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Hornsounder: August 2007 Edition


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Welcome to this month's edition of the Hornsounder!


Dear Hornsounder Reader,


It seems I only blinked and summer came and went and suddenly the rush of students flooding in for the new academic year is pounding on my door, colleagues and friends are muttering their vacation was way too short and some people are spotted planning their Christmas feast already!


August was one of those months that had people going off doing whatever they do off the computer knowing they better take whatever advantage they could from these last few moments of peace and quiet before the Rush.


But never fear, for the Hornsounder is right back here where it belongs! You'd never think things were as silent as they were, looking at this month's Newspaper, as it seems the Dragonmount Family has been up and about, hopping around and plotting and scheming and getting into all kinds of mischief and interesting activities.


So put your feet up, forget about the million things that must be done yesterday for a moment, get yourself a nice cup o' your favorite liquid and put on a soothing tune. It's relaxing, laughing and chuckling time!


Enjoy your Hornsounder,




Band Awards

(by Sir DJ)


There are many honors to be achieved in the Band of the Red Hand. Some may be for completing tasks on time as a Raw Recruit, or helping your regiment out and obtaining a Regimental Award, or there might even be some special ones handed out by our Senior Staff. Normally these special awards that are handed out by Senior Staff are for those Banders that go above and beyond the normal call of duty.


One such medal that a Bander can earn is the Manetheran Medal.


This medal is awarded to a Band member that has made outstanding contributions to the Band as a whole. Normally this medal is given to people that spend a lot of their time trying to better the Band. This month the Band saw another member earn this prestigious award. The bander that won this award was the resident pirate Knight, Sir Manny!!! Sir Manny spend numerous hours to create a new award for the Band and over 40 different award pins for the band members to display in their siggies.


Congrats Sir Manny on being awarded this celebrated award!! It was well deserved and the Band would like to thank you for all the hard work that you have put into the band.




There is a brand new medal to speak of, The Marshall-General’s Cross of Distinction.




This is the new highest medal that can be awarded in the Band. To receive this medal is such a great honor and it takes a good amount of your time and effort. This month the Band saw the very first Cross of Distinction award given out.


The Bander that won this award was the EiC of the Hornsounder, Blademaster Mystica!!! Mystica took over the Hornsounder early in the year and has worked really hard to turn it into a wonderful newspaper that serves all of DM. She has assembled a wonderful team and she works hard to make sure that every month there is a Hornsounder that everyone can be proud of! She spends countless hours every month editing, writing, getting people to participate and organizing the Hornsounder for the month.


Congrats on receiving this most prestigious award Myst!! You truly do deserve this award for all the hard work that you do for the band!! The Band would like to extend their thanks for everything you have done with The Hornsounder and in your goal to make it serve so many wonderful purposes!!


The awards given by Senior Staff aren’t given out very often and when they are, the people who receive them surely deserve them. And it goes to show you that hard work is noticed and you too can make a difference if you try.




Congrats again to Sir Manny and Blademaster Mystica!!


JoTS Winner of the Month


This month's topic was: The Org Game.


And the winner: StefaniaSedai of the Cavalry!


Congratulations, Stefania!! :)


The winning JoTS:


Time to roll the dice



Sweat rolled down her tired face

She knew she could not keep this pace

Her strength was low but pulse did race

In this game with Jak O'the Shadows


The blood within her veins was ice

She hoped her accuracy would suffice

For now 'twas time to roll the dice

And dance with Jak O'the Shadows 



August's Headlines!


As our regular readers have come to know, the Hornsounder is divided into Sections, each handling a part of the newspaper and housing specific topis. I give you now a summary of what you can find in each Section.

You may find your interested parts quickly by scrolling to the Sections, which are clearly marked by their own Header as the one you see here on top. Subsections within can be recognised by their Blue color and therefore equally easy to recognise. To help you find your field of interest even faster, in the Headlines below you find the page on which each Section is located.


In the Editorial Section (way at the end of the Hornsounder) you can find out everything about the Hornsounder itself. What it is, how it works, who the slaving mad people are that make sure you get your newspaper full of interesting stuff each month and how YOU can be a part of it all too.


