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  1. Shoar lounged back in his chair, enjoying a lunch of cold mutton and vegetabels with a tall flagon of ale. He had just finished a scouting mission outside of the city for Annais and he had chosen to stop off for a bite to eat. The inn was populated by the rough sort you found in a small village, farmers and their helpers mostly. It was unusually crowded due to the fact today was an honorary day of rest in honor of the Aes Sedai and many people were celebrating the rare chance to relax. The door had been opening regularly, admitting people in and out as the day wore on. Shoar had half finished his food when the door opened again and a quiet settled over the inn as it does when a stranger walks in. Shoar glanced up, taking note of the swords on the lads back as he walked in. The usual jocularity resumed as the patrons realised the boy wasn't there to start trouble and resumed their fun. Shoar kept an eye on the young one as he ordered from the bar then turned to survey the scene. Shoar took a swig from his flagon, his mind already processing. "Hmmmm... Young, not completely comfortable with the two swords he's wearing... He's been in a few fights but nothing major. Potential recruit for the Guards coming to try his luck." Shoar chuckled and took another drink. Suddenly there was a loud BANG as chairs shot backwards. Shoar groaned as two men began wrestling, trying to drag each other to the ground. The barkeeper was shouting at them to stop and Shoar got to his feet, sighing as he made his way to where they were. Suddenly, one of the men pulled a knife. Cursing, Shoar began shoving his way through as the men began circling each other warily. The young man lazily moved forward, scimitars already being unsheathed and he moved into the circle, a sword pointed at each of the fighters. They froze, eyeing the blades as he said "This is not the behaviour I would expect from two fine upstanding gentleman. I'm sure whatever disagreement you have can be solved without violence." Time seemed to slow as the man with the knife kicked the young man's sword aside and leaped at him, knife extended. The other picked up a chair and swung it. There was a loud BANG and the room froze. Shoar stood in the middle of all of them, one sword facing the knife-weilder, the knife vibrating in the roof where Shoar had knocked it. The young mans scimitars were caught on Shoar's other blade and the chair smashed to bits on Shoar's foot. He growled "Enough. You two, leave now and go home. If I catch you again it'll be the lockup for you." They defiantly glared at Shoar but withered under his harsh gaze and left the inn without a fuss. Shoar turned his gaze onto the young man. "You come with me." He flipped a gold coin at the innkeeper as he sheathed his twin blades and followed the young man out. When they were outside Shoar said "While I appreciate bravery is something desired nowadays, next time be careful what you step into. Fights like that break out all the time, they tussle, they wrestle they go home and they sleep it off. What you did was dangerous, not just for yourself but for all the innocents in there who COULD have gotten hurt." He folded his arms and waited for a response. Shoar Gaidin
  2. Shoar grinned and winked at Daemon as they walked to the alley. With each step, each man opened up a very painful part of their soul to view. The Bleakness, the hole left by the death or sudden loss of your Aes Sedai's Bond, rose to consume all emotion. Each man had dealth with it for long enough that they were used to the blackness it caused and used it to good effect for once, their faces becoming hollow and their eyes dull. Shoar let his swords trail against the ground, occasionally sparking as he drove them deeper. He growled softly under his breath, radiating cold and dark, his eyes appearing to sink more into his skull. "Well well well" Daemon said, his voice cold and lifeless. "Looks like we found dinner for tonight." Shoar grinned, the smile never reaching his eyes. "Pfah. These look hardly a snack." he replied, his own voice thudding into place like leaden lids slamming shut on coffins. The gang of muggers backed up, terrified, past their young victim. Shoar stopped in front of the young man and rasped "Bah, this one has no meat on him." shoving him roughly to one side, Shoar suddenly uncoiled like a snak, lashing out with twin blades, striking at the nearest mugger. He slashed into the man's neck with one and knocked him out with the other, causing him to slump to the ground, blood gushing from the wound. The effect looked like Shoar had just slashed the mans throat when in reality he had suffered a light wound which would heal on it's own. He grinned coldly and waited for Daemon to react. Shoar Gaidin
