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Not you again… (Open)


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With all that had been going on the last few weeks it was any wonder that Kalush was in a fine mood again. For some reason every thing that could have gone wrong had, first she learned that her Mentor was not her mentor any more and that she had to tell her new one what she was currently suppose to be doing. That did not go over well with her because it was hard to explain to Daemon the why and how of her task. After that she tried to talk to Aran again with no success because the man was never alone or dressed.


It seems her request was ignored and that was enough to set her temper boiling again even after her beating from Daemon the day before. After that some jerk of a trainee decided that she needed to wear her lunch all over her clothes and blame her for it. While she was on her way to change some other snot nosed twit decided to give her a hard time over how she looked. Not wise and she was sure that he would not do it again after the punch she gave him. Some times knowing all the really tender points on a body came in handy, easy to leave a lasting impression with out coming right out and hitting some one.


She wanted to be free of all of them for a time, to be with normal every day people who were not tower trained or so in to their pleasures that all sense of common courtesies was tossed out the window. Growling she stormed out in to Tar Valon to find some place where she could relax and let every thing float down the river so to speak.  It still took her some time to get use to all the people who were in the city, getting bumped in to and pushed around did nothing for her temper as she moved though the streets. What she really needed was some place that she could get drunk and not have to deal with any thing like so many of tower guards and trainees she saw on a daily basis. Even the prospect of getting drunk did not appeal to her because she knew none of the innkeepers or pub owners would let her have a bottle of any thing strong.


Frustration was mounting by the time she found herself down by the docks again; coming back to herself she looked around and hissed. The Captain from the ship she had come in on was just walking in to a pub that looked like it needed a good cleaning. For the first time in months a smile came to her face followed by a frown. Aran still had all of her weapon but the ones she had chosen from the armory. She did have a dagger or two on her but that would not do her much good against the crew and the captain. Several options flashed though her head before she tossed them all out and walked over to the pub.


The inside was just as she expected, filthy was the right word for it but not the best. It did not take long to find who she was looking for and he had his back to her. Thinking was not apart of any thing that was in her mind at this point, grinning from ear to ear she walked past him and tripped some drunk who was coming her way. Every thing to happen at once, the captain got in to a fight with the drunk and she took his coin purse while he was busy. Working her way out of the brawl she had started she spied some ones drink on a table and smiling at her luck picked it up. She was not ready for the burning sensation but that did not stop her form finishing the glass and heading for the door. Just as she was about to slip away from it all some one smacked in to her and she was seeing stars. How in the heck was she going to explain a back eye when she was not even supposed to be out of the tower grounds?


Growling at the man who hit her she retaliated in kind before bolting for the door; freedom was only a few steps away when some one came in suddenly. It was one thing to get a black eye due to a punch but another thing to get one from a stupid door. The only problem with her jumping out of the way is that the man entering got a good look at her face.  Just her luck it was the Captains second in command, he let loose a shout that had all of them turning to see what was going on and it took only a few second for her to end up grabbed and on her way to the man. Instinct took over and she drew her dagger, the man holding her let her go with a curse and she was headed for the door again. Pain flowed down her arm but she ignored it and kept running once she was out of the door.


She could hear them coming but being her size it was easy to slip in to places they could not go. In the process of getting away from them her shirt got caught on a board and ripped slightly, the pain in her arm was getting worse and to top it all off she was lost again. Looking around she was trying to get an idea of where she was when some one tackled her to the ground. The fight continued but this time it was not with any of the guys from the pub, it was some kid who was bound and determined to take her belt of all things. In the middle of it all she lost one of her daggers to his cleaver hands before she got her feet under her and kicked him where it hurts most. Nodding at him she turned and ran for the open street that was just ahead of her.


As she hit the street she had to change her mind about staying in it because all of the men from the bar were now out side and looking up and down the street. Cursing herself she took off running when most of them were looking down the other way, she slipped in to a smaller side street and was off again when she heard shouting again. Blast some one must have seen her, hissing at her luck she opened the closes door and scared some poor dish washer. Running though the pub it did not take much time to get in to the common room where she snitched a drink off a girl who passed her. This place was no better than the last one she had been in, once again the drink was gone and she heard a scream from the back which meant she had to get moving again.


