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Fall From Grace (Attn: Cairna)


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A new dawn rose over the horizon, it's light reaching the Warders Yards and a line of young people standing in the Yards, waiting for the Mistress Of Trainees. Shoar walked through the gates to the Yards, wandering to his normal spot to commence his daily training.


He noted the younglings and allowed himself a smile, remembering his first day in the Yards, the nervousness, then stealing away in a boat because he heard Radzynne Gaidin had left... The beginning of it all. "I'm really depressing." he mused to himself, the smile turning into a grin.


His grin froze on his face as he overheard a voice saying "Being a Gaidin is a waste of time. You become a servant to a specific Aes Sedai, you cant drink because your Aes Sedai complains about getting drunk, and it simply ruins the fun you could have with other Tower Guards. Sure, they are respected, but they really have no lives. It's a damn shame and waste of a perfectly good drinking buddy" Shoar froze, head turning to find the source of the voice.


He quickly discerned the source, a large boy, only a couple of inches shorter then Shoar himself. Caemlyn, by his voice and appearence. "Never even been in a true battle, I wager..." Unable to control himself, he interjected, causing everyone else to quiet down.

"Well, pardon me for butting in, but you are not a servant. You are a partner, always a partner. Equals apart from what the public see. You support your Aes Sedai and she supports you, like two pillars supporting a rock."


The boy gives a non-chalant shrug. "What sort of partnership would be worth while when she ends up outliving you in the end. It's a sport of the Green Ajah to just bond and use as a mere tool. As a Tower Guard you reserve the right of individual achievements and still work for the Tower. Being a Gaidin has simply grown.. Old."


"A huge sacrifice, but one of the most honourable ones one could ever hope to achieve." Shoar's good eye flashed and he said more sharply "And what would a mere boy just fresh off his mama's teat know of the Green Ajah? A mere tool? They respect and hold their Warders as their truest companions in all things, as the rest of the Aes Sedai too. Do not disrespect that which you do not understand. I may be old, but generations of proud Gaidin have come before me. Do not pay disrespect to those with more courage then you."


The boy looked back arrogantly. "So, you are a washed out Gaidin turned Tower Guard pining for old times. Why not get yourself bonded and stop winging about it over the Yard." The boy smirked, the trainees around him having mixed reactions. Some nodded in agreement, others looked worried. All looked mockingly at Shoar.


Shoar's face darkened even further, the Spring rising up inside him. He squashed it flat, refusing to embrace it. His voice came out in seething anger "When you feel your soul ripped in twain at least once, you may come and talk to me about being a washed up Gaidin. You and practically every other warrior here, Trainee, Gaidin or Tower Guard, know NOTHING of Honour or Duty." He spat the words, letting the fury of what had become of the Yards come out in full. He never even noticed the movement behind him.


Shoar Gaidin

About to get the tar kicked out of him

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Guest Arie Ronshor

Ooc: Heh.. i get my 'kick the old guys but' Rp!  Yes!




The return of a former Gaidin that had been broken could hardly cause a sense of curiosity in Cairma. His non-chalant attitude in the Yard could hardly make her turn her head and listen, let alone care. But there was one rumour that she could not dismiss.


The man had trained the infamous Mercury who had been the only other Female --or Tower Guard for that matter-- to wield the 6-foot Zwheihander. Tilting her head a little as the words carried over the wind, Cairma could not help but pause a little. The gaggling group of new trainees turned to see her watching them curiously. Their talk went to silence as the scurried away from her stare. Giving a heavy sigh, Cairma sheathed Beast, deciding that her practice time was over. She never liked to go her forms with an audience. A heavy sigh, she headed out of the fenced part of the training yard in search of this Gaidin-turned-Gaurd. Maybe he had a few pointers for her.


Up ahead, Cairma saw Conor, Sahra, Mahiko and a few other younger trainee's that her mentee had been taken a liking to up ahead. Her hearing was unmistakable as her she nearly stormed up at the words of her Mentee. What followed twinged her more..


"When you feel your soul ripped in twain at least once, you may come and talk to me about being a washed up Gaidin. You and practically every other warrior here, Trainee, Gaidin or Tower Guard, know NOTHING of Honour or Duty."


Cairma's blood boiled in a rage that she had once not been able to control. years of training and yet she still could not grip the anger within her, but after Borderlands had created a sense of calm like no other. However, Due to her recent uncovering of her pregnancy -of which was still unknown to anyone else but Brand- her horomones were unbalanced and her precious control cracked.