  3. Shoar kicked himself with his foot, hard, as he realised he had mentioned banishment. "Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Just the ramblings of a foolish old man, please ignore them." He kept his face blank, while inside he panicked. "Not here, not now..." He thought on the other thing Annais had said to him. "Well... I would just say that I was sorry. I should have written, I should have made contact... I should have let her decide." He sighed and rubbed his eyes. "Actually WHAT to say? I have absolutely no idea. Even if I had a prepared speech I think I would muck it up somehow." he chuckled. He sighed sadly. "Shall we continue this conversation over by my tree? The topic of discussion is depressing enough and I feel a change of scenery might aid in that." He led the way, praying she would not question further into the banishment he had let slip. Shoar Gaidin
  4. Shoar chuckled and nodded his head atthe girl. "It's an old training technique. It is not seen much nowadays... The originator of it has long since departed from this world." He smiled and said "You worked hard... You may take a brief break. What I want you to do is to throw stones at me as I train." He paused, shaking his head at the uncanny resemblance to Akira. He grinned at her confused look and unsheathed both his blades. He turned his attention to Arturus and smiled. "I know what needs to be done with this young man..." He shouted "ARTURUS! For each stone that hits you, another lap you must complete! For each stone that you avoid, Kalush must run a lap. If any hit ME, I must run a lap!" He chuckled and said in a normal voice "Make sure you throw them well so my blades can hit them or aim true so they hit me." He bowed to the invisible opponents, and began twirling through the intricate dance of the Blade Waltz. *ping* *ping* He deftly maneuvered, striking the first two stones with the flats of his blades, sending them flying toward Arturus. One struck him hard on the rump, the other on his arm. Kalush picked up more and more stones as Shoar flowed through the dance, throwing them with excellent aim at Shoar. *ping* *ping* *ping* Shoar's blades met every stone, sending them all flying at Arturus, completely lost in the Blade Waltz he had been taught so long ago. Shoar Gaidin
  5. Shoar whinced during the tirades, both of them, knowing he was the principle source of disquiet in the Warders Yards. Ever since he had returned he had caused more internal strife and disquiet then any Darkfriend ever could. "Well done, the great Shoar Gaidin, Legend of the Warders." a voice said mockingly in his mind. His jaw dropped, all pretense of holding onto the Spring when Brand said she was pregnant. He darted his head in her direction and caught her eye beginning to moisten with a tear. Shoar's face dropped and his mouth worked. "I... I didn't... know... I... Oh Light..." he couldn't find the words to say. He was trying to apologise and he couldn't... Find the right... Light... Brand sat back heavily and said "Well? Anything to add before I come up with a way to keep you two out of trouble for the time being?" Shoar raised his head, closing his fist over his signet ring and felt a steely resolve he had not felt in a long time come over him. "It is time to face my demons and let all be known... The Commander can determine my fate." He said "Yes, I do." The eyes moved on to Shoar. He stood and clenched his hands together nervously. "Where to begin... I'll start at the beginning. You know, of course, that I was once the Commander of the Guard. You also know I was Bonded to Nimue Daemor Stormsong, Sister of the Yellow and my adopted sister." He smacked his lips nervously and continued. "Nimue died while on a secret mission for the Tower. It was so secret that she did not even tell me the truth of her whereabouts. She claimed she was going to Caemlyn, but the Bond pointed me to the North. I did not worry... Until it snapped. Until I felt her die." He paused for a second, reflecting on his memories. "After that, the blow of a third Bondholder... I understandably became a tad frantic. I needed to find out what had happened, by any means possible." He took a deep breath. This is where the true story started. "I had the Commanders' Eyes and Ears begin looking into where she had gone and what she was doing. The information I recieved was scattered at best. She had gone North as I knew, and had made it to the borders of Shienar. There the trail ended. I never found out more then she was in Shienar when she died. It had taken me neary 2 weeks to arrive to this point. During this time, I had not shirked my duties. There were concerns over a third Bond loss but I passed the Yellow's tests with a clean bill of health." He paced, still a tad nervous. Noone had heard