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End of the road, a new begining(open)


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Dazar'sei drank in his surroundings as he tried to calm himself down. It had been a long road, and he never had expected it to end here.


When he first thought about Channeling, it seemed like a good idea. Now that he is here, all he could think about was the madness that would surely overtake him. Maybe he shouldn't have come here, what if he kills the people he cares about, instead of saves them? What if in this thing, unlike everything else, he doesn't excel? Can he take not being the best?


Now that I'm here, where do I start? Who do I talk to?


As all this went through his head he relized he had completley lost track of his main goal.


Is my brother here? Or will I have to choose between finding my brother and learning to channel


The thought of his brother made him warry. If his brother was here, he would have to finally face the fact that Tai'Dashan was a commoner; and if he was able to come to grips with that, would he be able to come to grips with Tai's life style?


Dazar's Noble family was known through all the Borderlands to be "Noble". All growing up Dazar had gotten lectures from his father about the family values, and how we always did what a good man would.


Duty is as heavy as a mountain, Death as light as a feather.


The saying his father had constantly said rang out in Dazar's mind. The Drak family always did there duty. So would Dazar. Determindly Dazar went in search of someone to talk to, to ask about his brother.

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OOC: Good to see you on here. It's about time  ;)


IC: As Tai'Dashan walked to the Inn after a long morning of training he saw a man standing and looking bleakly at the entrance to the Tower Grounds. Something about him made Tai'Dashan slow and finally stop his journey to the Inn and just stare. Something about him looked, was it, Familiar? shaking his head Tai'Dashan felt a twinge of guilt, here he was standing here staring at a newcommer while he sat there looking lost. He remembered what it was like comming to the Tower not so long ago. With that Memory of lonliness, Tai'Dashan ran off to Arath or some other Asha'man know of the man's arrival. As he jogged off a thought trailed through his head.


'Did someone do this for me?' He wondered.

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For just a second Dazar'sei caught a glimpse of someone staring at him.


I must be going crazy already, for a minute I could have sworn that was my father staring at me.


Thinking this to himself only made him more nervous about his choices, and the inevitable madness to come. And not only that, everytime he tried to talk to one of the men in the black coats to see what to do, they just scowled at him and walked away. Was this the madness, or had this place broken all of these men to the point where they weren't even civil anymore. It didn't seem like madness, but people had tried to break Dazar before, obviously it hadn't worked.


Let these men try, I'll show them what a man from house Drak is really like!


Though his thoughts were bold, Dazar couldn't help but feel nervous. After all the people who had tried to break him before hadn't had The One Power to help. So Dazar'sei decided to do the one thing that always calms him down. Stripping to the waist and pulling out his longsword, he started going through the forms his teachers had taught him.


Forming the void, Dazar started. Instantly he felt one with his sword and everything around him. He couldn't help but notice the comforting warmth that seemed to be right behind him. The pure pleasure at not worrying over his choices and his current perdicament almost broke the void; but Dazar just smoothly moved into the next form, letting the oneness envelope him.

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Arath stood at a workbench in the basement of his home, puzzling over the delicate silver figure he was working on.  Just a little bit more here and ...


The door banged open upstairs and he almost dropped the figure as he was shaken from his concentration.  That would be Tai of course.  The man had enough enthusiasm to put a gleeman to shame, but his timing was ... problematic at times.  Setting aside the figure and wiping the metal dust from his hands, he set off upstairs to see what had gotten the soldier agitated this time.


Once he found out that this was about a new recruit he rolled his eyes and rubbed his forehead.  "Why did you come and tell me about this instead of bring him here?  Go get him if he's still here and bring him to my study."

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In the middle of one of his forms Dazar froze. The man that he thought was his father was walking up to him. Now that he got a closer look, it obviously wasn't his father, but they did share a striking resembalance. Dazar'sei couldn't help but notice that the man seemed to be talking something over in his head.


Is this the begging signs of madness?


"I'm soldier Tai'Dashan, I'm here to take you to Attack Leader Faringal."


