liking to on the road, was the Scimitar. Used with a dagger or even another scimitar, it was quite effective at keeping away most bandits. D'Ashan chuckled at himself when he realized he was not much different from the bandits he was defending himself against. Only their indiscretion when it came to rich or poor, and their wanton violence separated them from himself.


Approaching the Inn he eased his scimitars in their scabbards on his back. You never knew what to expect when entering an Inn for the first time.

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The day had started out lovely with the sun shinning and the birds singing.  It was the main reason she had headed out of the city in order to complete some research.  The Pseudacris crucifer or Spring Peeper was one of her pet projects and it was mating season. One of her favorite times of year, she imagined it was for the frogs as well. Spring had come early and with that the chorus of peeps; a chorus to herald the arrival of sunshine and rebirth or so she thought when she’d left the Tower this morning. With the rain had come a cold front and while the rain did not normally disturb her, the chill and the constant downpour did, which was the singular reason she was heading towards the inn. That and visiting with Mrs. Murray for a bit.  There was also the benefit of hot tea with apple brandy and pie.  Who could turn down pie?


The inn was in sight now and it couldn’t have happened sooner. Shaneevae burst through the door looking more like a drowned rat than Aes Sedai.  It was a look of which she was growing accustomed.  Certainly she was unique amongst her sisters.  Shaneevae was unique even amongst her own Brown sisters.  Finding an Aes Sedai with her skirts hiked up  and standing knee deep in a stream was an unusual sight to behold, but the people of Tar Valon and the surrounding country side had gotten used to the freckle faced Aes Sedai over the years.  It was almost a comforting thing to see the Brown sister catching frogs or lizards or counting plants.  If Shaneevae was out catching frogs then all was right with the world.


“Shaneevae! Child!  You are soaking wet. Get yourself to the fire and I’ll get a blanket.”  The sleepy eyed woman grinned as Mrs. Murray kissed her on the cheek and she couldn’t help but giggle with the admonishment of child.  The Brown had been a full sister before Mrs. Murray had even been born, but she never let the woman think any differently. It was nice being treated like a daughter sometimes.


Making her way to the hearth she noticed a young man of slender build and blond locks. It was the kind of color that had certainly made the boy towheaded as a youth.  He seemed out of place, uncertain of himself and definitely wary. Throwing him a smile, she collapsed into the rocking chair before the fire and offered him a mischievous wink. Giving a sideways glance to his weapons, she knew his destination would be the yard.  All young men wanted to try their hand at being one of the infamous warders though few made it, many tried.


Pulling her long hair over her shoulder, she squeezed copious amounts of water into the towel Mrs. Murray had given her. Making direct eye contact with the youth, she flashed her brows and grinned like a child while asking, “Come here often?”


Shaneevae el' Edware

First Chair and Hoyden Extraordinaire

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D'Ashan entered the Inn cautiously. Even this close to Tar Valon things weren't always safe these days. The Inn was well light and warmed nicely by the massive stone fireplace along one wall. He headed over to warm himself as a slightly plump, motherly looking lady swept up to him energetically.


"Hello! Hello! Do come in and sit down." she said kindly. "My name is Mrs. Murray. I swear,  people shouldn't be out and about on a night like this. Come and sit and I will get you something hot to drink and some apple pie." He grinned broadly at the woman and took the seat offered him gratefully. He turned the chair around and straddled it his back to the blaze as she bustled off to get him some food. He liked the woman, she reminded him of his own mother in some ways. Just to his right was a well worn rocking chair that he was regretting not sitting in when Mrs. Murray came back with a slice of steaming pie. His stomach rumbled at the smell before he even noticed her and she chuckled as she set it on the table in front of him.


"That rocking chair has been here for sometime, made by my grandfather it was. Oh no, don't you worry about that." she said as he fished some coins out of his pocket for the pie. "Its on me, not too often I get such hansome customers. She winked to show she was teasing him and asked him what he would like to drink.