Striding up to the group, Cairma's fist balled up beside her as her quick steps and a quick upper-cut arm connected with the jawline of the older Tower Guard. She stood over him as the much large man fell to the ground in a heap of surprise. The silence of Conor and the other trainee's was unmistakable as Cairma stood over the man.


"Have you not heard that insulting the Yard is hazardous for your health?"  Her eyes hard with the training of the Ren'Shai behind them. "Say that again, Old Man. To my face. I dare you."



Cairma Vishnu

Bonded Pregnant and PISSED


Ooc: A few others may be jumping into this to watch.. but i suggest to wait for Shoar to respond to the punch before interferign too badely.

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Most of the trainees were filing back to the Yards from the lunch and not hurrying too much as they still had some time left. Sahra had of course sat with her usual duo Conor and Mahiko and some other mates and they had gotten to a serious discussion about whether it was better to Bond or remain a Tower Guard. She had her own opinion about it but her reasons were personal so she didn't begrudge anyone who chose differently. Conor was possibly being provocational on purpose as he griped about Warders not being able to drink but she knew that they were in trouble when Shoar who had been in the vicinity stopped his forms and turned to glare at them.


The two exchanged their points and Sahra had to disagree with Conor. Gaidin were not an outdated institution in her opinion as personal body guards were needed too so he went a bit too far there. She winced when he proceded to personal insults. Conor and his bloody big mouth. You just didn't poke someone who had lost three Bonds even if he was a bit arrogant. That certainly got Shoar and his last remark put pretty much everyone around them on a fence.


Before anyone else had time to react, Cairma stormed in and gave Shoar a vicious jab with her fist. Sahra couldn't help but wince and then she couldn't take her eyes off anymore as it begun to escalate. Old Shoarsie of course didn't leave the challenge so the audience would be rewarded with a really good match today.


"Lads and lasses, gimme your bets", she hollered as the pair begun to flow through their dance of attacks and defenses. "We have Cairma of the giant blade and Shoar of the giant ego. Who wins? Whoa, ouch that must have hurt. Shoarsie will feel it tomorrow. He had it coming but he gives no quarter. Watch out Cairma. Oi! He sure doesn't hit like a girl..."


Sahra Covenry

Loud Trainee

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Shoar felt the impact coming but could do naught to halt it other then flow with it to minimise the damage. "Light, that felt like one of Mercury's punches." he thought as pain bloomed in his jaw. Everything seemed to go in slow motion as he closed his eyes, his body moving up and back, to come crashing down to earth on his back. He kept his eyes closed for a second more before allowing them to snap open, searching for who had struck him.


His eyes rested on a small woman, rubbing her fist and eyes flashing in rage. "Have you not heard that insulting the Yard is hazardous for your health? Say that again, Old Man. To my face. I dare you." Shoar slowly got to his feet, his own prodigious temper rising. He had had enough. He had been abused, he had been disrespected, he had tried to teach and had it all thrown back in his face. "And yes, light burn them all, I am old!"


Eye flashing, he got to his feet slowly, dusting his pants off. He cracked his neck and drew his gloves tighter, his own rage rising until he glared at the smaller woman. He leaned in closer, fists clenching and hissed through his teeth. "You are all without dedication, without respect and without honour." He was ready for the first punch this time and moved just in time to avoid it. He missed the flat of the womans blade, the huge sword coming surprisingly fast, striking him on the behind. "How dare you. You call yourself a Gaidin and then prance back on your pretty white stallion thinking your the bloody Amyrlin Seat only to insult those that bleed for this Tower? Get the bloody Hell out of our Yard."


That tore it. Shoar roared back "Prancing? PRANCING? I have spent more time shedding blood, sweat and tears in the defense of the Tower then you have been alive! I have endured more torments then you can imagine..." he trailed off at this. "Light, Ryell, Reile, Nimue..." Shaking his head slightly, he said in a more cold voice, his fury honed to a razor's edge. "I am done with trying to find a single true Gaidin out of the witless fools that seem to be taking their place. If you wish to fight, then by all means come at me. After you have bested me or been bested in turn, I am done with this place."


Springing back, he adopted a stance as the smaller, younger woman came charging at him. Fist and foot flew from both combatants, the smaller woman's rage seemingly a match for his own.


OOC: This is gonna hurt...



Fallen Gaidin... Or is he?

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Guest Arie Ronshor

Incredulous, Cairma took a moment to look at the man, ignoring Sahra's shouts over the other Trainee's. As always, the girls mouth will get her a talking to after she was finished showing the old geezer how to show respect where it was deserved. Passing Beast to a trainee who nearly fell over with the sheer weight of it, Cairma looked to the man who was already up in arms and ready to fight. If he wanted to spar with her hand to hand than she would comply. But not without her words delivered with each blow.