The Band of the Red Hand Section brings you the Word from our Marshall-General, introduces the Band's current Active Members, provides the results of the Band's Lottery . Steely's Music Wisdom guides you through the Real Life News from our Banders and their birthdays . The Org Game is back, ladies and gentlemen!! Our very own Senior Editor, Sir Dj, reports on the battles of the Banders as they go head-to-head at each other in true Band Style.


The Regimental Section will effectively still your hunger for knowing what's been up with the Archers, Cavalry and Infantry this month. Check up on the antics of the Recruits while they visited every Regiment, whether a new Knight or Lady has been raised, if the Infantry gained a new Morat or maybe a new Blademaster even. Who might become the Archers' first Assassin??


In the Raw Recruits Section, our Executive Officer, La Brain Rummager Extraordinair herself, Blademaster Taymist will fill you in on the latest updates on our Recruits and present you with the Recruit of the Month.


In the Redarms Section our Redarm Leader fills you in on all the law breaking and spotfining activities that were found in the Band this month.


The Specials Sections bring you a nice little collection of Columns and stories that will make you sit up and scream for more. The Columns Section this month has been left abandoned, as Real Life put it's claw into our story writers and snatched them away from their writing desks. But never fear, they will be back with a vengeance in next edition!  A collection of Raw Recruit Articles will have you nailed to your seat from start to finish and the Freelance articles are both hilarious and informative.


Entertainment is the spice of Life! Or was it variety? Who cares... Get those braincells to working and claim those prizes! Join in on the Competitions and see if you too can claim winner status in the Scavenger Hunt, Word Scramble or are a wizard at Sudoku! This month's Caption Contest is presented by Anigrel for those extra creative minds that feel up to the challenge of putting thought and words to a picture! A spanking brand new Competition is brought to us by none other than our Marshall-General himself! The Great Hunt will send you on a quest that will rock your world.


The free standing Games on the other hand, offer a nice warm up for those that need it or a fun way of passing the time in those dead hours between earning points for your promotions.

If you played the ones from last month and want to find out how well (or bad) you did, you'll find the correct answers here too.

Check out the Jokes or if you're really brave, have a looksy at this month's Horoscopes presented by our lovely Archer, Amavia!


Dragonmount, our home. Find out the latest news that was reported to Hornsounder about your ORG and those ORGs you don't know yet. We have news from almost every ORG.


Don't know the difference quite yet between the two sides? well, our lovely Nyneave explains it in ways everyone can understand!


Last but most definately not least: Wheel of Time Section! Find out the latest news on our beloved author, Robert Jordan. Get up to date on the status of his health as well as on the books. Read all about thé topic of conversation, turmoil, uproar from DM this month!


So there you have it folks. I hope you will enjoy this month's Edition of your Hornsounder thoroughly and if you have any ideas or suggestions that might make your Hornsounder Experience even more fun, don't hesitate to let us know.


Or maybe you too want to try your hand at being a reporter?

There's room in the Hornsounder for everyone, so don't let those doubting demons get the best of you. Jump right in and contact me through pm with any ideas for articles and/or projects you may have!


Untill next month,



Editor in Chief

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Word from the M-G


Again, another warm welcome to everyone reading the latest edition of the Band's newspaper, The Hornsounder. As always, a lot of time and dedication has been put into The Hornsounder by members of the Band and the other ORGs of DM to write the articles, and also by Mystica, the Editor-in-Chief, to put it all together and make sure The Hornsounder team functions properly every month. So all you readers have to do is sit back and enjoy the work and effort of The Hornsounder team.


Now, here is some news in brief about what has happened in the Band during the month of August:


- Even though August has been a quiet month, the Band has still had 10 Raw Recruits join the ORG, which is a healthy number, and I wish them every success while they enjoy their time going through the Raw Recruit Scheme.

- During the months of July and August, Horn and Tay ran a 20 Question Quiz as part of the Bi-Monthly Regimental Competition. After a serious workout for each Regiment, the Cavalry ended up being the winners and collected 4 points towards The Matrim for Best Regiment, with the Archers in second and collected 2 points, and the Infantry in third, collecting 1 point. September's Competition is already being prepared, and the Regiments had better get their thinking caps ready!