this story before, not the truth of it all. "Finding Nimue became top on my priority list with things not concerning the safety of the Tower. I needed to find out what had happened, to KNOW she was dead. I knew in my heart of hearts she was, but I NEEDED to find out." He spoke with a fervence that only came from losing that part of your soul to nothingness. "While my inquiries were continuing, I was summoned in the dead of night to the then Amyrlin Seat, Kathana Trevalear's quarters." Shoar noted a slight darkening on Brand's face at the mention of Kathana. "When I arrived, Kathana and the Keeper were both present." He closed his eye, drawing in the deepest breath yet. This is where the fun begins. "I was informed by them... That I was to be Exiled. All of my titles, my rights, my privileges, my earnings were forfeit immediately. The reason given was 'suspected lack of competence due to consecutive Bond losses.' Basially, they accused me of going mad after the loss of the third Bond." He clenched his fist, some of the anger returning. "I was given two options. Be exiled and humiliated in public, or leave that night without a word to anyone. I would be listed as having run away to the Blight, another victim of the Bleakness. I chose the latter and left that night. I never found out what became of my final reports regarding Nimue." He sighed and sank back into his chair, putting his head into his hands. He reached into his pocket and flipped the Signet Ring to Brand, who caught it with one hand. "From C for Commander to T for Traitor. So I couldn't use the ring to gain any privileges." He leaned forward, his face intent. "I can tell by the look on your face that this is a surprise to you. Which means they never put this into the Official Files. I have always believed, and still DO to this day, that I was removed because I was coming close to something I shouldn't have. Conspiracy theory perhaps... But I cannot come up with any other plausible excuse to remove me from the City." He continued, staring into Brand's eyes. "I have had 13 years of nothing but my own sorrow at the loss of Nimue, my own sense of failure at having lost a third Bondholder and my hatred and loathing for those that performed this act of injustice on me." He leaned back again, eyes flashing. "I hated and loved the Tower at the same time. The Tower is what I had devoted my life to protect and I wasn't even allowed to do that in any capacity. So I escaped to the Blight... There hoping to die but needing to live. Thirteen long years to dwell on my own anger, rage and depression." He shuddered at the memory of it. He sighed and wilted slightly. It was all out now. All of it. Everything he had kept a secret for so long was now out in the open. He felt old, older then he ever had before in his life. "So now you know the story. It is a story I have kept to my heart these long years... Now if you feel the compunction to have me arrested, I will not resist. I am breaking my Exile by returning... I only hope this helps to explain why an old Warder came back in such a bad mood... And to offer my most sincere, my most humble apologies for the way I have acted since I returned. The fault does not lie with the current yards, or even the current Tower. Those who wronged me are gone and it looks like their legacy wasn't recorded. I am able to turn from this with an open heart now." He leaned forward, fixing Brand with his lone eye again. "I leave myself to your mercies, Commander. And I thank you for listening to the rambling of an old man." Shoar awaited the judgement to be made. Shoar Gaidin IT IS NOW OUT IN THE OPEN!
  6. Shoar had not felt this bad since Radzynne had caught him trying to sneak out of the Yards. He felt as stupid as a youngling, not the 52-year old man that he actually was. "All my fault... So much anger and rage directed at the wrong people... My god... I truly am an idiot." He followed the other two in and took his seat, head in his hands as he contemplated his future. He raised his head and said "First... The entire thing was my fault. I have been angry and raging at the wrong people, ever since I returned from the Blight... I now realise that. I felt I had to... be angry, to rage at anyone affiliated with the Tower. I now realise that that is wrong and it took this young lady to snap some sense into me." He nodded in Cairma's direction. "No matter what was done to me in the past, that is no excuse for how I have been acting. The entire thing was my fault. Yell, assign a punishment and then... I will consider my future here. If I am going to cause more harm then good then it is for the best if I depart." He took out his old signet ring, warped by the Amyrlin Seat many years ago, and clenched it tightly, staring Brand straight in the eye, awaiting judgement. A VERY abashed Shoar
