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Approved WT Bio- Old Character- Suzaku Nalemar Sedai- Please CC


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::Basic Information::

Handle : Andrea

Character Count : WT Character # 2

Contact : Arie_designs*@hotmail.com or arie.designs*@gmail.com

Skype : arie_ronshor


::Character Information::

Name: Suzaku Nalemar Sedai - "Suu" to peers or friends - "Sue Talemar"

Age: 85

Origin: Arad Doman

Division: Aes Sedai - White



Hair: Jet black, straight, kept either in a perfect bun, or perfectly

straight. She wears hair ornaments of sentimental value.

Eyes: Small black eyes

Skin: Fair

Height: 5'5"

Voice: Alto & whisper. She barely speaks over a whisper unless

partaking in a Spirit. She does have a disdain tilt to her voice and

often can be found sharp of tongue.


Skills: Proficient in all Aes Sedai Studies. She was not one to turn

to a book but more inclined to discuss theories over tea and a game.

However in recent years none have been called to her room for such an

invitation. Master of Stones & other strategy games. Excellent in the

art of Disguise & Dance.


Knowledge Weakness: None specific. Dismissing books as a past-time,

she finds her knowledge though other means. That and it is not her

domain, but that of the Browns.


Physical Weakness: None. She likes walks, dance and rides regularly.


Personality weakness: Insecurity of her approach and current position.

She has a seering hatred for those that wear the Blue Shawl.




She watches more than she once did as a younger Aes Sedai. She strove

to reach the Shawl and for absolute and complete control of her

emotions. Her dedication had been well noted by her peers and had

earned her the Sitter chair at barely 80 years of age. The youngest to

ever enter the Hall save her 'aunt' Telcia Sedai.


:: History ::


Former Bios/Arches/Oaths:




996 NE - The man called Iussi Defelle is discovered to be of

the ability to channel. There needed to be a majority of votes to

issue his stilling. They only needed but one vote to reach majority.

The youngest of the Hall, frustrated by the idiocy of the Tower

debates, and her inner turmoil to her dedication to the Shawl and that

of the red sister Telcia Sedai, the Man's husband, Suzaku Sedai walked

out of the Hall, breaking Tower Tradition and Protocol. This is what

was known to those within the Hall and the White Shawl. In turn, Suu

not only betrayed those of her Ajah by acting out of character by that

which was expected of her, and her own blood relative Telcia Sedai and

the Red Sisters. To avoid more troubles to her standing within the

Tower, Taeadra Sedai (Head of Ajah) suggested that she leave the Tower

for a time and rumours of Suu's unsound mind would be spread to soften

the blow of her reputation. Without any other option She did as was

suggested. Suuzaku released the bond on her warder of only a year,

Raekal Dunshain, and taking only what was needed, Suu set out to a

bordering nation of Arad Doman (as to be within was unsafe especially

due to her blood ties to their council) and made a small home there.

The Ageless look had only barely started to effect her features and

disguise was but one of her many talents.



As she walked, a simple mirrored image crossed her eyes. Looking

back, curiosity pulled her to the Portrait of a Nalemar that looked

the same as her. The Womans black hair was much shorter then hers, and

her eyes larger, and the Lines of old age, dispite the ageless look,

were evident. But the high head, and the half smile, and the strong

shoulders of pride radiated from a portrait of a woman long dead.


*Aremaila Corfleur Nalemar Sedai, Sitter of the White Ajah ~ 235 NE*


A White Nalemar? Weren't all Nalemars known to be Red Sisters? She

studied the Image, seeing all of the family lines that were easily

recognizable within the womans features. There were no deeds that were

written under her name, only a small plaque that had a simple sentance

or two. Suu could only assume how much of an impression the woman had

made to be placed here and to only have so simple of a tribute.


"To find the Truth within the World, you Must know the Truth within

yourself. To Rule with Reason, One must know Reason. For Power is

Simple, and it is only a Tool, not a Weapon. For there is always

strength is those that are Weak."


There words half made sense to her. They were simple, yet powerful.