- In order to help with space on siggies, Auld Manriva was commissioned to create a series of ribbons for racks for all the Band's awards. Some fantastic artwork was done yet again by the Ol' Pirate, and he thoroughly deserved his Manetheren Medal for it!

- On the music discussion side of things, August has been a quiet month, but that is expected as it is the summer holidays for most Banders. Hopefully, September will see more action.

- September 1st will see the first ever Mega Lottery Draw, which is being used as August's Roll Call. So far, 30 Banders have signed up, and many more shall do so in the coming days!

- September 1st also sees the Changing of the Guard, with the new Regimental Leaders announced.


Those have been the highlights for the Band this month. It's been a fairly quiet month in general, but that was to be expected. September is nearly here, and that will hopefully see an increase in activity across the Band.



Marshall-General BoTRH


Why Join the BotRH?


So, having read some of the activities the Band gets up to, you want to know more about the ORG? As already mentioned, one of the ORG's focus is music, and the Band's other focus is travel. Banders are regularly writing reviews about any music album they own, whether it be old or new, as well as any gigs and concerts they have been to and various locations around the world they've visited. Responses to these reviews are encouraged, which gives Banders points, and these points allow for promotion through the many ranks in the Band. This is the basis of the ORG.


When you first join up with the Band of the Red Hand, you become a Raw Recruit. During this time, you experience life with each of the three Regiment (Archers, Cavalry, Infantry) and the Band itself as well so you get to know how the ORG works, and you don't get lost in your early days in the Band. After your three weeks of completing various tasks as a Recruit, you then pick the Regiment you wish to join and thus become a fully fledged member of the Band of the Red Hand. Also, once you picked your Regiment, you will be guided to become an Infantry Blademaster or a Knight of the Cavalry or an Assassin within the Archers.


However, the Band is not all about work. We have many fun activities going on within the ORG, ranging from simple word games to our ORG Game, created by Canis Rufus with the help of Mallett. Everything is based on the luck of rolling dice, so build up your stats to give yourself the chance of getting better rolls! Once you've taken the seven easy lessons, you can then challenge any Bander to a duel in the Arena and bring great glories to your name! Look out for Festivals of Games as another way to bring glory to your name! We are the only ORG to gamble as well, so create a Bank Account and join in the Lottery to earn some big winnings just like Mat!


As you can see, the Band is a place with a variety of activities, hopefully catering for everyone's needs. There are various activities for those who want points to go up the ranks, or fun and games for those who want to socialise. The Band is open to everyone, so come and join the fun at the best ORG at DM!



Marshall-General BoTRH



The Band's Lotto Winners - July

(By Bridmorgan)


Our poor RAL, no matter how hard he tries, he can never get that top spot of overall winner. I guess his corruption can only get him so far. His greatest competition, his Pinkness, was out of the runnings last month, but his spot was quickly taken by Kara. Can the ole pirate get that top spot this month? Knowing my wiley brother, he will do whatever he can to win. But you can have the chance to be at the top! Our illustrious MG got himself a brilliant idea. The roll call for August requires band members to play the lottery to get their 2 Org points for the month. Brilliant and devious my dear leader!! Who knows, once you play you may not want to stop! So...on with the show! Your July Lottery Winners!


Kara - 28

Manny - 24

Tay - 10

Talya - 6

Arra - 4

DJ - 4

Footy - 4

Froix - 4

Corki - 2


Let's keep up this great turnout! It's a lot more fun to tally up the winnings if there is more of them!   ;)



Musical Interlude

(by Steel Axe)


Sing, sing a song

Sing out loud

Sing out strong

Sing of good things, not bad

Sing of happy, not sad.


Sing, sing a song

Make it simple

To last your whole life long

Don't worry that it's not good enough

for anyone else to hear

Just sing, sing a song.


Ok got that out of my system for the time being. So looks like I'm writing an article about music. Get the least musically gifted bander to wrtie the music article... makes sense to me. So looking through the boards. No current active music reviews in the band... way to go you slackers, and now looking at the dm boards seems you are slacking there too. A kind of older discussion, worst lyrics ever, although how you can have that thread without listing My Humps by Black Eyed Peas, it just doesnt seem right.


