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Approved WY bio for Via Than- Aiel CCed


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Character's name: Via Than

Age: 18

Place of Origin: Caemlyn, Andor

Hair Color: Light Brown

Eye Color: Brown

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 220 LBS



Nine years ago, City guards burst through a door to an old house in northern Caemlyn to find a child no more than 9, broken and beaten to a swollen black pulp; barely alive with a kitchen knife clutched into his hand. His father lay against the far wall amidst a pool of growing blood. His bloodshot eyes, unblinking. His mother lay dead on the bed, her face black and blue, a small trickle of blood coming from her nose and ear. The unconscious child was taken out of the room of horror. One of the guards by the name of Meacham took pity on the boy and took his care under his own and took the boy to his sister Sahar a local wisdom who lived and worked near by. She cleaned the boy up, tended his bruises and broken flesh and force fed him vile smelling liquids the likes of which had made him cautious not to cough in her presence. She dressed him in her son's old clothes but said she had no room for him in her house and suggested he could stay with Meacham until better arrangements came about.


Meacham brought the boy back to his quarters in the guardhouse and stayed by his side for three days and nights, talking to the boy and caring for him the best way he knew how. The big brown eyes returned only emptiness. It wasn't till guard duty called once more he was forced to don his uniform and return to duty that he picked up one of his swords from the small one room living quarters cupboards that the boy's eyes lit up for the first time.


Recognition… thought. Over joyed but perplexed Meacham ran to his side and dropped to his knees, "Boy.. Boy! You're awake from your daze! By the creator, I thought your mind and body had parted company." The boys eyes met his own and stared back but for a moment till they dropped once more. It was then Meacham realized; the hollow gaze lay not in a daze, but on his sword. "You want that do you? Well there's no need for swords now. Your safe now my boy." He smiled and ruffed the kid's head though he got little response more than a shrugging off of his hand. He had to leave for guard duty and there was no way around that. He assured the boy that there was nothing to be afraid of and if he was hungry there was a loaf of bread and cheese in the side cupboard. And with that he was gone.


His shift passed without incident until three hours later when he was summoned to the guard house and found the sad looking boy in a chair across from the captain of the guard. A besheveled young lady in a velvet dress, was arguing with the captain. As soon as the captain spotted him he raised his hand in front of the young woman's face and yelled at Meacham, "This your son?!" Meacham shrugged and offered, "I guess he is.." but before he could get more out the captain yelled, "He just killed a man naught two streets from here!" The young girl cut in, "It was in an ally and he SAVED my purse and maybe my life!" The captain raised his hand again, "He had one of your swords and somehow managed to near cut a man in half. Had the blade not got stuck in his ribs I believe he may have taken this young woman's life next!" The young woman burst out with, "Blood and Bloody Ashes!" and then squeaked as if surprised by herself she cleared her throat and resumed in a more lady like way, "That cutpurse had a knife and he would've used it had he not saved my life. Please tell me his name... I beg of you." Meacham looked at the boy in astonishment, "His name.... His name is Via... Via Than..." The boy looked up at Meacham that glint of recognition was back.


It wasn't till a similar incident happened once, twice, three times more that Meacham started noticing a pattern he somehow always ended up some how or another getting his hands on a sword. Before the day was out, a cutpurse dead and another girl saved, though he was not without injury. Eventually when he brought a bloody Via back to his sisters for the 5 th time in that month she sat Meacham down while Via was resting and trying to figure out his behavior. No matter what he did, if he locked the door or not, kept all his weapons hidden it kept happening. His sister thought long and hard, "Maybe the loss of his mother has made him more sympathetic and in fact defensive of women. Dealing with their attackers, typically male in the same way he dealt with is father after the death of his mother, with a blade... Meach' you can't handle this kid and your working you need to send him somewhere he can be trained for just that purpose so it can be harnessed. I have this friend who went to Tar V-" Meacham immediately cried, "No! I'm not sending him to some witches school to become a slave to some witch for the rest of his days. I'll train him... He can one day be in the city guard or maybe even an Andorian Soldier. I've naught the time to teach him but I can at least explain to him rights and wrongs. I'm not about to send him off to die on some witch's scheme" He promptly stood up and left.



As time went on winters came and winters passed. The boy grew and taught to try come out of his shell more and learn more people skills he grew as a man. All the while his father forbidding his forays into the city. But despite his new father's wishes he would sneak out at night and perform his work; all be it in secret. As he grew so did his skill both in his amateurish way of killing and his skill in reading, writing and talking. He began to talk more, if only very quietly. He pushed away offers of friendship by kids his age. Though the criminal population was dwindling his lust for justice wasn't. He was now 17, almost a man. Meacham had promised when he turned 18 he could join the guard and stand side by side in defense of the city. Little did he know his son's work was still underway.


It was Via's 18th birthday. The night had gone well. His auntie had even made a cake for the occasion. She insisted they loosen their belts at the table while she cleaned up. There was a knock at the door and smiling merrily Meacham stood, "I guess your cousin has locked himself out again.." but just as he was opening the door, he heard the sound of slicing meat and was thrown against the wall, the door slamming into his face. 3 men ran into the room with swords drawn and faces masked.


Sahar was washing the dishes when she herd a bang, smash and clanging coming from the dining room. She laughed walking in, "did someone drag off the table cloth aga-" she stopped dead in her tracks and screamed. Only three men were standing in the room. She watched as one had his head separated from his body by a blood drenched man with a short sword in one hand and a bloody candlestick in the other. The sword then flew from his hands like lightening and the man running towards her fell to the ground. The hilt of a short sword protruding from his back. Via was the only man left standing in the room. 3 strange men, obviously thieves or worse lay in pieces around the room and, "MEACHAM!" She streaked across the blood soaked room and dropped to her knees next to her brother, his belly sliced and hanging open to the air. He was gone.


The next day Via watched from empty eyes as the carriage he was riding in road north up away from the city that was his home. He looked up from an envelope and purse pressed into his hands and watched as his aunt was waving as he disappeared away from view. He didn't know where he was going precisely. All he knew was it was called, Tar Valon.


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