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Busting up the Joint (Attn: Sahra) (Open)


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Shoar leaned back in his chair, stretching his arms as he took in the smell of the food in front of him. He had spent a hard day training and was looking forward to his dinner. He nodded at Arani, the serving wench who smiled at him and went up to the bar. The hulking barkeep, Roshgar, drew a full tankard of ale and Arani brought it to Shoar. He smiled and flipped her a coin, taking a deep swig and began eating.


The Gaidin's Way had never been a well known or frequented tavern. It had mostly only been visited by Gaidin and their like, Tower Guards tended to visit the more open bars. It was recieving even less business now as the title of Gaidin seemed to be becoming less popular around the Yard. "Times do change..." Shoar thought to himself, eating some more of his dinner. "Gaidin used to be a Revered title, something to aspire too... Ahh well."


While Shoar was eating, some more people began coming in. Roshgar had stopped being so picky about those he let in recently and he tended to get some less then reputable patrons. These were of that ilk. Shoar watched as more and more came in, finishing off his meal and ordering another tankard of Ale.


As he was beginning his second, the door swung open again and a troupe of younglings came waltzing in. Shoar eyed them carefully. They had the beginnings of the walk of a warrior but were still a bit unsteady. He recognised one or two of the faces from the yards and nodded. "Not surprising they picked here... It is an unknown bar." Shoar leaned back with his tankard and watched the room. His twin swords lay on the chair next to him, always close at hand.


OOC: OK, Sahra and any other Trainee who wants to get in trouble, here's your chance. *g*


Shoar Gaidin

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Trainee free days were almost always similar, only the company Sahra spent it in varied. Since they had a curfew to catch, the drinking was started early. And since Sahra did not drink more than few pints, she usually ended up being the wingwoman and looking after her friends. Even though she was able to stave off the worst trouble, she could sometimes get them into the sauce herself too. She was Sana's mentee and Aran's grandmentee after all and no one could ever accuse her of not being able to have fun when sober. She didn't need the booze to loosen her inibitions to prank and do other stunts.


If she had had a choice, she would have prefered to four people to be present but she wasn't going to let the lack of her usual companions to leave her a wall flower. Free days spent with Aran and Sana were always the best since you never knew what to expect unless it was her turn to choose what they did. She was able to stave off any awkwardness with them during the family dinners. Neither had been exactly pleased with her affair with Fior but it was more embarrassing with Aran with the way he had caught them. She had apologized but... no, she wouldn't think on it tonight.


Aran would have had an opinion about this place and he had mentioned the place a few times in passing when they had went through the long list of inns and taverns in the city. He had an opinion about Warders in general and since this place was frequented mainly by them even if it wasn't that common knowledge... Sahra wouldn't have chosen this place herself either as she thought that it was always a bad idea to drink in places where there were Tower Guards and Warders. Of course if they were drinking, they were usually pretty relaxed about it but they were still the teachers. She had noted especially an older man with twin swords about, Shoar she recalled his name to be. He had been back in the Yards only for about a month and seemingly he had been a notable person in the past like the Commander Ryota was now. Her mates would better watch themselves now as she doubted that he would let rowdy behaviour to fly.


But she was fussing too much and having too little fun. To cheer herself and her mates up, she declared that she offered the next round and sauntered to the counter. With the size of the barkeep it was no wonder that they didn't have a separate enforcer, that and all the Warders around. She didn't like the look of the ruffians leaning on the counter and her opinion was not heightened from the way they all patted the bottom of the passing bar maid. Sahra had been working as a one and this kind of customers were the most annoying. She gave the girl a symphatetic nod and roll of eyes and the girl smiled back.


As she had her hands full with the tray, the closest man had the audacity to pawn her behind. She eyed him with contempt and held the tray with one hand and flipped her dirk off its sheath on her sleeve and back. It gave that lad a pause at least but his friends made jokes about how she had just proved she had the right kind of skills. Dolts. They had gotten the first warning. Her face melted on a smile at the eager greeting she got when she put down the booze. It would be a good night.


Sahra Covenry

Not on her usual light mood

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--Hey all, Hope you don't mind me joining in.