"For a former Gaidin you are a fool to jump into such a fight so easily." Stepping forward she threw the next punch, he blocked it, only to have her next fist connect with his abdomen. He stumbled, barely, but not without getting off a kick that Cairma narrowly missed. She caught a look in his eyes as recognition settled in.


She was better than he had first thought. "The size of her blade too... Oh Light, it's Mercury all over again." He evaded a particularly close blow that came barreling in. Seeing an opening, dropped to his back, kicking out with both legs. He achieved his desired effect, she stumbled over and met Shoar's foot, catching her in the side. She dropped to one side as Shoar flipped off his back onto his legs, then leapt back as she got to her feet. She ran at him, jumping into a somersault and a barrage of attacks. Shoar faced them head on, managing to stave off all the attacks bar one which landed on his nose. He managed to move with the blow, most of the impact being lost as his head moved back. He still took a lot of it, not enough to re-break his nose though.


"You are not the only one here that is bonded. You are not the only one that has lost a bonded and has returned here." Her mind flickered to her own mentor who survived two bond breakings. To Lady Arie who lives each day without the power that had made her an Aes Sedai. She never mentioned it, but Cairma saw it in her blank eyes as she would watch her sons play in the gardens behind the Green Advocate. Dropping to the ground, she tried to swipe the older mans legs out from under him, but he was able to jump back out of the way barely in time. He was still fast. She gave him a little credit for that.


"You are not the only one here who has been broken, battered and bled not only for the Tower but also for the ones that we have sworn to protect." She dodge his fist as is other connected with her shoulder. His strength sent her back staggering, but not enough for her to miss his next blow that she kicked hard, possibly breaking the mans wrist. She could only hope. "You insult their very memories by coming here and telling Me, telling these Guards in Training that we are no longer the sweat and blood that is worthy of the Tower."


Cairma's eyes shed but one tear although her face gave away no emotion. "Leave here, if you wish. You are of no use, no help and of no worth to us with your bloody lies and 'poor me' facade. A bloody waste of barrack space is all I see of you." She watched him, spitting out the blood that sat on her tongue, the bruises all but a slight irritation. The pain not even phasing her. "Don't you even dare come to me and say I know shite about pain or loss or I will make you feel every inch of my blade through your body. I swear not even the love of my Bond Holder will stop me from removing you from this yard."




Cairma Vishnu

Still bloody Pissed..


(& Shoar)

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There was a distinct difference between the sounds of training and the sounds of an actual fight. For one, training involved less hooting and hollering from the bystanders, as well as less insults exchanged by the fighting parties. Rosheen looked up from the spearhead she had been examining just in time to hear Sahra cry out for bets. A smile curved her lips at the sound of the young trainee’s voice. You didn’t spend as much time at the yards as Rosheen had without forming bonds with the strangest people. Sahra was a close friend to Rosheen’s brother, which meant she was much like a little sister to Rosheen.


The smile faded when she heard Sahra call out the names of those fighting. Shoar she knew by reputation rather than by actual acquaintance, but Cairma… The history they had together was long and interwoven with good and bad moments, but in the end, her relationship with the other woman had always turned out good. She dropped the spearhead back in the bucket, and moved over to the origin of the noises. “Sahra.” She said, her voice a little on the low and menacing side. The trainee had the decency to flinch and back away slightly as Rosheen took her place in the circle that had formed around the pair of fighting lunatics.


“Idiots.” She muttered, even as she admired a firm blow thrown by Cairma, and a decent block from Shoar. Whatever the reason of their scuffle was, they were giving the wrong example. At least one of them should know better. The reason of the fight became clear soon enough when the blonde Gaidar launched into a tirade about things that Shoar had said earlier. Things that would indeed make Rosheen’s blood boil as well, should she allow it. Such vile arrogance. Such blindness. Such an unwillingness to see beyond his own little world.


But unlike some people involved in the fight, Rosheen refused to judge too soon. She also refused to see Cairma beat the man into bloody pulp, if only to stave off the punishment she would surely receive for it. Gracefully she stepped into their playing field, grabbing Cairma’s wrist in mid swing. This wasn’t the first time she’d stopped the woman from unleashing her fury upon someone. She twisted her body towards Cairma, using the other woman’s momentum to lift her off her feet and send her sprawling to the ground a few feet away.