( ooc:  Open to all, hehe all I ask is don’t catch her just yet Daemon * impish grin*  I have plans for Andular and a very nice inn before this is done lol )


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It took three tries for her to get out of the pub and then run down the street to slip in to another smaller street before she stop hearing shouts coming form behind her. Grinning from ear to ear she tried to walk down the street but ended up stumbling over invisible rocks and holes in the ground. Growling at her lack of grace in walking she slowed her pace to make sure she did not fall down, to her way of thinking that would be embarrassing. Since she had never been drunk before it did not cross her mind that the drinks she had been snitching while running though pubs could be the culprit.


Stumbling around another corner she had no idea who it was she ran in to until he grabbed her roughly and smacked her. The smack did two things for her, one it caused her head to clear a little and the other was to get her attention. She looked up and realized that she just ran right in to the man she was trying to get away form. With one look of disgust she kicked him where it counts and ran again, only this time her shirt got caught up and tore before she got away.


She did not stop running until she was several streets away and in what looked to be a nicer part of the city. As she slipped between two shops one of the smaller crew members saw her and started yelling for the captain to hurry. Kalush let out a groan and darted down a small path that barely had enough room for her to get through. More shouting could be heard as she turned to get an idea of where she was. The only problem being that she had no idea where she was or what direction to head in to get some where safe.


Three pubs and an Inn later she was still no closer to finding some place safe or loosing the men chasing her. The only thing that was in her favor was that the drinks she had were thirst quenching for the most part. Downside to them was that her ability to see and move with out tripping was becoming harder to do. She almost fell coming out the last door, of course she had not been expecting there to be stairs on the other side.


A loud crash sounded behind her and she took off running again, this time slipping in to any open door in an attempt to loose those chasing her. She had to stop in the middle of one street because there did not seem to be any door that she could run in, heading down the street a short way she found one and opened it. It took her a moment to realize that it was a nicer pub, and that how she looked might cause a stir. Glancing over her shoulder she knew that she did not have time to find another door.


With the door open she stumbled in to the kitchen and shocked a scream out of three of the girls working there. The cook about took her head off with a pan as she spun around at the screams, once she got a good look at Kalush she screamed herself and started shouting. Giving them all a small bow that almost had her on her head; she took off though the kitchen and headed for the common room.


As she came in to the common room she tried to slow her head long flight but failed to do it in time. Disaster commenced from then on as she smashed in to one of the serving girls, this caused her tray to go flying and land on a very surprised man. There was some thing vaguely familiar about him but that thought slid away as she crashed in to another table. Giving a slightly slurred apology she got up and ran for the door, not even realizing what distress her appearance might have caused.


She made it to the door and out side, but came to a quick stop when she was faced with the captain as some of his men. Hearing shouts from in the inn she could just guess what that meant, some of his men were coming though the common room behind her. The door burst open behind her and slammed right in to her, the throbbing in her head increased as she stumbled a step forward. A hand grabbed her shoulder hard and spun her around, this did not help her condition at all since the motion and the pain caused some thing very nasty to happen. The man who had his dinner now covering him was the one holding her shoulder, the smell of the food, the pain and the motion caused her to throw up all over him. Which gained her release from him but not her release from the situation, the captain stepped up to fight and Kalush was not sure what would happen next.


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Andular had chosen to dine in town that evening and went to his favorite inn.  The food was good and the serving women were pleasant on the eyes.  The inn was run by a Saldean woman in her middle years and the food was an eclectic mixture of borderland foods that he favored. 


Halfway through his meal the doors burst open and a young woman ran through them closely followed by several men who were obviously off a ship from the harbor.  The sound of music stopped at the commotion and the girl ran straight toward his table falling into it and he found himself covered in food.  The dark haired young woman reeked of booze and other foul things and he found himself holding her just to keep her from hitting the floor.


