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Dreams and Nightmares Part 1


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** ooc this is the continuation of Exploring and Kissing with Anton and Myth. **


The fight did not last long it seemed, Anton came out of no where to save the male kin who she attacked. To her it was almost as if it was happening to some one else, her wolf side was attacking Anton while the human side of her screamed for it to stop. Deep in her mind she tried several times to grab her wolf by the scruff of its neck only to have the wolf snap at her and get away. Her eyes opened and each time the pain intensified causing her to fall farther way from reality, she could feel her self straining against Anton as he worked to keep her from biting him. One bite came close to getting his knee and she could feel him shifting his weight to keep her pinned to the ground. Human Zierna caught glimpses of what was going on around her, all it took was one flash of Anton and the worry deep in his eyes, both sides of her collided. Pain flooded her and she screamed, the sound reverberated though her head over and over before every thing disappeared.


Darkness swirled around her as she fell in to a void, some thing grabbed her squeezing while pulling down deeper and then as suddenly as it started it stopped. Opening her eyes she looked around her and could not see any thing but mist, although she sensed that some one else was close. Slowly the mist cleared and she was in a clearing, standing opposite some one who looked exactly like her. Shock rippled though them both as they stood there, after a moment they both circled each other trying to understand how there could be two of them. Zierna tried to talk to her double and found that no words or sounds came out of her mouth.




Again she was shocked when the words shimmered in her mind, it did not take long for her to work out that speech was not available but they could think thoughts to each other. That her double called her human made sense due to how she was divided with in herself, it could only mean that she was in a Dream. She wanted to laugh but stopped when she tried to step out of the dream and couldn’t, looking around again she realized that she was trapped in this place with her other half.


* Wolf *


* You don’t want wolf, only want human.*


*Untrue, we are part of the same person, Anton said we need balance in order to at peace.*


Zie was shocked that her wolf thought she wanted to be human and not of the Wolfkin, the fights they had started to make sense to her. Dominance was part of how a wolf pack was set up; she needed to dominate the wolf to gain balance. Or so she thought, there was no real way to prove that with out fighting her self and her wolf was angry already. With out another thought she attacked her other half and tried to get her in to a submissive position, her wolf countered the attack and the fight was on.


After constant fighting for what seemed like hours, Zie and her wolf both collapsed a little ways away from each other. Neither one of them had the advantage when it came to this because they were the same, both apart of the same being. Both of them fell in to a deep sleep only to be awakened by the feeling that some thing was coming to get them.


* Human we must run.*


*Wolf we don’t know who it is. *


* We are hunted Human, use your senses to feel it. *


Both of them were up on their feet and the wolf prowled the small area that was clear of mist, looking out in to it to see the threat. Zie tried to get a feel of what was coming and could not tell any thing, she sighed and turned to the wolf.


* We should wait and see what it is.*


* If you wish to die then stay, we are being hunted human and I refuse to die from your trusting and stupid nature. *


The wolf side of Zie took off at a dead run in the opposite direction that she could feel the presence coming from. She was able to get about 20 feet from her human counter part when some thing snapped tight and yanked her backwards. At the same time Zie was yanked towards her wolf counter part, they ended up sprawled on the ground with in three feet of each other. Both were stunned and confused by what had just happened to them, blackness took them both again before either one could make a judgment about it.

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Miryana sat in her cabin cross legged before the fire in the hearth.  Her eyes closed she was in a deep trance.  In truth she was not actually there but away from her corporeal body as she patrolled the wolf dream.  Earlier she had sensed a Wanderer was in trouble after being warned of the situation by the wolves.  Now she searched for the troubled girl using her skills acquired over her years of practice in mastering the dream. 


Zie was the girl she searched for and it was not long before the wolves led the Sage to where she was.  The girl was in danger of loosing herself to the wolf side and could become feral if Miryana could not bring her back to herself.  The danger of losing oneself to the wolf side was very real for new Wanderers.  If it happened in the wolf dream the dangers were ten fold. 


Ahead in the misty darkness Miryana spotted Zie, the struggle between her humanity and wolf side was in full swing and the emotions she gave off were pungent.’


Using all her skills the Sage reached out to Zie and pulled the girl toward her the struggle she put up against her skills was impressive for a Wanderer.


“Zie!  You must listen to me and pay attention to my voice.”


The girls head snapped up but she shook her head as if to dispel the Sage’s voice.  There was no choice but to overwhelm the girl with her skill in the dream so she quickly bound Zie in cords that materialized out of nowhere.  When the thrashing girl had gone still Miryana edged forward and stroked her hair.


“You must listen to my voice and let me guide you back so you do not loose yourself child.”


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Her body was brought to the infirmary because she was alive but not, how did one explain what it was. Almost a coma but not since there were times she felt closer to her body and being awake, she could hear them talking right before she was plunged back in to darkness.