  7. Shoar stopped walking as Arette ordered him to, years of training meaning he had little choice in the matter. He unclenched his fists which had clenched due to anxiety. He turned slowly, facing Annais, refusing to retreat into the Spring as he normally did. He listened to Annais' words without a comment, unhitching the pouch from his belt while he did so, his complete attention on her. He gripped the pouch in one hand as she finished and arched an eyebrow at him. Even thought she tried to hide it the waves of disappointment emanated her as clearly as if she was holding a sign proclaiming him a Darkfriend. He sighed and said "Aye, maybe... I could just be a very gifted actor." he permitted himself a small smile. "I know that all that you are saying is true, Annais, but I... just don't know how to go about it." He shrugged helplessly "Words from the heart is something I have never been any good with... If I was I likely wouldn't be in this mess to begin with." He stopped a Trainee walking past and handed him the pouch. "Take this to the Gaidin's Way in Tar Valon. Hand it over to the innkeeper. There'll be a mark in it for you." He then turned his attention back to Annais. "I will not mention the banishment... I don't need any more shame added onto this." he thought to himself. "At the end of it, I do feel you are right. An apology is warranted, even if I do not believe it will aid the situation at all. After that... Anything you or she decides to do will be entirely justified. If I am to be banished again, so be it." he spoke, missing the slip on the word 'again'. Shoar Gaidin
  8. Shoar paused on Annais' questions as he worked on her back. "Hmmmm... The Void and the Spring are essentially concentration techniques, yes. But there's more to them then that. It doesn't just allow you to concentrate on the task at hand, it totally removes any form of emotional interference from what we do. Completely emotionless, able to look at things from a purely objective viewpoint. This allows us to see what normally can't be seen, to be able to make split-second decisions which might otherwise result in injury or death. " He gently worked a knot out of her back as he spoke. "The Spring combines all emotions into one pure emotional flow, no single emotion is identifiable. You then tap into the flow which energises your mind and body, whereas the Flame and the Void eats away everything until only nothingness, singularity remains. Similar yet different." "I could teah it to you, yes. As I understand it embracing Saidar isn't that much different from the Spring. A similar way of doing things, at least. I cannot guarantee if said training will interfere with using the Spring, however. The benefits to yourself would, of course, be as I mentioned above. Able to look at things purely objectively and not let emotion get in the way of tough decisions." He smiled and finished as Annais nearly melted into the water. He turned at her instruction and slowly sank lower and lower as the smaller woman expertly worked at the knots in his own back. He sighed audibly as Annais worked on his back and his arms began to tingle as the relaxedness spread throughout his body. "You have a good set of hands on you." he murmured. She finished with a smile and he shook himself, arching his back in a mammoth stretch. "That was fantastic. Where did you learn that?" He smiled, not feeling this good in a long time. He allowed himself to sink backwards, letting the water well up around him as he settled himself down, half closing his eyes. "I know where we'll be going after here, by the way." he said, a faint smile on his face. Shoar Gaidin
  9. Shoar sighed and shook his head. "As stubborn as ever... Rightly so, though, I can't fault her for this." he thought as she completely ignored his presence. He slipped the medicine he had taken out back into his pouch, knowing that Mia, at least, had seen him take it out. She knew what he kept in that pouch and it would have been useless if expected. He remained in the Spring, his anxiety pushing it to new heights of power. He KNEW he had done wrong and he knew he should say something, but at the same time he didn't know what or how. Affairs of the heart were not something he was used to, his prior relationship only ending because of the death of his partner... He was brought back to reality by Mia storming off. She appeared relaxed and calm but Shoar still recognised the anger that had been her hallmark, but it wasn't as much as he expected. "That's not a good thing, woolhead." He started at Annais' words, watching her carefully. Then he shrugged, letting the Spring go and allowing his anxiety and sadness to come to the fore. "What happened? I fell in love with a Mentee of mine, head over heels. It was the