"Do you have any tea? Maybe with just a hint of honey?" Mrs. Murray clapped her hands and looked delighted as if he had said just the right thing and went off to get some. Scanning the room casually as he had a habit of doing, D'Ashan noticed that the Inn was not as full as some he had visited lately. Maybe that was due to the weather, or maybe the proximity of Tar Valon? Mrs. Murray came back with the tea and was about to say something when a beautiful woman burst through the door looking quite thoroughly soaked to her skin. Her clothing clinging quite nicely.


“Shaneevae! Child!  You are soaking wet. Get yourself to the fire and I’ll get a blanket.”


'Shaneevae eh?' D'Ashan thought to himself. She didn't look like a child he noticed amusedly.  With some shock he realised he couldn't quite place her age. She was quite pretty though and that was good enough for him. He had always liked to look at pretty women, it was like looking at art he used to say. He was quite comfortable, but as Shaneevae made her way to the hearth he could tell by the look on her face that his expression was a natural mask of wary watchfulness. She collapsed into the rocking chair as if it were resting there for her alone, bouncing quite nicely, and winked mischievously at him. She pulled her hair over her shoulder squeezing the water from it. Wiggling her eybrows at him and smiling amusedly at him she asked.


“Come here often?”


D'Ashan laughed out loud at the cliche' of a question and grinned broadly at the lady.


"Nope, this is my first time Shaneevae. Seems you come here often however."


His arms were folded over the back of the chair and he nestled his chin on them still grinning. "Such a pretty lady could use some protection on a night like this." He leaned forward in mock conspiracy "There are many dishonorable men around you know."


He nodded before grinning at his own joke and sitting back once more. Back home he had had some luck with the lady's, not as much as some, but flirtatious banter like this was one of his favorite past times. "You live around here? I could walk you home later." His grin broadened as he watched her sleepy blue-green eyes sparkle with merriment.

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Pleasant was the first sensation she felt when the young man across from her laughed.  It was a full bodied and comforting sound void of stress and ulterior motives. It was a laugh that could put even the most uptight of people at ease. Since Shaneevae was far from uptight, it made her practically languorous.  Leaning forward she mirrored his movements, nodding and feigning fright over the possibility of dishonorable men. Grinning, she sunk back into the rocker just slightly behind him and cocked a finely arched brow when he posed his next question.


“You live around here? I could walk you home later.”


Pursing her lips, she struggled to keep from giggling. Walk her home. Wasn’t that sweet.  He’d think differently when she led him right through the entrance to the White Tower and up the marbled staircase to her private quarters. The Brown sister was quite certain that would be much more than he had bargained, but it was still amusing. Taken home by a witch. Heh. Instead, she licked her lips and grinned, “That is most kind of you, but I manage quite nicely on my own though I would be honored to share some tea and maybe a nip of brandy with you.”  Sliding her shoulders forward revealing a deep, still damp, cleavage, she whispered, “Even if you are dishonorable.”


Laughing, a deep throaty sound, she placed her hand upon his shoulder and smiled before moving to a table in the corner. It was her favorite table, small with large cushioned chairs that afforded her room to tuck her cold feet beneath her body.  The entire inn was cozy in the extreme.  Now all she needed was that apple brandy.


Her drinking companion was slow in coming so she crooked a finger and beckoned him to join her at the table. Some men needed a little encouragement though she wasn’t sure if this one could claim the title of man yet.  He was quite young, not of body, but of face.  She admired him as he gathered his belongings and made his way over.  His body was long and lithe, very pleasing. Shaneevae did not doubt the skin beneath smooth and corded with lean muscle, but his face spoke of youth.  Oh he was a pretty youth, but a youth, nonetheless.  It was doubtful that he had sprouted even his first whisker.


"So, do you have a name or should I just call you Pet. I bet you like to be scratched behind the ears." The tip of her tongue slipped between  her lips before she laughed at her own silliness.


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D'Ashan regretted his comment of walking her home as Shaneevae pursed her lips, that was until he noticed the mirth in her eyes. He grinned for the thousandth time at her invite, he had always been cheerful and had an easy grin.