She woke again to the sound of a voice; she remembered it from some where but could not place it. It was calling to her to listen and trust, not an easy thing to do when there were two to be convinced. Some thing bound her suddenly and she cried out, her wolf self snarled and snapped because she was free but not. A hand touched her hair and she heard a voice again, the wolf tired to run and was jerked back again. Pain flooded them both as the words entered her head.


“You must listen to my voice and let me guide you back so you do not loose yourself child.”


Human and wolf looked at the woman, human knew her as did the wolf but some thing was hunting them. They had to get free and run because fighting would mean they would loose. What was chasing them was stronger and knew every move they made; it was coming now because they were trapped and easy prey.


“Wolf, we have to work together to get free, it is the only way we can get away.”


“Why should I help you? You don’t care about me or want me.”


“No, that’s not true, you are my strength and my friend, please wolf we will not survive alone and I do not want to be with out you. Don’t you feel the loss? That empty feeling, almost an ache that won’t go away? I feel it and know that is it because we are divided.”


“I feel it, and more.”


The wolf part of her shimmered and changed in to a ghost of a wolf, substantial and touchable yet not. She looked almost misty, her fur was thick and looked identical in color to Zie’s hair, only it was opaque. The human half opened her eyes and looked at the Sage, for a moment there was torment in her eyes before she turned her head. Miryana followed her line of vision and came face to face with a beautiful wolf. A shimmering connection could be seen between the two of them and she wondered if the sage knew what was happening to her. The wolf started to chew the ropes to get them both free, the ropes fell away and the human side sat up. A strong feeling came over both of them; the need to run was almost unbearable.


“We have to run, some thing is coming and it wants to hurt us.”


She turned to the wolf half of her and threw her arms around her; there was some resistance from the wolf until the emotions of her human half penetrated. She could feel how much it hurt her human side to be separated and laid her head over her human’s shoulder. Their shape started to shimmer slightly as if they were merging and becoming one.


All of a sudden darkness came over the clearing they were all sitting in; a savage growl rumbled though the air. The hair on her arms lifted and her wolf’s fur bristled at the sound, the trees swayed as some thing moved closer. The ground shook as some thing moved just out of sight, then suddenly several trees split apart and a feral looking black wolf stood before them. The dark wolf charged the sage and slammed her away form Zie, afraid that she would be hurt human and wolf came before her and did some thing. A blast of strength rippled like a shock wave and tossed the sage up and out the dream. Growling the dark wolf turned on them and charged again, this time human and wolf jumped out of the way together.


The human was absently aware of the sage trying to reach her and help but some thing was blocking her from interfering. It was almost as if she was in side a sphere made of glass and others could watch what was happening but not change it. Her and her wolf were alone with the beast that wanted to destroy them both, they had to fight it was the only way.


Once the fight started no one could have guessed the outcome, Wolf and human made a good team but nothing they did seemed to harm the dark wolf. With each attack the dark one seemed go grow stronger while human and wolf grew weaker. The two were tossed around and hurt on several occasions before they both locked eyes and knew what they needed to do. Separate they were weak but together they would have the strength to do any thing, dodging several attacks from the dark one they managed to get to each other. The human side wrapped her arms around the wolf and held her tight.


“I love you my beautiful wolf and I don’t want to ever be with out you.”


“Human, we belong, the same pack.”


The light shimmered around them for several second; the sight was one to see as they merged together. Forms shifting and merging together to be come one, strength flowed though them as they stood up as one. Finally at peace with each other, her movements became a flowing grace of human and wolf. Joy burst though her for a moment before the dark one charged her again and tried to take off her arm. Spinning away she laughed and changed shape, her body grew and where she had been standing now a snowy white wolf stood slightly taller than the dark one.


The battle continued injuries were taken on both sides, claws and jaws doing damage but with each injury that the dark one took lessened its strength while Zierna’s never changed. It seemed like hours the battle continued until the dark one staggered from loss and collapsed at her feet. Shoulder bleeding from a bite Zie stood over the dark one and waited, with a soft wine it moved in to a submissive position and she leaned down to stroke its fur. Slowly it faded away and Zie stood up and looked around at the dream world. It seemed as if a bubble had popped once the batter was over because a clean feeling washed over the area and Zie turned to look at Miryana.


“It is over and the battle is won, I found the balance I needed to be whole. Its time to return now isn’t it?”


Back in the real world blood started to seep from several places on her body from her wounds, slowly darkening the blanket that covered her while she slept. A horse cry escaped as she slowly started to become away of what was happening around her and where she was. Opening her eyes for the first time in several months she screamed in pain as the light blinded her. Closing her eyes quickly she tried to move her hand up to cover her eyes but she was very weak, tears leaked form the corner of her eyes as she fought the pain. It struck her then that the pain was easier to control now that she found her balance.


She tried to sit up but could not, opening her eyes again slowly she looked around, her eyes adjusting to the light that was still blinding to her. Every thing looked different to her, but even though she was bleeding all over she was extremely happy. She tried to sit up again and groaned in pain, for the first time she noticed she was bleeding and shivered at the reminder. She would scar and each time she saw them she would remember the battle she fought and where her strength came from.


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