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Approved WT Bio for Kirsa Mansoor- Aiel CCed


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Basic Information

Handle: Kass

Character Count: 1(which is this one)

Contact: mclodius@los-alamos.net


Character Information

Name: Kirsa Mansoor

Age: 15

Nationality: Arad Doman


Level: Novice



Hair: Black

Eyes: Toffee colored

Skin: Copper

Height: 5’6”

Voice: Caressing

General Description: When someone first sees Kirsa they think Domani. Her coppery skin, golden eyes, and black, luxurious hair might be said to surpass what most associate with Domani woman, even at her age. When she walks she naturally falls into the graceful floating that she was taught at a young age, by her mother, sisters, and grandmothers. Her black hair has just enough waves in it to frame her face perfectly. Her lips are the perfect shape for kissing, as any man would describe it. Kirsa will obviously grow to be a tall, graceful, and beautiful woman.



Special Skills: Seduction, Knives (fighting and throwing)

Knowledge Weakness: She knows nothing of the one power and believes most stories of the Dark One are Fairy Tales

Physical Weakness: She broke the fingers on her left hand when she was 3, by a metal door being slammed on them. She sometimes has trouble picking things up, and two of her fingers appear crooked. She usually uses her right hand to hide this fact.

Personality weakness: She can seem to have two personalities. This might scare people off. She also has also gained the famed temper of Domani men.


Personality: Kirsa was the pride of her mother and father, the sharp mind, best poise, and stunning looks. This caused bitterness between other girls her age, and Kirsa grew to hate the skills her mother taught her. Instead she hung with the boys her age, who, until recently, hadn‘t noticed her looks or cared. She falls upon her skills naturally, due to the relentless training, but when her body and mind don’t think it is necessary she is known to be crude, funny, and carefree of what others think of her. The change between the personality drilled into her by her mother because of her body, and that of what she developed her self, can be startling to those that aren’t accustomed to it. She can bargain with the best, seduce the elite, and be just friends with any man through crude jokes and accustomed relaxation. She also has the temper of a Domani man as well as the sensuality of a Domani woman.

History: Kirsa was born to a rich merchant family in the capital of Arad Doman, Bandar Eban. Her mother traded fine weapons and sea folk porcelain. When Kirsa was three she tried to follow her mother into the storage room, which is entered through a metal door, and her mother with out realizing, slammed the door onto Kirsa’s fingers, breaking them. It was a long painful process for Kirsa to regain the movement of her fingers. She believes it is a small price for her to pay, that she lost a bit of dexterity, instead of the complete movement of her hand. Once she was able to walk the whole female side of her family took it upon them selves to teach her how to be a Domani trader. Kirsa naturally took to these classes and became better than those around her. The girls her age began to shun her and Kirsa turned to the boys. The boys were happy to have someone else to play with, and Kirsa was quickly in all of their inner circles of friends. They taught her the tricks that their brothers and fathers taught them. She learned how to toss and fight with knives, ride her horse like a man, and have the temper of one as well. This happy friendship continued as Kirsa learned her trade and grew to dislike it all the more. Her happiness ended once her male friends began to mature and see her for the true beauty that she was. Most hid it from her, and several had scuffles over her without her knowledge. One day though, two of the boys, her dearest friends out of them all, got into a fight over her, right in front of Kirsa. She was 14 nearing 15. In the middle of the fight, she was trying to separate them, telling them they were being stupid, but she had no opening and they weren’t listening. In the end Kirsa just walked away, tears rolling silently down her face. Once she reached home, she found she could confide in no one. Everyone was busy because her mother was selling to an Aes Sadei. Every one knew you had to be in your best behavior when one of them was around. Kirsa had never run into the Aes Sadei herself, but today she walked right into the one leaving her mother's office. The Aes Sadei could see Kirsa's talent, which was around average. The Aes Sedai quickly bullied Kirsa's parents into taking her to the tower, because the Aes Sadei herself had more important business to do as she had put it, confident that Kirsa's parents would take Kirsa to the White Tower. That their daughter seemed to be able to learn to channel seemed to anger them to no end and every thing afterwards upset them.


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