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The Will of Saidin


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Here I will post, and continue posting a simple rp for anyone who wants to join.

The base story has not yet developed, but the main goal of the characters is to erase the taint on Saidin.

I know that I have not placed much here, but the story is one that will be developed by the characters and I, not just me.

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This sounds like an interesting idea :) I know that you would like the players to brainstorm together but do you have some kind of a concept in mind? For example is the Dragon involved or is the cleansing done in some alternative way? Will Choedan Kal and Shadar Logoth be used or do you have some totally new idea for how it could be done instead?


I think that it would be easier for people to get ideas for characters and get excited if they knew a bit what would be expected. It's easier to build when you have something to build on.

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