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A woman to your house (attn: John)


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So this was the stedding, Zarine thought with wonder as she walked toward the house Anton and Timewalker had pointed her to. She could still remember the strangest feeling she had had when Timewalker had told her that they were in the Stedding. There had been a chilling tingle through her that seemed to reinvigorate her and the land seemed to grow lusher as they ventured deeper. Yes, she could definately see why they made their home here.


When they had gotten to the small village, a wolf had stopped them and obviously it had spoken to them but she had refused to see and understand the images the furry creature was sending. Anton hadn't seemed pleased for some reason when he had told her that she wouldn't come to live with them but she had been assigned another mentor. She wondered what was going on there and why he didn't like this John Dunbar. But she was just glad that she wouldn't have to live in a house so crammed as Anton's. She had heard that there were five other women beside Anton and that from Zarine's experience that meant trouble for everyone.


So what would her mentor be like? She had asked Anton and Timewalker and he hadn't said anything and she had only revealed that he was a Ranger. Ah well, she would find out soon enough. Slinging her saddlebag over another shoulder, she quickly checked that Aude still sat perched on the same tree. The hawk would be waiting for her and Zarine promised it quietly that they would go hunting again soon. Did she feel the specialness of the place too? They would likely have to go outside the perimeter of the Stedding to make the kill. It felt wrong to take a life in this place.


But then she was already at the door and knocked it briskly. If they wouldn't tell her how this Dunbar fellow was, she would find out all by herself. After a moment the door was opened and she gazed upon the man with shameless curiousity and a smile.


"Hello. You are John Dunbar, right? I am Zarine Kusharski and I was told that you will be my mentor."


Zarine Kusharski



OOC: I couldn't find your bio so maybe you could write me a little blurb about what John looks like. Also feel free to start threads for my starter lessons in any subject if you just have time :)

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Nightsfire busied himself about his house arranging a spare room and getting it ready for use.  Quickening had told him that morning a new Wanderer would be coming to him for training and he wanted her to feel at home.  His house was secluded surrounded on all sides by trees with a lone path leading up from the village.  The morning passed quickly as he freshened the mattress in the room his charge would use.  Placing a vase on the night stand filled with colorful flowers he declared the room fit for proper living. 


The room he had chosen for her had a window that looked out into the clearing at the back of the house and would give her good view of the night sky.  With the room in order he turned his attention to himself and after a dip in a nearby stream he changed into some clean clothes and packed a picnic basket with some food. 


Soon after a knock came and he opened the door to find himself looking at a young blonde woman with tilted eyes.  She introduced herself and he gave her a slight bow.


“I am indeed John Dunbar Zarine and you are most welcome to my home.”


Zarine looked amused and Nights led her into the house and back to the room she would be using.


“Quickening told me you would be coming and I took the liberty of preparing a room for your use.”


“Quickening?”  She asked as she sat down on the bed testing the mattress.


“My wolf companion, she is playful most of the time but always reliable for making sure I am not taken unprepared.”


A big grey she wolf padded out of the back room and walked up to Zarine and sniffed her then licked her hand.


“Take a look around and when you are ready we will begin your training.  I have packed us a picnic lunch which we will take down near the lake and then begin your senses training.”


OOC: John is mid twenties shoulder length brown hair close to 6ft tall and he has a scar on his left cheek.  He is lean from his training with the Rangers.

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The bow her new mentor gave her was smooth but he clearly wasn't a courtier type. The welcome made her smile genuinely and she followed him into the house and to the room that would be hers. Her face softened at the sight of the flowers and she walked to sniff them with appreciation. She was quite certain that her room also had the best vistas. It was heart-warming that he had went through such trouble for her. "Thank you, John. I really appreciate everything that you have done here." She was certainly wondering how exactly they had known that she was coming but it had to be through the wolf talk.


He answered her question as if she had voiced it out loud and she arched her eyebrows at the peculiar name. She seated herself on the edge of the bed and found the mattress to be to her liking, not too soft nor too hard. The news about wolf companion made her stiffen lightly and she tried to appear non-chalant when the largest wolf she had ever seen trotted inside like she owned the place. She didn't move her hand even though she wanted to snatch it away. The animal was friendly enough but it wouldn't like her uncertainty. She tried to breath deeply to calm herself.


How could these people keep wolves as pets like dogs? Wolves did not tame like dogs did and it was somehow very wrong to her to have them living in houses. They were supposed to be wild and noble beasts roaming the woods, not cozy sofa dwellers. But clearly she would have alot to learn and to adjust to.


"Training? What kind of a training? But you can explain to me on the way. I certainly could use some fresh air and the lake sounds beautiful. Is... Quickening coming with us too?" She hoped not but it would be horribly impolite to say anything, especially after all the trouble he had been through. She didn't want to be a bother.




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Chuckling at Zarine’s eagerness as well as the scent of apprehension that radiated from her at having the wolf so close Nightsfire picked up the basket. 


“Training on using your new abilities, your heightened senses, herb gathering and use and the wolf dream.”


Holding open the front door he waited for Zarine to walk out followed closely by Quickening who sniffed her once more then lopped off into the trees.


“Quickening goes where she wants and I doubt she would find any interest in what we will be about.  She will likely spend the day hunting rabbits or other game.”


Zarine nodded and he led her behind the house and along the old game trail that led to the lake.  The mid day sun sent shafts of sunlight through the branches of the trees as they walked illuminating the forest trail.  The sounds of the forests denizens drifted past them and the smell of honeysuckle and pine filled the air.


As they walked he talked about their training and what she could expect.  “As well as what I have spoken of I can also teach you in the use of weapons.  Not all choose to learn but if that interests you I would be happy to share my knowledge of weapons lore.”


The forest gave way to grassland and a crystal clear lake spread out before them.  The light bounced off its placid waters and Nightsfire took them down to a spot next to the water in the shade of a big oak.


“Our first lesson will be senses training.”  He explained while Zarine helped him spread out a blanket.


“You have obviously noticed the changes as your evolution has progressed, I will teach you to understand and harness these talents.”


They unpacked the basket and set out cold chicken, cheese, day old bread and some dried fruit.  “Your most obvious increase is your eyesight.  But sight can deceive you and we will work on teaching you to rely more on smell and sounds.”


Sitting down they began to eat Nights leaned against the tree and fed himself a piece of chicken.  “You were apprehensive about Quickening back at the cabin.  I know this because I could smell it on you.”  A surprise look crossed Zarine’s face. 


“In time with training you will be able to smell others emotions as well and it is an ability that can help you in dealings with others.  While we eat I want you to concentrate on what you can hear and smell that you would not have been able to before the howling.”


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