Then she turned again, and ducked low to avoid a high kick that had been aimed for Cairma’s head. She made good use of the moment by swiping Shoar’s leg out from under him, sending him to the ground as well. “That’s enough!” she said, glaring at Cairma who had been about to get to her feet. “Have you lost your mind? Fight your bloody enemies, not your allies.” She turned to glare at Shoar. “As for you… if you judge your enemies as swiftly and wrongly as your allies, it’s no wonder you…” lost three bondmates. The words were unspoken, yet they lingered in the air.


“Report to Brand, both of you.” She said, instead, folding her arms in front of her chest. A glance at the people watching was enough to send them away from the scene of the fight. With some luck, they would only tell stories of how the fight ended, not of how it started. Despite what she thought of his words, Rosheen didn’t want to give Shoar an even harder time at the yards. He would be a worthy asset to the tower again, if he could only remove his head from his… “Well? Get moving! Or do I have to drag you over to him?”


~Rosheen Tahn Sakhr

Green Gaidar


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Shoar’s mind raced with thoughts as the fight wore on, as the other spoke. ”No, I did not mean that you weren’t the blood and sweat of the Tower, but do not dismiss what I have done so easily.” he wanted to say, but couldn’t find the words. The Fury had taken a hold of him and the small core that was Shoar floated amidst a see of rage. ”Blasted Woolhead, why are you doing this? These aren’t the people that wronged you. Those are long gone, no longer here. You take your anger, your rage out on the wrong people.” The fury raged back ”IT DOES NOT MATTER. REVENGE MUST BE MET.” Shoar’s core responded calmly ”But not against these people, these warriors, people who have dedicated their lives to the same things you once did.”THERE MUST BE RESPECT OR THERE IS NOTHING. IS ALL OUR SUFFERING AND PAIN TO BE FOR NAUGHT?” ”We were wronged, yes, but not by these people. You fight and rage against the wrong group of people. Those that took Nimue, that exiled us, that stripped us of all our titles. THOSE are the people who we should be angry at. These people had nothing to do with that.” The rage faltered slightly, the sea beginning to calm a little. ”THEY ARE AFFILIATED WITH THAT WHICH BANISHED US.” ”As you once were too. Do not forget that which you were taught.” ”I… WE… THE EXILE… NIMUE…” ”All tragedies. None of which were the fault of the Gaidin or the Tower Guard. Embrace the Spring, let your fury become your strength and allow us to return to old self.”


That did it. The fury that was Shoar began to ebb away, draining into an increasingly powerful Spring. His emotions poured into the Spring, growing larger and larger until it has absorbed all of his rage, his anger, his hatred of that which had happened to him. All that was left was the font of energy, which he drank deeply from, strengthening his mind. He came back into focus in time to see another small figure race out into the field of battle.


Shoar landed roughly as another Gaidin came out of nowhere, flipping his opponent then sweeping his leg out from under him. He landed lightly, managing to twist himself just in time to avoid any further injury. He lay back, breathing heavily, listening to the admonishment from the new Gaidin.


“As for you… if you judge your enemies as swiftly and wrongly as your allies, it’s no wonder you…” Shoar winced at the unsaid words, knowing it to be true.”Light, it’s like I was another person… So much rage, anger and hatred held inside me all these years… Finally burst out…” He got to his feet unsteadily, the emotional blast he had suffered draining his physical strength.


“Very well… Let us go… There are things I must say anyway.” He took one of his swords out, still in its scabbard and leaned on it for a second, breathing heavily. It was not the pant of a tired man but one of someone mentally exhausted. He had fought against himself and he had won. ”Maybe now I can begin to atone…” he thought to himself as he re-attached the scabbard to his belt and rubbed his eyepatch.


As he followed the new Gaidin towards the Barracks, all eyes on them, he said quietly. “Hold that sword of yours about an inch apart more on the hilt. Mercury held it the same way you did and she found that increasing the distance on the hilt slightly meant she could switch to fighting with one hand easier.” He walked, putting his hand into this pocket, fingering the warped signet ring he always kept with him.

OOC: All will be revealed soon…


Shoar Gaidin



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Guest Arie Ronshor




Landing on her backside, thanks to Rosheen made Cairma feel sick. The battle had, in all technicalities, been over and yet Cairma had found her way onto the ground facing the battle and a rather displeased Rosheen and a silent crowd of Trainees. Grimacing as she stood, Cairma looked to Rosheen, careful with what she allowed to show on her face. Scolding herself, Cairma should have at least sensed the gaidins approach when she entered the fighting circle, but she had not. This did not sit well with Cairma as few could get past her. However, Rosheen was a friend, a very close friend. She would even dare to call her sister. Trusting Rosheen may have been enough for her to dismiss her presence and in turn allows Rosheen to get the jump on her. This could be a very bad thing regardless of where Cairma put her trust.


