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It was a slow week for the most part, but after how it had started, that had been completely fine with Anton.  All he'd been doing was leading Anabel along, a couple of days ahead of her and setting the challenge of following his trail, and then this Lianrin had appeared.  It was rather queer as a whole, the wolves had not told him anything beforehand, perhaps they thought they were Trackers now.  They should have known better, but then they heeded their own counsel.  Wolfkin were not above wolves, they only co-operated and helped as they wished to or as they deemed it necessary.


A warning would have been nice considering the bizarre happenstance of coming across bandits.  The Band of the Red Hand kept these lands rather safe, how the bandits had managed to drift into the area was beyond him and he hadn't recognised them so they weren't locals.  Well, he didn't think so, maybe they were from a farmstead, both relatively isolated and uninformed like Lianrin's home.  But they didn't look local, perhaps they had been deserters from the Band.  He would have to ask Carnhain about it the next time he visited the Citadel.


Anabel had also been somewhat quiet with their new find.  Anton was unsure why, probably because he had made the first contact so she was happy to simply remain in the background.  He would have to talk to her later about that after they had seen Lianrin to Miryana and they could speak in private.  A Tracker had to be able to talk with Wanderers freely, though she was getting better at least.  There was a time when she would have spoken to no one, progress had been made in long strides since then.  She still refused to allow anyone except him know her true name though, to Lianrin she was still Timewalker.


The trees and the undergrowth were growing thicker as they walked.  Anton was aware of at least several of the eyes that were watching them, though he knew Lianrin would not have a clue and that Anabel would have only picked out perhaps one, two at most.  The Rangers always used this as a chance to practice their skills at waiting in ambush as much as it was for safety.  To make sure the wanderer that was brought behaved themselves as well as making sure that they were not followed.  Personally, Anton had come to find the practice somewhat disquieting, but that was rooted in his own problems with some of the Rangers.


Thickening, the undergrowth made it harder to push forward, but they did nevertheless.  It was almost like a green curtain, a veil that Anton was happy to pierce as they made their way through the worst of it and stepped into the sunlight, clearing the last barrier to find the Stedding settlement before them.  A collection of homes and buildings sat next to a small lake, all of them dwarfed by the inn that sat in the centre and towered above them with its two storeys.  The sounds of people going about their business carrying to them upon the breeze.


"Just so you know, Lianrin, no one will talk to you or acknowledge you when we first arrive.  It isn't personal or because they dislike you, each new arrival must be welcomed by the Sages before anyone may speak to them.  Don't ask me how it got started, I've been here for awhile and I still don't know."  Anton smiled slightly as he began to lead the way.  "I assume its for safety though, they check to make sure you aren't so steeped in the Howling that you aren't going to be a grave danger to those around you.  That and so you don't get crowded, some Wanderers can be particularly skittish.  So, our first stop is the infirmary, Miryana should hopefully be in."


Well, she would be in, Anton was fairly certain that there were less reasons than there were fingers on his hand that would cause Miryana to leave the infirmary.  But that was neither here nor there.


Passing into the settlement, the people continued their daily routine as if they weren't there, as if they did not exist.  It meant they reached the Infirmary with no interruption or delay, and that suited him fine as he opened the door for Lianrin and Anabel to enter the large building.  Stepping inside after them, Anton noticed that Anabel was already taking a seat in the waiting room and had invited Lianrin to take one of them as well.  Well, maybe she wasn't as shy as he'd thought she'd been.


"Just take a seat, I'll go and see if Miryana is in."


"I am, how are you all?"


Looking to the doorway to find the older dark haired Domani smiling at them, Anton nodded as he pointed to Lianrin.  "Lianrin al'Emerie could use some attention.  She got waylaid and I did what I could but she could probably use a new dressing, a mentor as well.  Lianrin, this is Miryana."



Anton Averdal


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Lia followed in silence, she'd grown rather quiet after their first initial conversation together. Working through her mind for a kind of acceptance of what was happening to her, she still kept her many urges under a strict thumb while awake. It only made her dreams worse.


Part of her sullen silence was the fact that she hadn't been sleeping well. Every night she had another dream about being a wolf, and in each dream she became aware of what was happening, and telling herself that she wasn't an animal. Only once did her dream change and she was human again, but the following morning revealed a splitting headache.


As they walked towards the Stedding she lifted her woolen skirts up a bit in order to struggle through the foliage growing thicker and thicker. The part of her who remembered her "past life" sighed to itself and gazed sadly at the plants that could flourish so much better with only some tending. She felt torn between what she was becoming and what she had been.


She sensed a little tension in Anton, but because Timewalker did not mirror his mood she thought nothing of it. Hearing the sounds of people on the other side of some thick green low hanging boughs, she wrapped her arms around herself.


But no amount of time could have prepared her for seeing the village that seemed to leap from the forest. Hearing his advice about the fellow Wolfkin not acknowledging her, she nodded to herself but still stared warily about.


As they finall reached the infirmary, she was halfway to sitting down when she sprang back up again, having not smelt or heard even a hint of Miryana and totally startled when she spoke. Touching her hand to the dressing around her neck, she reluctantly followed Miryana, but not without a glance back at Anton and Timewalker.