first time I had felt complete since Ryell. Then... I abandoned her. I left, departed for my own selfish crusade in search of Nimue or any sign of her after I had my Bond severed. I was a selfish, stupid man and still am, in many ways. I spent 13 years in the Blight trying to surive and die at the same time. No note, no word was ever sent to the Tower. Mia never knew what became of me, which is what I wanted. I wanted her to forget about me and to move on, to move past me. I was never any good to anyone, Annais." he chuckled sadly at this. "I mean, I did let three Bondholders of mine die. I wanted Mia to... Have a good life, a happy life, without me in it. I was and am pure scum, and if there was any way I could make it up or apologise, I would. But there isn't, not a single way I can think of. Nor should she accept the apology of a foolish, selfish old man too." He finished and rubbed his eyes, feeling the weight of years upon him. "Duty is heavier then a mountain, death lighter then a feather..." he muttered to himself. "I must bear my mountain for many more years to come. I would at least like to stop making the Light blasted thing heavier then it already is though!" He grimaced and turned from Annais "By your leave, Annais Sedai. Whilst I am sure the mediator inside of you can attempt to fix this rift, I'm not quite sure the Gaidin in me is ready to be forgiven yet." He adjusted his belt and began to walk off. OOC: Pathetic, ain't he? :D Shoar Gaidin
  10. OOC: Both of your ideas are fine, I'll write it slightly differently from Shoar's point of view though... He's not so old that he won't noticed someone suddenly appearing next to him or sense them falling near him, or reaching for one of his swords ;) Shoar watched as Aruturus began his climb, turning as he sensed movement near him and raised an eyebrow as Kalush dashed forward, taking Cor'Aan out of it's sheath, she danced back and began performing forms with both swords. He watched her with an expert eye, nodding. "She's had training elsewhere... Sloppy on some forms but enough skill that it puts her higher then most new starters." He glanced up as leaves began descending, watching the flash that was Arturus as he leapt to a neighbouring tree. Shoar put on a faint look of surprise as Arturus leapt from branch to branch to the ground and appeared next to Shoar, peering up with him. Shoar turned in surprise, nodding his head. "Well done." He took his dagger back and sheathed it. Turning, he walked up to Kalush and stopped her forms mid stance by grabbing her hands gently. He took his blades back and sheathed them both, eyeing the two students. "Very well. Kalush, that back on your back. Put this on." Shoar held up another pack he had brought with him for his own training. It was as heavy as the one currently on her back. "Begin laps around the Yard. I want 20 done before next bell. Go." The look on her face made him grin and he turned back to Arturus. "As for you... Here." He handed Arturus his blades again. "One or both, your choice. Follow me." Shoar lead Arturus down to the river and began picking up handfuls of rocks. He could still see Kalush from where he was, nodding in approval as she began running. "I will be throwing rocks at you. For each one that strikes you, you will be running one lap. If 10 strike you, one of Kalush' packs becomes yours. 20, 2. Any more then 30 and we're going to be here for a long time." He smiled and pitched the first rock immediately, striking the young man on the shoulder. "One lap. Unsheathe, I will not wait for you." The second rock sailed on it's way. Shoar Gaidin
  11. Shoar roared with laughter at the thought of Daemon making the first moved. He smiled at his old friend as their laughter died down. "Arie and him were always made for each other." His face took on a more serious tone "Aye, I have noticed that... Such is the way of things. Life and experience moves on, changes, evolves... We may not particularly like it though." He winked and smiled. He was genuinely surprised to hear Reikan's name "Reikan? Light, he was old when I was a Trainee! That man will never die, I swear!" He listened to Daemon's offer and he nodded. "You know Daemon? I think I might just take you up on that offer. It would be good to see Arie again... And Twins! Well, someone's been busy." He grinned impishly, Daemon giving a grin back. "Well, before we attract too much attention by two old crusty Bleakness Gaidin laughing and smiling and causing the Yellow's to descend on us to find out why we're happy, I suggest we retire to your Inn. I was about to break for lunch and I have gold to spend!" He got to his feet as the other man did the same. "Lead the way! We can talk more as we walk." Shoar Gaidin