However it was not the presence of the other Gaidar that caught her attention but the former Gaidin that she was fighting. Looking him over as the man brushed himself off Cairma paused in her assessment. She could see the lines of a great warrior that had diminished over time and turmoil, something Cairma herself could relate to in one form. Although clearly the man was under the old system. One of the few that still held regard for the old ways in the Yard, she could see movements of the Daisho within the man as well as his tactics. It only seemed natural for her to attack with her fist instead of just her mouth as far as dealing with the man goes but clearly with the presence of Rosheen, she may have guessed wrong. But than her pregnancy was causing a rather unpredictable stir of emotions that she had a sight difficulty controlling. She'd curse Aran, but it really couldn't be any farther from the truth. She protected herself accordingly until Rosh came along...


Cairma frowned. Maybe she should tell Rosheen.... Contemplative... Or maybe after the birth. There might be less yelling that way.


“Hold that sword of yours about an inch apart more on the hilt. Mercury held it the same way you did and she found that increasing the distance on the hilt slightly meant she could switch to fighting with one hand easier.”


The older mans words caught Cairma off guard enough for her to stop mis-step before rejoining him in his walk to Brands office. Blinking, she pictured her hands on her sword, and the logic of it mad only obvious sense. However, the impact of the man's suggestion was more then just towards her fighting style. Clearly the man was not angry with her, but there was something else, a resevered respect that glistened below the harsh surface of his words. Guilt trickled into her mind which she swiftly pushed away. The man still insulted the guards. But that was no reason to attack without foreknowledge of why he attacked them. She pondered as their walk continued to Brand's office. She barely whispered a "Thank You." before they were at the door.


Wrapping on the door, they both entered, sullen and shameful.. like trainees caught after a poorly planned prank.




Cairma Vishnu

GM RenShai


Ooc: Sorry for Spelling.. i caught what i could.. but i'm on my third ceaser and i'm feeling it... i need to drink more.. :P

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Xil  had followed Cairma up towards the group of trainees. The man, Shoar, Was yelling at them about many things that Xil did not quite understand. How could he think that the trainees and Tower Guards did not care…that they were not dedicated. He felt heat rising in his face. In the last week and a half, he had grown to care and resolve himself to what he was learning and who he was training to protect. The Aes Sedai. He was instructed that he would give no less than his very soul for them. So hearing these thngs from the old man really steamed him.


Neverthless, he was extremely surprised that his Mentor walked up to the old man and laid him out.  Xil watched whith his mouth hanging open.


“Here, hold Beast” His mentor told him, handing him the massive blade she carried with her.


Xil of course was not ready for the weight of it, the blade towering over him by a good 9 inches…and weighing about as much as he did. With much struggling, a few sliced fingers and a lot of strength, he managed to keep the thing from bringing him to the ground.


With bleeding fingers, he watched the fierce battle between his mentor and the old man from the bar. It took what seemed like forever, until another woman walked up and laid the two out to the ground.


She told the two to go see Brand. He watched the two walk away toward the building and looked down at the massive blade he was still holding in his hands. He tried to lift the thing and take it in to her, but after almost impaling a few of the trainees standing in the circle (as well as being called a few choice names that he had not expected to hear from some who were as young as he) He decided to drag the thing into the common room.


He watched as Sahra and Conor walked in front of him. Conor, of course, ranting about the man. Xil shook his head, in the few days that he had known Conor, he could tell that he was trouble waiting to happen. He had continually gotten in bad graces with Cairma, he was a bit of what his mother would call “Too given to rest than to work” and usually let his mouth speak before his mind was engaged.


Though he was a bit fun at times, Xil usually steered clear of the man.


Ooc: I will continue this in the COMMON ROOM thread)




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  • 3 weeks later...

Though Brand was aware of a certain commotion that went on not too far from his office, he chose to ignore it. It was better for everyone that he did, really. No one wanted to be told to stand down by the commander of the guard, and the commander of the guard didn't want to reprimand anyone. But there were days when it seemed that his very purpose in life was to remind people of the fact that they were behaving like idiots, and that their idiotic behaviour would get them nowhere. After a swift knock, the door to his office opened, and Brand realised that today was going to be one of those days. "Sir, there are people f..." A young trainee, with a face still filled with childish roundness which seemed to make his wide eyes even wider.


"Yes, I know." he cut the boy off. He did know, after all.


"But they're going to..."


"Yes. I know."


"But sir! they will..."


"Out, Bradley. I don't want to hear about it."