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Hearing the sound of voices in the other room Miryana at once recognized Anton’s and went to greet him.  If Anton had come to the infirmary it could only mean a new Wanderer had arrived in the Stedding.  Walking into the infirmary’s main room she frowned at the sight of the young woman bandaged up as Anton explained what had befallen her.


“You have done well Anton I will see her dressing is properly taken care of and cleansed.  Come child follow me into one of the examining rooms.”  She could smell the apprehension coming from Lanrin and turned to the young woman just as she looked back at Anton.


“I don’t bite young one.”  She assured her taking her hand and leading her into one of the private rooms.


“Silvat I need a basin of clean water and a bar of soap.”  She called out to one of her apprentices in the other room.


“Oh and Anton I think you will make a fine mentor for our new family mentor.  I will see her safely to your cabin when I am done with her.”  She added giving the Tracker leader a smile and a wink.”


As soon as Lianrin was seated on the examining table Miryana pulled her bright red hair back into a pony tail before washing her hands in the basin of water that had been brought in.


Pulling up a stool she carefully removed the dressing on Lianrin’s shoulder and winced when she saw the deep wound.


“Well at least it will not cause you any permanent damage.”  Standing she rummaged through her herb cabinet on the wall until she found what she needed.  Crushing some herbs into a cup she mixed it with some water and handed it to Lianrin.


“Drink this it will help with the pain.”


Lianrin took the cup and smelled it before drinking it down.  Seating herself again Miryana began cleaning the wound checking for any sign of infection.


“You have had a long journey to us child I am sure there are many questions you have about us.  If you like you may ask them if you like while I work and I will do my best to answer them.”


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“I don’t bite young one.” Lia smiled nervously in reply as Miryana lead her to the private room, raising an eyebrow as she listened to the Head Sage tell Anton where she would be dropped off.


Sitting as instructed, she sat very still as Miryana examined the wound in her shoulder, worried by her wincing and trying to look confident when she was told there wouldn't be any permanent damage.


Watching silently as the other woman handed her the cup, she took it gingerly but was quick to drink the contents, which didn't taste like much of anything.


She tensed a bit as Miryana began cleaning the wound. The drink was helping with the pain, but it was only the initial shock of the wound being touched. Shaking her head "no" to the inquiry of whether she had any questions, she silently allowed Miryana to look her over.

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Guest Arie Ronshor



A new Cub?


Korrena loved hearing about new people to enter the Stedding. When new people entered the stedding, it meant more people to trick into doing pranks with her. Pranks were fun, and as none had ever gotten hurt, and most taught a lesson of one kind or anouther... Pranks were simply fun. As all new wanderers were introduced into the Stedding, they were deep in the Crazy House (As Korrena so fondly called the Infirmary) to be brought forth in front of the Head sage person.. or whatever Miryana's title was suppose to be. Korrena didn't bother to remember as she was sure it would come up at many points in her future training. No point stressing over it now.


Running through the back room, she bounced about excitedly. "Mira! Mira!! Mirya-----ana!! Owen's got a rash in his nether... "


She haulted in the room that held Miryana, Anton, Time and the new.. - Oh thank the Light a girl! -... Bowing quickly, seeing as she was sure everyone in the Infirmary had over heard her..  "Oh, so sorry to bother you. Forgive me. I will relay back that you are busy." She smiled brightly. "Later!" She rushed out of the room before anyone could call her name, or for her to be forced back into the Crazy House..



Skipping back into the woods, she figured it was a good day to stay away and play with Windy in the woods.





Sneak sneak sneaky .. :D

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Miryana had just finished applying a poultice to the wound when Korrena stormed in screaming and being very........well Korrena like.  Lianrin looked startled at the young woman’s antics and as soon as Korrena had left Miryana shook her head and sighed.


“That girl is determined to try my patience.”


As she finished working on the wound she told Lianrin about Korrena and explained how the girl was an incorrigible trouble maker.  Giving her patient a smile she stepped back.


“There the wound will take several days to heal and I expect to see you back here every morning so I can change the dressing.” 


Lianrin tested her shoulder to see how much movement she had in here arm before standing up from the table.  Soon tea arrived and the two women shared a cup and Miryana explained about life in the stedding and how she would be taught to use her new abilities.


One of her fellow Sages passed the room and she called to her.


“Reyala could you please find Korrena?  I need her to clear out the back part of the herb garden where all the brush has been allowed to grow.”


Reyala looked startled causing Miryana to laugh.


“Yes Reyala you heard right I need her clear out the overgrown area that has all the hornets nests in it.”


Turning to Lianrin she gave the girl a wink.  “Now we will see how much Korrena enjoys parading about my infirmary like a madwoman.  The young girl eyes grew wide as two walked out back to have their tea in the shade of the garden and wait for Korrena to arrive.


“Once we have had a nice lunch I will take you to Anton’s house.”


The serenity of the herb gardens was full of rich aromas and bright plants of every kind.  The two sat at a small garden table and Miryana instructed an apprentice to bring them bowls of stew.

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