Now on a more general music note, I have one (well really four) cd's to look forward to. A new set of albums by Thrice called The Alchemy Index.The Alchemy Index will feature 4 cds, each cd themed to one of the four major elements: earth, fire, water, and air. The first two Fire and Water will be released October 16th with Earth and Air being released sometime next spring. As Thrice is possibly the greatest band ever, these albums are sure to be awesome. To keep up to date with all the latest news about The Alchemy Index be sure to check http://www.alchemyindex.com/



Banders' Real Life happenings

(coordinated by Mystica)


My boy is growing up: HELP!!

(by Stefania Sedai)


Today, my little boy is a kindergartener. Forgive me if this event has left me waxing poetic, but I can't seem to shake this feeling that I didn't sign up for this. I keep thinking how funny it is that when we as adults decide to start our families, we say "I'm going to have a baby. Let's have a baby. We're having a baby." Baby, baby, baby...No one says, "I'm going to have a child who will soon be 5 years old and independent and intelligent and who will grow to need me less and less with each passing day." We come to that realization little at a time as we watch these tiny pieces of ourselves change and develop. From the day he takes his first step, those little feet start walking away from you.


Don't get me wrong. I know that he still needs me. The training wheels are still on the bike and we've yet to master the whole shoe tying thing. But today, for the first time, I have left him in a place that is designed for the sole purpose of preparing him for the future. His future. And when he gets home this afternoon I will eagerly prowl through his bookbag for little hints as to the man that he is becoming.


North Star's steps to fantabulousness!

(by Corki)


Our Marshall-General couldn't pass up the opportunity to share with us all the fabulous news and to congratulate Northie (North Star) on achieving fantastic results in her recent A Levels. She managed to get 2 A's, and 2 B's, that allow her to study Geology at Imperial College, London. Well done!



The End of a New Beginning

(by Mystica)


yesterday (22 August) morning I had a job interview for what is called in state organisations a 'Liftime Job' and 15 mins later I was hired!!


A 'Liftime job' (dunno the official term in English, sorry) is a job from which you can not get fired (except for in extreme cases and even then you are more likely to get a demotion to some out of the way position than get fired), you get a fantastic sick leave deal (no loss of income during sick leave for up to 3 years) and a fantastic pension fund and medical insurance. You become a state employee and have to take an oath and such. This is the highest security in a job one can get in Belgium (other than becoming a nun.... *shifty eyes*)


For the last 3 years I have been under a non-stop stream of extreme stress due to a crappy relationship with one of my colleagues (only 1 in 30 but she still managed to make my life hell) and now i'll finally be rid of her. *dances*


My new job will make me the administrator of a Faculty workgroup (again dunno the English term for workgroup here) at our university where I will do the secretariat, the project administration management, website administration of both the workgroup and all the congresses and events we organise, organise those congresses, seminars and events, personell administration, etc.


My new boss seems like a good enough guy, not one of them 'professor' professors but an everyday dude like you and me and acts natural and not all down-his-nose with anyone and not just other professors.


I'm so excited!! In 1 to 2 months I can start a brand new life!!



Banders' Birthdays 6.gif

(by Mystica)


Here are our latest birthday pigeons, folks! Don't forget to tacklesmooch them right into next week when next you see them, in case you didn't already.


Congratulations and many happy returns to:

















Ranking list of the Active Banders

(by Mystica, EiC)


The ranks you see are based on the earning of ORG points and are arranged top to bottom. The top 3 positions are what we call our 'Senior Staff' and they are permanent and not linked to any points. The points based positions are divided between 'Commissioned' (= Officers) and 'Enlisted' (= Non-Officers) and can be achieved by any Bander willing to put in the necessary work.


Our newest members, the Raw Recruits, are not in this list as they get a special mention in the Raw Recruits Section further in this paper.


A special note must be made on the return of our lost sheep. Mister Woodsy or Wolly or officially known as Woolhead. And boy, did we KNOW he was back!! Don't be surprised to find his name pop up in the regimental Sections, the Redarm Section ànd the Raw Recruit Section!