  12. OOC: NOES! Shoar turned from his training as Annais approached him and he smiled broadly. He had heard she had been away and had only recently returned to the Tower. He laughed and said "Well, I don't reall have a large range of outfits, but I think I can find something that will suffice... You're welcome to superise my bathing but I have taken to wearing pants while I do it!" he grinned impishly. Her next words took him off guard. "Mia... I haven't yet run into her since I returned. I wasn't aware she was still here until recently..." His eyes widened and a distinct look of discomfort descended on his face as Annais pointed out Mia had just exited the Barracks "Ooohhhh boy... THIS is going to be unpleasent." Shoar's mind cast back to that fateful night, 13 years hence... FLASH Shoar rushed around his room, gathering his belongings. The gaping hole in his soul still fresh despite the Bond having broken 2 weeks prior. The distorted signet ring, warped by the Amyrlin Seat, sat deep in his pocket. Tears were still streaming down his face as he stuffed his packs full of belongings, a hastily scrawled note on the nearly-empty desk. To everyone, he was abandoning his post. The truth would be kept hidden from everyone, a punishment for doing his job? He barked a harsh laugh as he looked around the room, nodding. He had one more person to visit. He strode through the halls of the Barracks, silence on the building in the dead of night. He stormed his way silently down to a certain room and opened the door. Quickly and quietly, without making a sound he strode in, putting his hand over Mia's mouth he picked her up as she woke up, wide eyes staring up at him. Carrying her out, he exited the Barracks and let her down. "What are you doing?" she demanded angrily, eyes flashing up at him. "Shutup and listen. I... need to leave, Mia. I need to find out what happened to Nimue." The tears were still streaming down his face as she looked up at him, colour draining from her face. "Wh... What? Why?" she asked, confusion and fear spreading on her face. Shoar shook his head and said "I need to go, to find out what happened to her. She isn't where the Tower claimed she was. I need to find out what happened to her. I NEED to." Mia's face went through a number of emotions; fear, sorrow and finally, anger. "So that's it then? You're going to abandon me? Without a word? Without TAKING ME?" she poked a finger into his chest, glaring up at hime. He responded "I am sorry, I must go alone. I... likely won't return either. Understand I need to do this... This is the third one I have lost... I need to find out. I just... I need to." He raised a hand to halt her next angry retort, tears now beginning to well up in her eyes. "Just... no. Don't make this harder then it already is." He turned and adjusted the packs on his shoulders while she stared at him, weeping with her mouth open. "I can't tell her about the exile... I can't." He turned back to her. "I am sorry, Mia... I love you, but I am a Warder before all other things. One day I hope you understand... Goodbye." He turned and ran towards the stables as her sobs broke free. His own heart broke even more, but he had to... He had to go. BLINK. He blinked his eyes and eased the pouch on his belt open, slipping his hand in and taking something out of it as Mia approached, not even paying any attention to Shoar. "Not the most elegant way of handling things... I am going to be in trouble here." He kept his face blank as she arrived, unsure of how to act. Shoar In REAL big trouble
  13. "i AM embracing it though." Shoar grinned. "The Spring works the same but opposite to the Void. All of the emotional energy inside is pooled into one source of emotional power. Individual emotions are pooled and absorbed so that the mind remains clear and able to tap on that power state. Hence why I haven't turned into the cold heartless Gaidin of legend. Spring-based Gaidin are better able to appear 'human' but they have the same level of concentration." Shoar stretched and sighed as he felt all of his muscles loosen in the soothing waters. "So technically I am feeling the embrassment that is my hallmark." He grinned. "As for growing up in Shienar, I've never been able to explain it myself. Growing up in Shienar was fine, I had the same sensibilities as everyone else... It was once I came to Tar Valon... I firmly believe it is all Ryell's fault." he laughed and submerged once more. "She reminds me of Ryell... Just minus the violence." he chuckled and rose once more. He watched as Annais went and picked a selection of soaps. A faint smile developed on his face and then suddenly an internal voice shouted "Ohhhhh no, NOT this again! You stop that right now!" He frowned slightly and cut the voice off. He bowed his head and said "Of course I can!" He submerged the soap under the water, lathering it and began washing Annais back. "Hmmmm... Few knots in here too..." He began kneading Annais' back, massaging out the knots in her back with an expert hand. Shoar Gaidin