"Oh. Uh... but... oh..." Looking properly deflated, the boy left his office and closed the door behind him. The corners of Brand's mouth quirked upwards in a smile that didn't reach his eyes. Idiots. Bad influences, the lot of them. Ginae would no doubt call him out for it. And then Thera. And maybe even Bryon, if he was particularly lucky. He could just hear them now... Another knock interrupted his doomy thoughts. "Enter." he grunted, looking up from his desk to see a mohawk with a woman attached to it appear. "Sir." Rosheen Tahn Sakhr inclined her head. "Yes, I know." Brand said, looking defeated. "There are people fighting outside."


"No they're not." She said, grinning at him. Then she stepped aside, making room for Cairma and Shoar. "They were fighting though. I figured you'd want to have a word with them about that." With another nod, she walked out of the office, leaving him all by himself with the pair of scrappers. "Gee. Lovely. Sit." he ordered, nodding at the chairs in front of his desk. "Would you two like to explain your behaviour before I yell at you, or after?"


~Brand Ryota

Commander of the Guard

not impressed


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Shoar had not felt this bad since Radzynne had caught him trying to sneak out of the Yards. He felt as stupid as a youngling, not the 52-year old man that he actually was. "All my fault... So much anger and rage directed at the wrong people... My god... I truly am an idiot."


He followed the other two in and took his seat, head in his hands as he contemplated his future. He raised his head and said "First... The entire thing was my fault. I have been angry and raging at the wrong people, ever since I returned from the Blight... I now realise that. I felt I had to... be angry, to rage at anyone affiliated with the Tower. I now realise that that is wrong and it took this young lady to snap some sense into me." He nodded in Cairma's direction. "No matter what was done to me in the past, that is no excuse for how I have been acting. The entire thing was my fault. Yell, assign a punishment and then... I will consider my future here. If I am going to cause more harm then good then it is for the best if I depart." He took out his old signet ring, warped by the Amyrlin Seat many years ago, and clenched it tightly, staring Brand straight in the eye, awaiting judgement.


A VERY abashed Shoar

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Whinge whinge whinge. All Brand really heard was a claim to having been temporarily insane. It wasn't something that eased his already rather grim mood. He turned to look at Cairma. Who was pregnant. Who should. have. known. better. "Light." he muttered, sitting back in his chair. "What am I supposed to do with you two? You claim this is your fault, Shoar, but it's Cairma that has been training here for the past fifteen years or more. It's Cairma that has experienced life while I was Commander. Therefore it is Cairma who knows that I won't tolerate fights among the Guards and Warders if they're not spars."


"If you were looking for someone to rage at, you should have come to me." his eyes were on Shoar now. "Cairma is lucky that she's far enough along in her training to be able to avoid getting damaged in an ordinary brawl, though the Light knows she certainly doesn't have the mental capacity to avoid one like she should, but you could have been faced with someone less skilled. A trainee, light forbid. You... both of you are living, breathing weapons, capable of doing more damage on a whim than some people manage to do in their entire lives."


His gaze turned to Cairma again. "I expect better from both of you. Whatever your current personal situation is, you must remember your responsibilities, not just to your own Aes Sedai, but to all Aes Sedai. You are both masters, so this responsibility stretches beyond that. You are supposed to be the examples on which the trainees here base their lives, their hopes, dreams and aspirations. And yet you can't even restrain yourself because someone says something you don't like?"


A look of disgust was plastered on Brands face. "I can't let this slide. Both of you may think you have a valid reason to lose control, but you will understand that no reason you could ever come up with is good enough. You will show restraint. You will be examples for trainees and younger Tower Guards, whatever your intentions for the future are. We are at war here, not with each other, but with an enemy who will stop at nothing to destroy us. This enemy will use our weakness against us. So if you two could do me a favour, and stop acting like a bunch of halfwits who can't even keep their calm in the face of some harsh words, I might actually get the opportunity to show our enemy that we are not weak, and that he will not be able to turn us against each other.


He glanced at Cairma, who looked as if she was sitting on hot coals. "Is there something you would like to add to this? Some other vague excuse as to why you lost control out there? Out with it..."


~Brand Ryota


he who speaks too much :D


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Guest Arie Ronshor



Wince.... wince... There were at times, Cairma was not entirely proud of her actions. There were times where they were called for. And there were times where the misunderstanding between the both that only gave her a raging headache. A headache that formerlly made her lash out, but it was no longer that case with her. Cairma did not just lash out in uncontrollable angry anymore. It may trigger an otherwised unplanned action, but she was not raging. She had not been, that was...