Something stirred deep within him as she slid her shoulders forward. Not that he was looking anywhere but her eyes. He was always respectful with women, his mother had taught him manners after all. But seeing her damp bosom on the edge of his sight, coupled with her breathy whisper, had a part of him stirring that was decidedly...primal. Her throaty laughter rippled through him pleasantly and strengthened his grin. She continued her physically pleasing assault with a hand softly placed on his shoulder and moved off to a table in the corner.


D'Ashan watched her walk away with delight. She had the most absolutely sensual way of swaying as she walked that made him think of a cat for some reason. Being only 19 D'Ashan hadn't had a chance to be with many girls, only a handful. Even so he was knowledgeable thanks to a very embarrassing conversation with his mother, and that handful of women that had found him charming back home. The fact that this beautiful woman made that particular thought come to mind almost made him blush. Not that she was openly offering herself to him, but her company was pleasant and there was something delightfully...feminine about her.


Shaneevae crooked her finger, motioning for him to join her. So he had read her unspoken signals correctly, she indeed wanted him to join her at this comfortable looking table. D'Ashan was more than glad to oblige. Gathering his belongings, still steaming slightly from the fire, he motioned to Mrs. Murray and made his way over. He had the feeling that Shaneevae was appraising him as he deftly picked his way through the chairs and tables she had so enticingly weaved her way through earlier, but when he glanced up at her she was merely gazing at him casually, a slow smile on her lips and eyes sparkling with mirth. As he removed his scimitars carefully from his back and propped them against his chair within easy reach, Shaneevae asked a question that made him pause to look at her, a wide grin splitting his face.


"So, do you have a name or should I just call you Pet. I bet you like to be scratched behind the ears."


Many a response leapt to mind about where he liked to be 'scratched' but as always he remained respectful. Settling easily into the warm soft chair he purposefully waited a moment before speaking to let the throaty sound invoked from that thought fade before answering. He took this time to notice her hair, now dry from the rain, and how soft it looked. This wasn't helping. Suddenly, and somewhat ashamedly, D'Ashan realized that he had not given her his name. This was very rude of him. In a soft and inviting tone he said,


"Forgive me for not introducing myself earlier my lady, I would say your beauty had tied my tongue but already I have spoken." He grinned then and placed his hand lightly on hers. Light, but it was soft! "But I must allow that it has scattered my wits a bit, my name is D'Ashan." He grinned mischievously. "But you can call me pet if you like." Just then Mrs. Murray arrived with brandy for the two. She must have known what Shaneevae would have and assumed the same for him, he thought. D'Ashan regretfully removed his hand at her arrival. He was, as always, respectful and did not want to embarrass the delightful woman seated at the table with him in front of her obvious friend. Thanking Mrs. Murray for the brandy and her kindness he turned his attention back to Shaneevae. She watched him as he sipped his brandy to see his reaction. He had drunk worse back home with his friends and the smooth liquid was of good quality. The brandy warmed his bones pleasantly and brought a slow smile to his face. "Mmmm, this was a good choice Shaneevae. I do not drink often, but tonight, it was a good choice." he murmured. "Quite a good brandy might I add." He winked at her then and smiled. "What has you out on a night like this might I ask?"


OOC:D'Ashan likes frogs. He finds them charming, oh and he thinks of himself somewhat as a lion. He likes that you compared him to a pet.  ;)

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She gazed at his hand on hers and slowly lifted her eyes to look into his invitingly. The color was remarkable, the clearest green with flecks of gold surrounding the dilated pupil.  Bold for one so young.  He would be quite the charmer in a couple of years. The service of apple brandy interrupted her thought pattern and after thanking Mrs. Murray, she took a delicate sip of the fiery elixir. The drink was not one of her favorites and while she drank rarely it was something she indulged when her body was chilled or aching from the field.  It had always struck her as a pity that Aes Sedai could not heal their own aches and pains.


"But you can call me pet if you like."


The corner of her full mouth turned up in a smirk. “So, you do like to be scratched.” Shaneevae batted her lashes in one slow, deliberate motion,  “It’s a pleasure to meet you D’Ashan or should I say, Pet.”


Taking another sip, she shivered slightly as the brandy began to warm her blood and shrugged, “I study the local flora and fauna of the area and got unlucky enough to be caught in the downpour.  What about you?” She asked leaning forward to afford him a glimpse of cleavage, “It’s obvious you aren’t a local. What are you doing so close to the Witches’ Tower?”