The Gaidin's Way that is what he was looking for. Xilanin held the note in his hand. He was to find the warder and deliver this to him. his Mentor Cairma had asked him to deliver this note and then return directly.


He had only been in the yards for a week and his muscles were a bunch of sore knots throughout his body. Walking like this helped but he felt exhausted from his workout early (very early) that morning. Xilanin thought that Cairma had taken pity on him and let him do this small task to relax a bit before his next bit of training after the noon bell.


Although, he was not sure he should be out of the yard to begin with, but what could he do. After asking for the warder in the yards, where he was supposed to be, Xil found that he was actually at the Gaidin’s Way. He had given his trainees a free day and took one himself, it seemed.


It did not matter to Xil, though. Besides the fact that he got a little time off, He wanted to see and talk to as many warders as possible. One of them was his father…and he wanted to see if this was the one. So, he left the yards and went out in search of the Gaidin’s Way.


He walked down the street and finally saw the sign hanging. He thought it would be a bit more grand than it was. As it was the sign hung a bit worn on it’s hinges. As he walked to the door, he hesitated. He had never really gone to town very often when he was back home, and he had surely never gone into the taverns. The closest he had been was a half pint he had snuck at a friends wedding last year. But he had to get the letter to the Warder.


He took a breath and opened the door to the large room filled with tables and booths to hold the custom that came through. He walked tentatively through the room until he saw the barmaid walking his way.


“Um…excuse me. Do you know a large warder named, um, Dilan Frein.” The lady Smiled and pointed him towards a table in the back where he found an extremely large and muscled man drinking a mug of ale.


“uh, Sir, um Master Frein.” The man nodded, Xilanin felt foolish…he had no idea how to address the man and he felt like a child. Abruptly he held out the letter. “Cairma asked me to deliver this to you.”


The man took the envelope and then back at Xilanin. “Is there anything else? If not, you’d best be about your business…I am sure your mentor will be waiting.”


Under those eyes Xil turned and left the man, making a straight line for the door. On his way out he saw the Trainee Sahra…the nice girl who helped him on his first day in the yard. She was in the middle of getting something from the keep, so Xil sat at a table and waited for her to finish. Then, maybe he would go talk to her…She started to head over to some friends and Xil wasn’t sure he would be welcome. He just sat there for a bit watching the room…watching Sahra.



Fumbling Trainee

Trying to find his footing :P


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Clinging her pint happily against Alwyn's, Sahra drank deeply. She was no absolutist, she just liked to keep her drinking on check. She licked the froth off her upper lip and gave a silent prayer of thanks that she was not a man and did not have mustache, it would have been awfully inconvenient when drinking beer and besides, she was quite pretty just as she was. Listening to the banter at the table she laughed at the remarks but her eyes wandered slightly, taking in the surroundings and the other customers. Someone had come in while she had been at the counter and she realised that she knew the lad. Their gazes locked and she gave him a friendly smile. He broke off the eye contact appearing cutely shy just like on his first day at the Yards. It seemed like Xilainin hadn't gotten to know anyone yet.


"Hey guys, mind if I bring in someone new?", she asked and got a chorus of acquiescences. The more the merrier indeed and she chuckled at the comment that only if they were good looking and free. In her opinion Xil filled the first criteria and likely the latter one too being alone here.


She stood and sauntered to his table. "Hey Xilainin. How have you adjusted into the life in the Yards? Cairma is your mentor, right?" She shifted a bit uneasily as Cairma and her had a history through her former trainee and Sahra's former roomie and love interest. "Would you like to join me and my friends in a table there?" She pointed at the direction and got back some half-drunken grins and waves. "They can be pretty silly and funny even and I promise that they don't bite."


Sahra Covenry

Always happy to catch a fellow Trainee

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Sahra looked over at him and he gave a weak smile. She got up from her table and walked towards him.


"Hey Xilainin. How have you adjusted into the life in the Yards? Cairma is your mentor, right?" She said.


"Yeah, She is...She is, uh, really good. I don't think there is a part of my body that doesn't hurt." Sahra gave a quick laugh and looked back at her table.