All the pecies of the puzzle suddenly fell into place. This is my brother I've been looking for, he thought to himself.


"I'm Dazar'sei, lead the way."


At saying this there was a mixture of emotion, not only did he feel the shame of having a bastard and a commoner for a brother, but also the feeling of cowardice. He didn't even have the nerve to tell his brother who he was.

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As Tai'Dashan approched the new recruit he chuckled at himself. Arath had been busy, that was apparent when Tai had stepped into the room. Unfortunately it was too late by then to do anything about that little detail. He had gotten a gentle chastising from his mentor and ran back to the new recruit to find him practicing sword forms. Wondering what in the Light this man was doing he hesitantly approached. Tai'Dashan got that familiar feeling again but shook it off and spoke as the man openly, and somewhat rudely,stared.


"I'm soldier Tai'Dashan, I'm here to take you to Attack Leader Faringal."


The man got an odd look on his face and replied,


"I'm Dazar'sei, lead the way." The man was obvioulsy tortured by his own inner demons, but who wasn't here at the Black Tower? Tai'Dashan shrugged it off and continued. Weaving a simple flow of air, Tai'Dashan picked up the man's discarded shirt and held it in front of him. For a moment, shock and...uneasiness? danced across the man's face. But as Tai'Dashan turned to go, Dazar'sei took the offered garment and fell into step behind Tai. His stay at the Black Tower had infected Tai with an instinctual distrust for outsiders, but his curiosity finaly overwhelmed him and he asked in a pleasant tone,


"So Dazar'sei, Where are you from and what brings you here?"


OOC: It's all yours, tell him or don't. Let's play this one out for a little bit. Take it where you want.  ;) :D

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When Dazar'sei's shirt just floated up in front of his eyes, he almost shied away from it.


I swear I can feel the taint radiating from it, and I'm not even the one doing it.


"So Dazar'sei, Where are you from and what brings you here?" Tai'Dashan said.


Well he would have to do it sooner or later...


"I'm from Fal Dara, I came because our father died."


Instantly Dazar could tell that Tai'Dashan was on his guard.


"He was a noble in Fal Dara, and he got mortaly wounded fighting off a Trolloc raid. On his death bed he told me about you and your mother. Ever since I've been following rumors of where you've been, eventually to here."


Instantly Dazar felt an intense feeling of pride, he knew he wasn't a coward, he knew that he could go through with this. Once again he looked around at the Black Tower, and he couldn't help but wonder if this was really such a good idea.


"My...I mean our father, didn't tell me much about either you or your mother, just where you came from and that you were wealthy jewelry mearchants. I've came here to make sure you are living up to our father's name, and upholding his honor."


With the words already out of his mouth, Dazar realized that might have been a bad thing to say. Tai'Dashan looked on his guard before, now his face went completely blank, he wouldn't even look at Dazar'sei.


OCC: React however you want, I figure we're almost to Faringal's place lol.

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"I'm from Fal Dara, I came because our father died."


Tai'Dashan's step faltered and his mind went numb. 'Our father?' As the man's words continued, It all crashed down around Tai, igniting long buried emotions. The familiar face, the arrogant manner in wich he spoke, the story he told. The fires of rage blazed hotter and hotter.


I've come here to make sure you are living up to our father's name, and upholding his honor."


Tai'Dashan stopped mid stride, his back to Dazar'sei. Struggling for a moment with the torrent of fury raging through him, he said nothing. In the next instant he had seized Saidin and with a weave of air, thrown Dazar'sei up against a nearby wall pressing him motionless against the rough wood. This man very well could be lying, a darkfriend sent to infiltrate the Dragon's ranks. But it seemed to be too likely this man was telling the truth and that was what made Tai the most angry.


Tai'Dashan had thought himself alone in this world once his mother died. Had finally come to terms with it, and now to find he was not alone should have been the happiest moment in his life. But this arrogant, self-assured, goat-brained son of a trollock had the nerve to call himself his brother! and on top of that, question his actions in his father's name?!