Giving away her status as Aes Sedai was something she rarely did and this was no exception. It was always interesting to get the opinion of a lay person. So, answers given to manipulated questions were a sure fire way to let her know just how much she could trust a person or at least whether they were suited for her bed….or not.




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“So, you do like to be scratched.”


He grinned as Shaneevae batted her lashes.


“It’s a pleasure to meet you D’Ashan or should I say, Pet.”


She shivered deliciously at the brandy and made D'Ashan think of her shivering that way in his arms. This made him grin all the more as he listened to her explain her interests and why she was out on a night like this, all the while letting that thought stroll through his head. She leaned forward exposing more of her bosom for perusing as she asked after his motives in return. Once again he avoided looking directly, but enjoyed the view nonetheless as he looked her in the eyes.


"You are right." he said, enjoying his conversation more than he had in a long time. "I am from Arafelle." His grin faded slightly and his tone grew more serious. "my mother died a few months ago." he hoped his pain was not too clear through his eyes, but it had only been a few months and it was still so fresh. "My father abandoned the light when i was young and my mother in her last few hours wrote me, admonishing me to make something of myself. I considered the noblest thing I could do, in these days with whispers of Tarmon Gai'don," he shrugged as if to say what other option was there. So I decided to come to the Tower. To hopefully become a warder, train in battle, and serve as protector to one of the Light-sent Aes Sedai residing in that beautiful city," At mention of Aes Sedai his voice took on a hint of something akin to awe. "So that when that day comes," He continued. "I can throw myself screaming defiance, singing praise to the Creator into battle against the forces of darkness. Until every last shred of my soul is spent in service to the Light." D'Ashan realized the fervent manner in which he was speaking and almost blushed. Another of her winning smiles and  he grinned. Looking down at his empty glass and realizing how much he had drank already, a smirk came across his face.


"Before I finish that story," he said slowly as he reached his hand across the table. It paused and hung between them. "Have you ever thought of wearing a necklace to accentuate your..." His finger traveled the remaining distance to lightly trace a line across the flesh a necklace would grace. His eyes followed his finger, allowing him quite the full and eye-pleasing view. "eyes?" He finished , his eyes snapping up to meet hers. His grin was quick and immediate. He had been somewhat emboldened by the brandy and hoped he had not offended this absolutely stunning woman. A glance at her eyes was all he needed to know exactly how she felt about his touch.

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It was always amusing watching a man watch her. They worked so diligently to make eye contact. Always assuming their actions covert and smooth as molasses. Taking quick glances when they thought she wasn’t paying attention and using their peripheral vision to their advantage. Little did they know, Shaneevae was always paying attention. Certainly some were better at it than others and D’Ashan happened to be one of them, but they all did it and admittedly, she took pleasure in the power of it. She’d seen many a man lose the ability to think coherently in the face of breasts. A more comical entertainment was the ones that went slack-jawed and ended up on their arse.  Walls really do materialize out of thin air, you know.


To hopefully become a warder, train in battle, and serve as protector to one of the Light-sent Aes Sedai residing in that beautiful city.


Working hard to keep her face neutral, she struggled not to let her disappointment show. Damn.  So much for a clandestine tryst with a handsome stranger.  The first time he saw her at the Tower, her secret would be revealed and the rumors would spread like wildfire. His goal was honorable and his fervent devotion was admirable. It was just a shame that her bed would be cold this night. His warm body tucked tightly in behind…..no better leave this one alone. It was as her uncle had always said, you can’t keep a bird from flying over your head, but you can keep it from building a nest in your hair.  She could not afford to lend her mind to such dalliances for where the mind goes the man follows and if she didn’t get her thoughts under control she would be following this man right into bed.


“Before I finish that story," she watched intently as his hand inched across the table. It paused and hung between them. "Have you ever thought of wearing a necklace to accentuate your..." When his finger drew an imaginary line across her collar bone dipping slightly into her cleavage to trace a path where a necklace should be, she felt her pupils dilate and contract. Even her chin tilted back automatically giving him access to her neck and displaying her pleasure at his touch. "eyes?"