  14. It was nearly midnight as Shoar ascended the stairs to his room, stifling a yawn. ”Heh… Been a while since Roshgar and I could swap old stories…” he though to himself with a smile. The innkeeper had been Shoar’s faithful companion for many, many years now, going back to when Shoar had been Bonded to Ryell. He entered his room, putting his swords away and removing his clothes. He sighed gratefully as he sank back into bed, his eyes closing as soon as his head hit the soft pillow. Within second…ds he wa…s asl…ee…p… The Mists Descend… Shoar’s eyes snapped open, brought to conciousness by an urgent pang from the Bond. Ryell was calling for him. Leaping out of his bed he hurriedly gathered his swords and burst from his room, not noticing he hadn’t a shirt on. He sprinted down the corridor, unsheathing Cor’Aan he burst through her door. He was brought up short by Ryell sitting down with another Aes Sedai they had come to Shienar with. “So you see, he really is well trained. I only needed to give a slight sense of urgency and he comes running.” Shoar growled and said “I am not your dog to be called and summoned wh…en yo…u so wi…s…h…” The Mists Ascend… Shoar frowned in his sleep, tossing and turning, his arm occasionally swiping the air as he rolled over. He eventually set…tl…ed do..w…n… ”Again.” The Voice Intoned. “Remember.” Shoar woke up, yawning as the first rays of dawn entered the window. He rubbed his eyes and sat upright, beginning to stretch as he awoke from blissful slumber. He grimaced as pain from the Bond came flooding in and attempted to ward it off. ”Eugh… Ryell drank with Reile again… Honestly… For Aes Sedai they have some bad habits.” He got up unsteadily, tottering as he walked as the after-affects of Ryell’s drinking binge disoriented him. He managed to get dressed and attached his swords. Taking a deep breath, he exited the room, touching the bond affectionately. ”She might do a whole mess of things to me but I st…ill lo…ve h…e…r…” ”Not enough.” The Voice Intoned. “Soon.” Shoar grimaced and thrashed in his sleep, shaking his head violently he whispered under his breath “No no no no no no no no no” His foot kicked over the table next to his bed with a loud crash as he thrashed about. Arching his back, he fell back, a peaceful look of sleep descen...di…ng o…n hi…m… ”NOW!” The voice of Sparhawk roared “REMEMBER, SHOAR! REMEMBER YOUR FAILURE!” Thunder crashed, lightning forked and the Mist covered all…” Shoar started, eyes blinking open as he started awake from his sleep. He stretched his arms as he yawned, blinking up at the sun. ”Must have drifted off… Strange dream…” He stood up, moving away from the tree he had fallen asleep under and reattached Cor’Aan and Mi’Cue to his belt. He wandered through the garden, into the great Keep he was staying in. Inside his mind the ever-present Bond with Ryell hovered. She was anxious over something. He frowned and paused a second, working out her position. ”Hmmmm… She’s in Lanfir’s quarters.” He touched the bond gently, letting her know he was there and the anxiousness lessened. He smiled, walking up to the top of the Battlements where Sparhawk was leaning on the wall, looking out towards the Great Blight. Sparhawk nodded at Shoar and said “It’s been a few days. Do we know when we’ll be moving?” Shoar shook his head, leaning his back on the wall too. “No, I haven’t heard anything. I think we’ll be sent out to scout the approaching army though.” As the two most experienced Gaidin there, they would have the bulk of the dangerous missions. “They’re not too far off from the last reports we saw. A week at the most. Sparhawk sighed and pushed off the wall “Such is life… How has Ryell been?” Shoar frowned and said “Nervous, anxious. I think the confrontation with her father took a harsher toll then she cares to admit.” Sparhawk nodded “Reile has been sharing her apprehension. Something big is happening.” Shoar nodded, blinking as a white mist seemed to pass over his vision. He rubbed his eyes and blinked again. It was gone. He shrugged and continued his chat with Sparhawk. Mists Rise… ”You will stay the course of this dream, Shoar.” The voice of Sparhawk resounded, dripping with disdain. “Remember what steps you took to forge your future. This is who you are.” Shoar, still fast asleep, opened his mouth in a silent scream, trapped in the dream… the nightmare. OOC: Check my post on the Warders Yards/White Tower for more info :D Shoar Gaidin Bonded to Ryell Jagad Sword Commander
  15. Hey, they told me I'd never track you down... :D I'm nothing if not commited!
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