"Would you like to join me and my friends in a table there?" She pointed at the direction and the group there gave some half-drunken grins and waves. "They can be pretty silly and funny even and I promise that they don't bite."


"Sure." Xil said. He walked over with her, completely forgetting that he was supposed to go find Cairma for training that afternoon. The only thing he was thinking at that moment was that this was really the first time anyone had really talked to him. Well, someone who wasn't giving him orders. He and his Mother had never really had many friends because it was such a long way to travel to go into town...or even to the nearest family. Other than a couple times a year, he was on his own for company.


He gave his name and said hello to the group. Then he sat down and found a pint of ale in his hands given to him by the man next to him who did have a silly grin on his face.


"Thanks." Xil said and took a sip for something to do. He turned to Sahra again to find her smiling at him. He could feel his face heating up. "How long have you been training?" He asked, but his words were drowned out by a group of men at the bar who had started arguing amonst themselve, though very loudly.


He turned to look at them, wishing they would stop so he could talk to Sahra. He took another long drink from his cup.


-Wasn't sure where or when you all wanted to start this brawl...I am going to take the part of the clueless new trainee...possibly soon to be beaten or drunk...or both- :P


Xil Corender

New Trainee


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Shoar watched the youngling walk in, looking around uncertainly. He spoke to Arani and walked to a man of comparable size to Shoar, but much younger, wearing the Fancloak and with a heron mark at his waist. "uh, Sir, um Master Frein.” the boy stammered, clearly uncomfortable about his task. He blurted out “Cairma asked me to deliver this to you.”


Shoar sighed and put his tankard down, staring moodily at it. "Even the title of Gaidin is not used anymore... Light I stayed away too long. Too much has been forgotten." he thought to himself. Still, the boy had seemed very nervous, perhaps he simply did not know the correct honorific.


He signalled for another tankard of ale, Arani delivering it with a smile and a grin as Shoar flipped another coin at her. Being the daughter of Roshgar she had grown up with Shoar hanging around until he disappeared when she was 12.


He chuckled and took another deep drink of the ale, his attention drawn to a loud argument beginning in the group at the bar. Raising an eye to Roshgar, Shoar's free hand began moving to the gloves attached to his belt. The barkeep shook his head very slightly and Shoar halted, nodding back and continued drinking, watching the events carefully. He kept an especially close eye on the younglings, their group happily drinking and laughing amongst themselves.


The hairs on the back of Shoar's neck stood up. Something was about to happen. He put the tankard down decisively and reached for his gloves, putting them on and drawing them tight. Roshgar rolled his eyes and Shoar grinned back. He picked up his tankard and continued his drink, lounging back.


Shoar Gaidin

Somebody gonna get a hurt real bad

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Everyone was laughing and the drinks kept coming. Xil did not know where they came from, but they sure tasted good.


After a while his head became extremely hazy and all he could hear was the raucous laughter from the group of men at the bar giving the barmaid and her help a hard time. Sahra kept muttering about the men and Xil, taken from a sudden urge to temper these men, got up and walked over to them. He heard mutterings (or yelling…he couldn’t tell anymore) from behind him. Urged on he walked up to the first man.


“You have opened your wool-headed mouths quite enough! Leave these maids be and leave this place!” He was sure that is what came out of his mouth…that is, at least what he had meant to say, but the men seemed not to understand.


As one barmaid walked by to take a platter to another table, one of the men leered at her with a grimy grin on his face. Xilanin had had enough. He threw an ill placed punch at the man and hit him on the jaw. The man did not fall like Xil thought he would, he just turned and lifted Xil of the ground.


“Lad…I am please to give ye yer first lesson of Bar etiquette.” With that xil caught the man’s fist on the side of his cheek and flew through the air, landing not two feet from their table, but Sahra and the others were already rushing towards the men at the bar. Rubbing his cheek, Xil stood on unsteady legs and ran back into the fray.


OOC: Not sure what you all had in mind for this thread…but as we ar supposed to bust up the place…I though I might get us started. Hope you don’t mind! If you do, let me know and I will change this.



Young Drunk Trainee


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