A heavy lidded gaze met his as she licked her lips prior to sucking the bottom one into her mouth biting it slightly then grazing it with her teeth upon its release. Her breathing a little deeper, she grinned seductively meeting his gaze pointedly with eyes that held many years of carnal knowledge.  “I always thought a necklace would detract from my breasts.”  A smile and laugh came next, a desperate attempt to cool the ardor that was threatening to boil her from the inside out.


Dropping her gaze, she took the brandy and downed the remaining contents. Demure.  She would be demure and coy.  Maybe she could even manage a blush or two. That was what a proper woman would do, but Shaneevae had never been very good at propriety. 


Folding her hands in her lap, she looked up timidly, “You are a bold one, D’Ashan, but I find your aspirations commendable.  I wish more young men felt so passionately about the Light.  If they did I am certain the Dark One would be crushed beneath our heel.” Grabbing the bottle she poured another glass and gulped the liquor to still her nerves. Fortification was required if she intended to fend him off tonight. The mind is strong, but the flesh is weak and looking closure to failure by the minute.






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“You are a bold one, D’Ashan, but I find your aspirations commendable.  I wish more young men felt so passionately about the Light.  If they did I am certain the Dark One would be crushed beneath our heel.”


D'Ashan grinned at the compliment. His blood was on fire, and not because of the brandy. Her skin was so soft! D'Ashan downed the last of the brandy and stood. When Shaneevae looked at him quizzically he held out his hand. Once she took the offered hand, he pulled her light form up and into his arms. Casually dancing a few steps, he pulled her close. Pressing her soft form against his corded muscle. his hand tangled in her hair only for a brief moment before traveling lightly down to the small of her back, tracing the line of her spine. He looked deeply into her eyes. He had never found a girl back home who's eyes were quite as clear, or as pretty.


"Shaneevae, stay with me tonight. My passion extends not only to the light, and it has been a while since I have had anyone to share it with. I have been long on the road and have yet to meet someone like you." His eyes Burned with the desire he spoke of, and his heart thudded against her magnificent bosom. He hoped she could not feel his heart thudding and felt like a foolish child for a moment.


Shaneevae looked torn, and before she could answer he spoke.


"I am not asking you to marry me, I am asking you to share my bed." He said pointedly. "Just for the night if you wish, but I would love to be kept at your side with the name of Pet." He grinned at his own silliness. Once more he pressed his body close to hers as they swayed through a few more steps, feeling her soft curves mold to his body. Looking deep into her eyes and finding a startling intensity he whispered. "So what'll it be?"

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Standing, she inhaled deeply wondering how in creation she was going to deter him when all she really wanted to do was wallow in the heat of his body like a kitten with its first scent of catnip. When he pulled her against him, she audibly sighed with the enticement of it. The leanness of his body pressed firmly against the soft lushness of her form was provoking. Shaneevae resisted the urge to put her mouth to the pulse at his neck and inspire the heady masculinity of his scent, so tempting that her gaze locked upon the throbbing beat parting her lips in anticipation.


With his hands tracing her spine, she shivered slightly causing responses that would be prominent brushing against the unyielding hardness of his chest.  It had been so long. So long since she’d felt a heated touch, since Ryan had gone amiss more than a decade past. Having made a martyr of her body in memorial to what they had shared, but how long could she deny the physicality of who she was? Ryan was married.  He had a child. Bloody ashes, he didn’t even remember her name. The accident had stolen that memory from him as it had stolen their life together.


Shaneevae, stay with me tonight. My passion extends not only to the light, and it has been a while since I have had anyone to share it with. I have been long on the road and have yet to meet someone like you.


Those green-gold eyes held such intensity, such raw need under control that her thighs ached in response. They ached to welcome him into her warmth watching as that need was unleashed in a maelstrom of desire.


"I am not asking you to marry me, I am asking you to share my bed. Just for the night if you wish, but I would love to be kept at your side with the name of Pet.


Bright eyes met his and she couldn’t help but to smile broadly at his words.


So what'll it be?


