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Approved Wk Bio: Gabriel Chaste Aiel CCed


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Name: Gabriel Chaste



Division: Wolfkin


Age: 22 (Turned at the age of about 19)






Gabriel mostly relies on his bow as a weapon, but he

also carries a small hatchet on his side which he

generally uses to shape wood, but it can just as

easily be used as a weapon.


Pysical Appearance:


Hair: Dark brown hair, hanging almost to his shoulder.


Eyes: Well he had green-brown eyes, but now it is

replaced by the golden colour.


Height & Weight: About 1.8m tall, and weighs about



Build: Gabriel has wide shoulders and big arms (being

an appretice to a fletcher). He has a broad face

structure, and has no facial hair (a very neat person,

or tries to be...). He has no physical scars on his

body, except for the scars on his hands (recieved from

chopping down trees, and preparing the wood for arrow



Birth Place: Unknown (Mother and Father died when he

was young), he grew up in a place just outside of the

Two Rivers, he was raised by Sean, a arrow fletcher

from the Two Rivers.




History: The Beginning


Gabriel's ,mother and father died when he was still

very young, he could not remember very much about

them, actually he didn't remember anything about them,

Sean had told him that they were killed by bandits...


The death of his family did not bother him that much,

as he didn't really remember them any more. His only

family now was Sean, a fletcher from the Two Rivers,

who had taken him in and cared for him like his own



Sean, had found Gabriel near the river, in a basket.

He trained Gabriel in the art of making arrows and

using the bow, Sean was a great teacher, but he was

growing old. He usually sent Gabriel out to gather

wood from the trees in the forest (this helped Gabriel

develop quite a set of arms), he learned a lot about

tracking and hunting from Sean. He also learned a lot

about the nature, and the animals within the woods.


Over the years Gabriel became quite skilled with the

bow and his "shaping" hatchet, he entered a lot of

archery competitions and won most of them. Although he

was a great archer, he never really killed anyone,

except for animals which he hunted for food and hides.


History: The Turning


At the age of 19 something happened to Gabriel,

something strange and wonderfull and scary. Gabriel

became more "aware" of everything around him, his eyes

were sharper and as well as his sense of smell. The

strangest thing for Gabriel was the sudden change of

his eye colour, and the strange dreams he's been

having about wolves, and being a wolf.


A strange illness affected Sean, he was old and the

wisdoms could not brew any potion to mend his ilnness,

Sean died, and Gabriel was left all alone.


Gabriel was destroyed by the death of his "father", he

packed all his belonging and set out to find a new

life elsewhere, where he could be away from the pain

inside his heart.


Gabriel started his journey, he chose a path that

would take him through the woods and to the river,

where he would catch one of the ferrie's and make his

way to one of the cities.


As Gabriel wandered into the forest, he was struck

with a sudden and terrible headache, images flashed

through his head, images of hunts and wolves...

Gabriel collapsed onto the ground... and blacked



When Gabriel woke he was not alone, ten paces from him

a wolf stood. Gabriel tried to pick himself up, but

the pain in his head was just too much, he could not

even muster the strength to loosen the hatchet from

his side.


The wolf did not move, it only stood there watching

Gabriel with a confused look on it's face.


Suddenly images flashed through Gabriel's head again,

images of a injured mother wolf, giving birth and then

dying, images of fighting to survive... Images of

solitude... "What the...", Gabriel realized that the

images he saw in his mind was that of the wolf, the

wolf was trying to communicate with him.


"Who are you...", It felt akward talking to a animal.

"What do you want from me?"


Images flashed through Gabriel's mind again, again

images of a solitary life... but this time Gabriel

could make out some of the words that came with the



The wolf wanted a friend, someone to run with, he had

been alone all of his life. The wolf was called Fang,

and he wanted to acompany Gabriel on his journey...

but not into the cities.


History: Recent


Gabriel got used to the idea of talking with wolves,

he actually got really good at communicating with

wolves, although most of his time was spent talking

with Fang, his new found friend.


His eyesight got even better, and this made him

especially dangerous with the bow, he could shoot

great distances with great and deadly accuracy, Fang

taught Gabriel to hunt and move without being seen.


Gabriel and Fang, now travel together, the are as

close as brothers can be...

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