Watching Brands lips move as he went on his usual tiraide, Cairma couldn't help but momentarily regret her reputation as a berserker. She did NOT gain her status by simply lashing out. She got it by cntrolling it, and she did not like that Brand thought she was slipping. It actually hurt a little that he did not give her enough credit.


"I do, Brand." She stopped shifting in her seat, straightening her back a little, poising a little more dignity. Mustering what little she had left. "Regrettably, I choose a poor time and place to act out the way I did. I admit I don't know what triggered my actions " -yes, you do..- "the fact I acted on it I was in control." There was that look on Brands face. He didn't fully believe her. Bully him. She plowed forward. "I had trainee after trainee come up to me asking me about bonding, and then Tower Guard status and how a certain former Gaidin was bad mouthing the Tower Guards and current Gaidin. Forgive me, Brand but there is only so much insult I'm willing to take on both parts. So I sought out the culprit to find him arguing and shaking fists at my own Trainee."


Cairma gave that half moan and half sigh, "Admittantly it was Conor, but that is not the point. I recognized the movement of the Old ways, and acted accordingly. Poor timing, but I do not feel I was out of place to give an old Daisho a black eye." Her anger simmered on the surface, but she clearly did nto feel wronged in all of this. Only that Rosh had to step in. That was all. The getting caught always sucked.






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Fiery anger set Brand's usual cheerful face into a scowl. Fiery anger, something he would usually grasp the Spring for, fueled into his expression, bringing a tension into his body that he could have used to break something with. Instead he used it to silence Cairma. "Are you insane?" he asked her, his voice dangerously low. "You speak as if you had a right to attack a Tower Guard in my yards. MY YARDS!" the sudden roar brought forth a flinch from the woman he regarded as a sister. "You weren't in control of yourself, the situation you are in and the situation you created when you decided to 'give an old Daisho a black eye'."


He rose from his seat, placing his hands on his desk even as he loomed over Cairma. "This isn't about your ego taking a blow because someone you don't even know insults something you barely even understand. This is about you picking a fight in my yards for the wrong reasons. Look at him." Cairma stared at him blankly for a moment. "I said look at him!" after a few more moments of hesitation, Cairma tured her head to look at Shoar. "Is this man your enemy? Is he a trolloc? a Myrrdraal? A dreadlord, perhaps?"


Cairma opened her mouth as if to say something, but Brand cut her off. "What he is, is just a former warder, returning to the yards as a Tower Guard. He has some issues settling in, but is this your problem? Your responsibility? Are you Cairma, Commander of the Guard?" There was a certain softness in his voice when he continued. "No. You are Cairma, warder to Jaydena. You are Cairma, Mentor of Connor and Xilanin. You are Cairma, soon to be mother of your first child. None of these functions make fighting with Shoar your duty. Had you been in control, you would have removed your students from the discussion, and you would have summoned someone who is in charge of dealing with Tower Guards who are out of control. Had you been thinking, you would never have endagered yourself and everyone involved the way you did now. Instead you seem to think that you were in control just because you managed to get out without harm this time around. You disappoint me."


He sat back down again, looking oddly defeated. "Well? Anything to add before I come up with a way to keep you two out of trouble for the time being?"


~Brand Ryota


in need of a drink.


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Shoar whinced during the tirades, both of them, knowing he was the principle source of disquiet in the Warders Yards. Ever since he had returned he had caused more internal strife and disquiet then any Darkfriend ever could. "Well done, the great Shoar Gaidin, Legend of the Warders." a voice said mockingly in his mind.


His jaw dropped, all pretense of holding onto the Spring when Brand said she was pregnant. He darted his head in her direction and caught her eye beginning to moisten with a tear. Shoar's face dropped and his mouth worked. "I... I didn't... know... I... Oh Light..." he couldn't find the words to say. He was trying to apologise and he couldn't... Find the right... Light...


Brand sat back heavily and said "Well? Anything to add before I come up with a way to keep you two out of trouble for the time being?" Shoar raised his head, closing his fist over his signet ring and felt a steely resolve he had not felt in a long time come over him. "It is time to face my demons and let all be known... The Commander can determine my fate." He said "Yes, I do." The eyes moved on to Shoar.


He stood and clenched his hands together nervously. "Where to begin... I'll start at the beginning. You know, of course, that I was once the Commander of the Guard. You also know I was Bonded to Nimue Daemor Stormsong, Sister of the Yellow and my adopted sister." He smacked his lips nervously and continued.