Raising her hand to his face, she traced the line of his jaw delicately studying the fine bone structure that bordered on pretty yet still rugged in its countenance.  Heavy lidded eyes met his as she rose onto the tips of her toes and brushed her mouth briefly across the fullness of his own. “I’m sorry, D’Ashan. It’s entirely too warm in here.”  Smiling sweetly with a touch of regret, she dropped her hand and headed out into the cool night air. The rain still drizzled, but the chill would do her heated disposition good.








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Her lips barely brushed his and she was gone. Out into the rain. D'Ashan hurriedly grabbed her cloak and ran after her. He burst out the door calling her name into the wind. For a moment he didn't see her but then he spotted her and grabbed her hand whirling her around to face him. He was almost angry at her for brining him this far and then escaping into the rain. He had chased her half to bring her her cloak, half to demand an answer for her behaviour. The brandy had muddled him a little and as he stood there, rain sliding unheeded down the back of his shirt, he wasn't sure what he should say. The rain was light but had plastered her gown to her body and already soaked most of her hair. His blood stirred at the sight of her dripping and shivering in the rain.


"At least take your cloak before you take your leave so abruptly." He said with a touch of sadness. "I am sorry that you feel you must run from me. If I would have known an invite to share my bed would have made you run I would have never asked."


Hopefully he could drown his desire in enough brandy that he could sleep. That looked like the best he could hope for tonight. His heart thundering and pumping blood to his nether regions he turned to go.


OOC: He is feeling a little led on, I blame that on the brandy but he is feeling a little let down.  ;)

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The rain hit sending chills up her spine.  It was what she needed.  What she had to do, but the fire in her belly still raged and roared its discontent. Morals could be damnable things when the flesh was screaming to get its way. Shaneevae hadn’t even heard the door to the inn open and close so intent she was on the argument in her head.  When his hand grabbed hers and whirled her around to face him she was surprised yet she wasn’t.  She’d seen the need in his eyes and had known he would not fade meekly away.  One of the reasons she found herself drawn to him, the boldness and determination to get what he wanted and Creator help her, he seemed to want her.


His face was angry, pained and hungry all rolled into one. The heart ached for the pain, the head railed at the anger and the body tightened at the hunger. So many emotions. Shaneevae had not intended to play with his emotions. She didn’t know he was to be a trainee in the Yards, only a man at an inn with whom to share a night. Creator help her, but she had stirred up a hornet’s nest.


At least take your cloak before you take your leave so abruptly. I am sorry that you feel you must run from me. If I would have known an invite to share my bed would have made you run I would have never asked.


As he turned to go, Shaneevae closed her eyes in an effort to fight going after him. In the end, her heart and body won out if even for a brief moment. Grabbing his shoulder, she spun him around and pushed him up against the slick stone walls of the inn. Before he could protest, she pressed her mouth hotly against his, one hand laced in the hair at the nape of his neck and the other pressed to his chest. The kiss was deep and hard causing her to moan into his mouth.  Their wet bodies pressed tightly together, she could feel his desire and her hips pressed provocatively against him.


She broke away just as suddenly as she’d started.  Breath coming in gasps and her breasts heaving with the effort, she spoke, a husky sound, “Oh, I want to share your bed D’Ashan, do not doubt that, but there are circumstances that prevent me from doing so.”  With that said, she embraced Saidar, the pleasure of it even more intense coupled with the throbbing of her body.  Channeling several fine threads of Spirit, she let them trickle across his body, more pressure in certain spots and lighter in others.  The expression on his face was rapture and she was loathe to quit, but she did.  Meeting his eyes, she exhaled sharply, “I am Aes Sedai, D’Ashan.  There are moral dilemmas that prevent me from bedding a trainee of the Yard.”



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As he turned to go and ask the pleasant Mrs. Murray for some more brandy, a slim hand grabbed him roughly by the shoulder and spun him around. The next thing he knew his back was slammed against the wet stone wall of the inn. Thoughts ceased as her mouth crushed hotly against his. His hands pressed warmth through the rain soaked fabric on her back as he pulled her closer to him. He trailed his hand further to rest on her bottom and pulled her hips into his as she pushed against him. Just as suddenly she tore from his grasp, leaving a cold gust of air in his arms where once had rested a soft warmth.