Slowly Tai'Dashan realised that his face was inches from Dazar'sei's, his eyes colder than the Dark Ones heart, his face locked in a snarl of pure frenzied hatred. Not only was he making it hard for Dazar'sei to breathe, he had fooslishly seized Saidin without the void and was dangerously close to loosing his grip on the Source. Loosening the weave just enough to allow the man to breath comfortably, Tai'Dashan tied it off and looked the man over carefully.


"Wether you are my brother in blood or just some snivelling worm of a Darkfriend, I do not know." Tai' said coldly, turning to go. "But you will stay here until Arath comes for you personally. I have no further use for you."


Tai'Dashan turned to go and find Rion. He had recently made friends with the man and needed someone to talk to.

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When Dazar'sei saw Tai'Dashan stop mid-stride, he knew he had pushed the man too far. Dazar'sei got a feeling of something being not quite right but before he could turn his attention to it he was violently slammed against the wall next to him. For the first time in his life Dazar'sei tasted real fear. It was a curios taste, and left him...helpless. feeling helpless and afraid for the first time in his life was a new and dumbfounding experience. Slowly the unseen pressure increased to an almost unbearable level as Tai'Dashan's snarling face crept to within inches of Dazar's. All at once the fear rose in Dazar'sei to a new and almost panic-like state. what if this was how you went over the edge of sanithy? what if he had pushed this man over the edge and was about to die helpless like a little kitten. Rage welled up to replace fear. How dare this flaming commoner treat someone as great as Dazar'sei so brusquely? And after all those hard miles traveled to find him and to bring him news of a father he probably didnt even remember.


The unseen bonds loosened slightly as Tai'Dashans face relaxed a bit. So he wasn't completely insane. Dazar briefly struggled against the bonds but to no avail. Then the half crazed commoner spoke.


"Wether you are my brother in blood or just some snivelling worm of a Darkfriend, I do not know." Tai' said coldly, turning to go. "But you will stay here until Arath comes for you personally. I have no further use for you."


'Darkfriend? The man must be insane.' Dazar almost laughed aloud and quickly thought better of it.


Tai'Dashan turned to go and Dazar'sei had no choice but to watch motionless as he disappeared around the corner. Dazar assumed that by Arath, Tai meant Attack Leader Faringal and hoped he would arrive soon to release him from this ridiculously foolish predicament. As Dazar'sei hung there pinned against the wood, he consoled himself with the thought that surely the Attack Leader would punish his commoner subordinate for such an unnecessarily brutal act to a noble's son such as himself. Renewing his patience he resolved to wait.

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As he rounded the corner, the flames of anger started to cool. his emotions died out as an abandoned cooking fire in a hearth, merely to be replaced. He had released the Void and the Source and a myriad of emotions settled on him as his feet slowed their steps. Once out of earshot, Grief struck him as a physical blow, driving him to his knees.


"Mother!" the choked whisper slid past his lips as the tears fell to the dust below him. "I, I 'm so confused." He hung his head, his right hand braced against the wall next to him and wept.


This man was his brother? his BROTHER? Loneliness waged war with grief and anger. Tai'Dashan's heart constricted as still more sobs escaped him. He absolutely despised this man, but he was the only surviving piece of a long dead family that Tai had. Arath wasn't going to come for him, he expected Tai'Dashan to bring Dazar'sei to him. Tai had known this when he had bound the man but hadn't cared. But now the softer, more sensitive side took over and Tai felt bad. Heaving a sigh at the end of one last sob, Tai'Dashan slowly got to his feet and dried the tears from his face. He had better go get Arath and explain the situation. This was not going to be pretty, Arath was going to see for the first time, the darker half of Rage tainting his soul that he had so successfully kept hidden all these years behind a lens of enthusiasm. He wanted to just leave it where it lie but Tai couldn't. He owed it to Arath, to himself and maybe, just maybe, to his so called 'brother.'


Dreading the punishment, but feeling the shame. Tai set off past the last few houses to find his mentor.

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Arath was shaken from his concentration once again as something slammed into his wall.  He felt Saidin being used nearby and was a little concerned.  If someone damaged his new house . . .