"Nimue died while on a secret mission for the Tower. It was so secret that she did not even tell me the truth of her whereabouts. She claimed she was going to Caemlyn, but the Bond pointed me to the North. I did not worry... Until it snapped. Until I felt her die." He paused for a second, reflecting on his memories. "After that, the blow of a third Bondholder... I understandably became a tad frantic. I needed to find out what had happened, by any means possible."


He took a deep breath. This is where the true story started. "I had the Commanders' Eyes and Ears begin looking into where she had gone and what she was doing. The information I recieved was scattered at best. She had gone North as I knew, and had made it to the borders of Shienar. There the trail ended. I never found out more then she was in Shienar when she died. It had taken me neary 2 weeks to arrive to this point. During this time, I had not shirked my duties. There were concerns over a third Bond loss but I passed the Yellow's tests with a clean bill of health." He paced, still a tad nervous. Noone had heard this story before, not the truth of it all.


"Finding Nimue became top on my priority list with things not concerning the safety of the Tower. I needed to find out what had happened, to KNOW she was dead. I knew in my heart of hearts she was, but I NEEDED to find out." He spoke with a fervence that only came from losing that part of your soul to nothingness. "While my inquiries were continuing, I was summoned in the dead of night to the then Amyrlin Seat, Kathana Trevalear's quarters."


Shoar noted a slight darkening on Brand's face at the mention of Kathana. "When I arrived, Kathana and the Keeper were both present." He closed his eye, drawing in the deepest breath yet. This is where the fun begins. "I was informed by them... That I was to be Exiled. All of my titles, my rights, my privileges, my earnings were forfeit immediately. The reason given was 'suspected lack of competence due to consecutive Bond losses.' Basially, they accused me of going mad after the loss of the third Bond."


He clenched his fist, some of the anger returning. "I was given two options. Be exiled and humiliated in public, or leave that night without a word to anyone. I would be listed as having run away to the Blight, another victim of the Bleakness. I chose the latter and left that night. I never found out what became of my final reports regarding Nimue." He sighed and sank back into his chair, putting his head into his hands. He reached into his pocket and flipped the Signet Ring to Brand, who caught it with one hand. "From C for Commander to T for Traitor. So I couldn't use the ring to gain any privileges."


He leaned forward, his face intent. "I can tell by the look on your face that this is a surprise to you. Which means they never put this into the Official Files. I have always believed, and still DO to this day, that I was removed because I was coming close to something I shouldn't have. Conspiracy theory perhaps... But I cannot come up with any other plausible excuse to remove me from the City." He continued, staring into Brand's eyes. "I have had 13 years of nothing but my own sorrow at the loss of Nimue, my own sense of failure at having lost a third Bondholder and my hatred and loathing for those that performed this act of injustice on me."


He leaned back again, eyes flashing. "I hated and loved the Tower at the same time. The Tower is what I had devoted my life to protect and I wasn't even allowed to do that in any capacity. So I escaped to the Blight... There hoping to die but needing to live. Thirteen long years to dwell on my own anger, rage and depression." He shuddered at the memory of it.


He sighed and wilted slightly. It was all out now. All of it. Everything he had kept a secret for so long was now out in the open. He felt old, older then he ever had before in his life. "So now you know the story. It is a story I have kept to my heart these long years... Now if you feel the compunction to have me arrested, I will not resist. I am breaking my Exile by returning... I only hope this helps to explain why an old Warder came back in such a bad mood... And to offer my most sincere, my most humble apologies for the way I have acted since I returned. The fault does not lie with the current yards, or even the current Tower. Those who wronged me are gone and it looks like their legacy wasn't recorded. I am able to turn from this with an open heart now."


He leaned forward, fixing Brand with his lone eye again. "I leave myself to your mercies, Commander. And I thank you for listening to the rambling of an old man." Shoar awaited the judgement to be made.


Shoar Gaidin


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Guest Arie Ronshor



Cairma did not fully agree with Brand. She did, but not completely. Maybe he didn't understand, or possibly she did not. It had been a choice she made and acted on, and regardless will face up to it. She was a Gaidin. A Guard of the Tower. But to hear brand tell her that he was disapointed, It just deeper than she thought it would. The day was not the best for control of her emotions, and she was starting to suspect why. Small tears rolled down her cheeks. In the next day or two, leaving would be best. Before Aran could get a hold of her and berate her too. Cairma had no doubt that if it were not for her pregnancy she would not be in nearly so much trouble, but it was a card played to her, and she will have to take responsibility for it. Even when she didn't feel it merited the crime. To which she didn't feel there was a crime. Brand saw differently. He was the Commander. His word was what counted. Cairma had nothing more to say.





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