“Oh, I want to share your bed D’Ashan, do not doubt that, but there are circumstances that prevent me from doing so.”


D'Ashan was confused. What under the Light could she be talking about, circumstances? All he knew was he wanted her now more than ever. Suddenly something like he had never felt infused every part of his body. The feeling was pure ecstasy! He trembled as a thousand touches lit him on fire in ways no rain could ever cool. Just as the onslaught began, so too it left as quickly and inexplicably. Shaneevae exhaled sharply as if to punctuate the experience and explained everything in one short sentence.


“I am Aes Sedai, D’Ashan.  There are moral dilemmas that prevent me from bedding a trainee of the Yard.”


D'Ashan's legs gave out from the intensity of whatever she had done to him. He hit his knees gasping for air as rain dripped from his hair. He kneeled in the rain, head hanging, regaining his breath. So she was Sedai? That would explain a few things. Some men might have shied away from her after learning this but D'Ashan felt a sense of exhiliration. The added information made it more of a challenge, and made this all the more fun. Slowly he regained his feet and looked her in the eyes deeply before speaking.


"You forget one thing Shaneevae Sedai." His tone was soft but his eyes burned with barely leashed desire. He whirled her around and pinned her up against the wall as she had done to him. Pressing his muscled form against hers, he lowered his lips to her collarbone, Slowly trailing kisses up her neck before whispering softly in her ear. "I am not a trainee of the Yard." He grinned against her neck sampling the flesh there.

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He sunk to his knees like all of the energy had been sucked from his body. What she had done was only a taste of what she could do when holding Saidar, but it had been enough to bring him to his knees. The rain dripped from his mouth and she licked her lips unconsciously at the sight as he found his feet.  She had not been certain of his reaction, but it could have gone either of two ways, he would run or he would fight.


You forget one thing Shaneevae Sedai.


When he grabbed her by the waist turning her back to the wall, she knew, he would fight.  His mouth found her collarbone and began inching up her neck breathing hotly into her ear, “I am not a trainee of the Yard.”


Her hands splayed against the slick stones as she fought the pleasurable onslaught of his mouth on the sensitively of her neck.  She turned her face aside, her body granting him more access without her mind’s permission. Balling her fists up tightly, she squeezed her eyes shut and bit her lip in an effort not to succumb to her baser instincts. When his mouth laid a scorching trail towards the cleft between her breasts, she moaned, her hands flying to thread through his hair and pull him deeper into her bosom.


When his tongue blazed a trail up the front of her neck, she whispered, “Semantics, D’Ashan.  You will be…….ummmm…..tom….tomorr” The last of her words cut off by his lips on hers. Shaneevae sank into the kiss abandoning all reason for the moment and just rode the wave of pleasure. His hands. His mouth. The slickness of his body pressed to hers, but she couldn't allow it to last. After several minutes of abandon, Shaneevae forced her mouth from his and took his chin in her hands. Her blue-green eyes foggy with need, she barely whispered, “I cannot.”


Taking his hand, she headed back towards the door, a smile of regret on her lips, she spoke, “We drink. We drink until we pass out or until we are unable to do anything about this raging need that arcs between us.”  Arching an eyebrow and giving a quirky grin she asked, “Deal?”




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The passion that raged under the leaden sky was enough to light the sky for the rest of the night. Finally she seemed to succumb, allowing him to touch her and share with her what she had done to him only moments before. but as she maddeningly had done so many times this night she stopped, her eyes smoky, her voice thick with desire.


“I cannot.”


She smiled sweetly, Light! ever so sweetly, and backed towards the door with D'Ashan in tow. She even held his hand like a lover.


“We drink. We drink until we pass out or until we are unable to do anything about this raging need that arcs between us.” Her proposition seemed a plausible one, at least he would have her company. “Deal?”


D'Ashan consented with a slight nod of his head and a smile to tell her that this was not over. He may acquiesce tonight, but they would meet again. And the next time she would have to channel to prevent from giving in. D'Ashan grinned to himself as she led him by the hand back to the table.

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