Stepping outside he squinted in the sunlight.  He definitely needed more lighting in his study.  Walking around the corner he found something which both amused and concerned him.  A man was dangling from flows of air, a good foot off of the ground, and pressed right into his wall.  He looked angry, and understandably frightened at the same time.  Walking over to where the man hung, Arath examined him.  He looked as though he had recently arrived.  "I'd ask if I could help you, but that seems to go without saying," he chuckled as he siezed the source.  A moment later he cut the weave of air that was suspending the newcomer, who dropped to the ground unceremoniously.


Just then, Tai'Dashan rounded the corner.  "Tai, excellent timing.  Explain to me why I get this sneaking suspicion that you were responsible for our friends predicament just now?"


OOC:  I love interesting arrivals :D

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Tai'Dashan got to Arath's house but found his mentor missing. Emotions still swirled through him like a torrential  storm. What was he going to say to Arath? He made one final check and when he still could not find his mentor, made for the door. Suddenly he felt Saidin being channeled from the vicinity of where he had left Dazar'sei. Either someone had seen Tai'Dashan's little display and gotten Arath, or something else had happened unexpectedly. Tai cursed and ran outside, slowing to a walk when he approached the corner where Dazar'sei was if he was hearing right.


"Tai, excellent timing.  Explain to me why I get this sneaking suspicion that you were responsible for our friends predicament just now?"


Tai'Dashan crumbled inside at his mentor's words. He really hadn't wanted to do this out in the open. He was embarassed enough about losing control and on top of that he had to admit his fault in front of Dazar!


"It's kinda a long story." Tai' began. He stopped and took a deep breath. "No, it isn't." He admitted. "I was on my way to bring this man to you when he claimed that he was my brother. He also claims," Tai said glancing at Dazar and getting a scowl in return. The man looked like he wanted to bite something. "to have traveled quite a ways to find me and had the audacity to claim that he came to make sure that I was living up to our father's name." Arath tapped his chin thoughtfully.


"What I claimed is true!" Dazar'sei blurted out. "And this commoner," His mouth twisted with disgust at the word, "used his knowledge you have taught him to treat me in such a brutal manner. As you just saw." he added.


Anger flared up in Tai'Dashan and he reflexively seized the Source. Quickly he released Saidin and brutally stomped out his rage. He filled in Arath with a few more details, and a few more outbursts from Dazar, and Arath took it all in thoughtfully. Tai finished with a sigh and stood looking expectantly at Arath to see what he would say.


OOC: We do what we can :D

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Arath took in the story with thoughtful silence.  This was an interesting situation.  He had never seen Tai so upset before, even despite all the teasing he had recieved at the hands of Drak.  The man's enthusiasm was exceeded only by his patience.  Yet this Dazar'sei it seemed had almost gone to and early grave at Tai's hand. 


Truthfully, Arath was more inclined to side with Tai'Dashan.  He at least appeared apologetic about the incident.  Dazar seemed livid, though oddly it seemed he was more upset about the fact that a 'commoner' had treated him like that, rather than the fact that he had been beaten by the one power.  An arrogant fool of a noble. 


Rubbing his forehead with a sigh, Arath finally spoke.  "You," he said, indicating the still steaming Dazar'sei, "are a fool.  Walking brazenly into the home of the Asha'man and acting like this.  You may be a noble in Shienar, but here that means absolutely nothing."  Dazar looked as though he was about to protest, but wisely remained silent at Arath's glare.  "Tai'Dashan is your superior in this place and you had best not forget that.  I suspect that the only reason you weren't reduced to a pile of ashes is your shared blood.


"And you," he said, rounding on Tai'Dashan, "should know better.  If you had a problem with him, you should have brought it to me instead of storming off and leaving him stranded like that.


"Now then.  You two are going to follow me inside to my study.  I have ... had ... something in there for you Tai.  But now we'll have to discuss what to do with the both of you."


Turning around without a second glance at either of them, Arath strode off toward his front door.  This was turning out to be an interesting morning.

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