'To rule with reason you must know reason'? But they were far from

making sense to her. Why would you have to know 'reason'. Should it

not be 'the reason'? Suu frowned and turned away, leading back to the

White Ajah Hall.


She knew that she betrayed and hurt many with her leaving the Hall.

Insult was a too small of a word for her actions. With a heavy heart

she headed to her chambers...


997 NE - The Dragon Reborn had taken Tear, and the Amyrlin Seat

fell to Exhile along with her Keeper Arette Sedai.


Suu remembered the woman well. Both women, in fact. She remembered the

glares and the stenr voices that had echoed at her back as she left

the Hall that day. The one day she regretted most in all her life. So

very foolish. Her actions were beyond repair and it left little doubt

in Suu's mind that she would not be welcomed easily within the Halls

of the Tower. Instead, she toiled daily as a young wisdom in the small

village of Guiz just south-west of th Domani border. Taking on the

name of "Sue Talemar" and taking on a young apprentice by the

name of Alshamz, Suu ignored all rumours of the Tower, denying the

blood that sung in her veins. There was truth to what happened, she

wished to seek it out, but her own failure kept her planted in Guiz.

At least for a few more years...


998 NE - The year was quiet of news beyond the negotiations

that still came to Suu through travelling gleemans, and traders. This

suited Suu just fine, until she stumbled across a boy. He fought a

fever after a collapse of exhaustion in the woods. Rumours of a wild

animals death gave little notice that came alongside the boys body.

However, with a frown, Suu saw more to the situation than any in the

small village could comprehend. The boy could channel.


Torn, Suu disregarded her Tower training and instead pulled the boy

under her wing, teaching him all that she knew of Balance and Control.

At one point Suu had been well versed in teaching younger Novices and

Accepteds aside from her occasional visit to various Political

outings. However the theory would never be enough, and she could see

slowly over many many months the Taint playing with the boys mind.

Believing that Life was best served alive, she felt useless as she

watched the boy pull away from her as well as he started to talk more

and more to himself.


8 months after his first touch with Saidin, the boy died burning down

his home and the family still inside. Suu watched from her little shop

at the edge of the village as the men and women poured water onto the

smoldering ashes. She tended wounds without a word, her inner termoil

on the brink. Wishing for nothing else, Suu did what she would never

had in any other lifetime. After all was healed she locked up

her shop, blew out every candle, cleaned her shop and then dressed for



Slipping under the covers, Suu opened herself to the one power. The

rose within her mind flowered as light shone on her, warmed her. A

pleasure beyond all description tingled along every inch of her skin,

but tonight that pleasure meant nothing. Drawing in more and more into

her body, Suu screamed at Saidar wrathed within her, burning...


And she let go... She could not do it. Burning Out, Death.. it would

not come.. "I am a coward." She cried... Closing her eyes

exhaustion blanketed her and sleep came quickly. There was nothing but

darkness and a dream of nothing.


The boys name was Jerad.


999 NE - "Sue Talemar" was a women in her late 60s and was well

respected in Guiz. She held no temper and always administered a gentle

hand to any within her care. She rarely partook in the gossip rings

and was found to be in the company of the much older generation that

was often forgotten about playing games of Stones or a game involving

cards. She drew favour from most of the older men of the village, and

even after a few offers of marraige, Sue was polite and turned each

down. She knew that marraige would only bring more pain as she would

eventually outlive her 'husband'. She had released her warder, whom

she had been reluctant to bond in the first place, to keep any ties to

the White Tower cut and also to avoid the emotional wreck that Raekal

had caused. After picking up the pieces of the last year, her life

settled substantially. She could even admit that it may be worthwhile

living. Maybe..


1000 NE - The rumours started to spread more and more. Hoping

against hope that the wheel would weave past her and leave her alone.

But it was not to be. A few hard knocks on the door, "Sue Talemar"

came face to face to one that she wished to never see.


An Aes Sedai. A White Sister.


Burn her, the Tower sent Lillian Sedai.... Blood and Bloody Ashes.....




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