The men stopped recognizing him as a Warder and waited to see what he would do.  At that moment the young woman threw up the contents of her stomach on his shirt and it took all of his training not to beat her senseless.  Andular recognized her from the yards and knew her to be a trainee.


“You may leave”  He instructed the men and hoisted the girl over his shoulder.  “Whatever you want her for you can come see me about in the morning.”  He gave the men his name and where to come find him then carried her out of the back of the inn toward the stables.  The sound of music picked up once more as the doors closed and he deposited the now struggling form on the ground. 


“So child a night of fun in Tar Valon is what you had in mind instead of staying to the yards as you are instructed to do eh?”


Grabbing the girl by the harm he hauled her over to a water trough and grabbing the back of her hair he shoved her head under the water.  Holding it there for several seconds he let the girl flail at him in desperation then pulled her head out.  Sputtering her dark hair clung to her face as she continued to struggle.  Shoving her head back under the water he was determined to keep this course of action up until the girl was sober enough to talk.


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Kalush was too worried about her stomach and the strange way her head was feeling to pay attention to what the man holding on to her was saying.  It kind of registered that the captain and his men stopped and were looking afraid, that did not make any sense to her at all. Bemused she watched them walk away from her with out so much as a comment, unsteadily she turned to her savior when he spoke.


“So child a night of fun in Tar Valon is what you had in mind instead of staying to the yards as you are instructed to do eh?”


She barely registered the words before her head was pushed under water and held there. Franticly she tried to push back so she would not drown but the arm holding her would not ease until it was ready. Then she was pulled up long enough to take a breath before being plunged back under water, this continued until she was able to catch a breath and speak. The one good thing about the dunking was that with each blast of water her mind cleared a little more and she was aware of what was going on. It seemed like for ever but eventually she was able to loose the muddled feeling she had and try to stop being dunked again.




She cried out and seemed to be given a reprieve, although being hauled back to standing caused her to sway slightly. It was a good thing that she did not have any thing left other wise the motion might set her to retching again. Pushing hair and water out of her eyes she turned to look at the man who still had a hold of her, he still seemed familiar but her brain could not put a name to his face.


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  Daemon could think of several more pleasant ways to spend the evening then what he was doing right now, but leaving Kalush in Tar Valon was definatly a very bad idea, considering what she has done on the day of her arrival. As far as he knew, she was still banned from entering a few of the pubs and taverns in the docks area, a considerable achievement. And speaking of the docks, this was likely the place where Kalush would head for a bit relaxation, from what he heard of she has had rough days lately. So off to the docks Daemon went, in a Kalush hunt. After sometime, he found a pub that looked like a storm had hit it. Daemon was quite certain that the huricane's name was Kalush. Well she could not have done all that damage by herself, but he had a gut feeling that somehow she was in the core of this. And as things later proved - he was right. He came to a group of people, cleaning up the remains of wrecked furniture.


  "Seems like a great storm struck here" - he began


  "Ha! I wish it was a storm! It was a brawl, some of those sailors seem to have interesting ways of battling boredom" - replied one of the men


  "Yes, I know what you mean, I have been caught in a few brawls myself, and those sailors now how to pack a punch!"


  "You can say that again! See this?" - the man lifted a piece of a table. - "One of the guys put it in this condition with a kick! And one other had a chair broken in his head, more of a bull than a man ..."


  "Yes, some of them are as strong as oxes, and just about as smart." - that brought laughter from many of the men. - "However, could you tell me if you saw a girl in the mix? About this tall, with long black hair and blue eyes?"


  Eyebrows were raised and foreheads were wrinkled in thought.


  "Yes, I have seen such a girl, she slipped away before things got really bad, but a group of saliors, a whole crew if you ask me, went after her.She went that way" - the man pointed.



  "Thank you my good man, you helped me a lot." - Daemon reached into his pouch and took a few gold marks, tossing them to the man - "Here, after you're done here go with your buddies to have a few drinks."


  The hunt for Kalush was on!


Daemon Ronshor



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