Welcome home, Canucklehead!!


This ranking is based on the last promotion round: 15 August 2007


Marshal-General: Corki


Under-Commander: F Horn of Valere


Executive Officer: Taymist


Commissioned Officers


Banner-Captains: Auld Manriva, Footman, Taymist, Mystica, Twinflower


Captains: Direwolf Jon


Lieutenant-Captains: Apollo277


Senior-Lieutenants: Steel Axe, BridMorgan, North Star, Kristine


Lieutenants : Froix, Vorkia, Helike, Katiora, Danya, Chaelca, Goldeneyes05, Amavia, Woolhead


Under-Lieutenants: Jeannaisais, Dragonlover, 12th Regiment, Lanette, Karaj, Morrigan, Angyl, Kieran Warwick,

Dicetosser1, Son of Battles, Arrandion, Nighteyes




Master Sergeants: Kellan Kiri, A'iotanga, Ashandarei,

Stefania Sedai, Peck, Shadowhelm, Safia al-Maaz


Sergeants: Alishandra, Toy and Minion, Mr. Soy Boyo


Corporals: Gaul, Jackdaw, Finn, Goldeneyes101/moose,

Anigrel Tavadon, Tigara, Nynaeve, Talya, Heltor Helton


Privates First Class: Loranflame, False Dragon, Jadynalraimon, Faelene, Tiresias, Dragon_Rider, Belar, demonspawn


Privates: -


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The Org Game Update




Crash Your Way to Victory

(by Sir Jon the Direwolf)



Welcome to the new article about the Org game of the BotRH!!!  There’s been some activity running along in the Stadium.  Lets go there live to see what we got!!


It’s nice to have you here with us here today.  This month we only had to ongoing battles taking place.  The Fox knight, Sir Froix must be tired as he’s involved in two battles at once.  In one battle he’s facing off against that powerful dire wolf, Sir DJ.  In the other battle he’s facing off against the CG of the Infantry, Blademaster Kris.  Let’s start off with Sir Froix against Blademaster Kris!


This battle has been going on for a long while.  Both fighters are using a unique style, and are throwing out all the stops!  The edge in this battle has been shifting back and forth at a steady pace.  At the moment, the battle seems to be in Kris’ favor as she has a 20 HP lead over Froix.  But you can’t count the Fox out quite yet.  He’s bound to have some tricks up his sleeve or up Fluffles sleeve, if the horse is wearing sleeves that is. Both fighters have suffered some drawbacks during the fight and Kris has even hit herself in the chin by accident.  We can’t wait to see how this exciting battle will end!!!!


Our next battle pits two knights against each other.  The wolf knight, Sir DJ is battling strongly against the fox knight, Sir Froix.  DJ started off the fight with some vicious hits and he was dodging hits left and right.  But the fox knight caught him off guard more recently and has started lighting DJ up.  But DJ continued to score some hits on the fox knight and DJ is looking like he might win his first match.  He’s certainly hungry for his first win and is hoping he can get the win.  At this moment, DJ has a 126HP to a 61 HP lead over Froix.  But once again, don’t count out the fox knight as he might strike DJ down and dash DJ’s hope of winning his first match.


This month has brought about a lot of activity to the training grounds.  Starting off we have Lewstherin who has made his way though most of the training and should be ready to enter into his first fight shortly.  Talya, an infantry member, just like Lews also made her way through most of the training and should be starting her first fight shortly as well.  Anigrel Tavadon, a cav member made it through all of the training for the game and has issued his first challenge, which was accepted by the M-G himself!  Arrandion, another infantry member joined the ranks and he made it through most of his training as well.  He too should be ready for his first fight shortly.  Inkubate started his training and has a bit more to go with it.  Once he pops back in to the game threads he should be able to hustle his way through the rest of the training and be on his way to his first match. 


According to the bank accounts for the band game, we have 21 players that are currently active.  Hmmm….that seems a bit odd that we have 21 active players yet only 3 are involved in fights.  In alphabetical order here are the 21 active players on the list: Amavia, Bridmorgan, Corki, DJ, Duinn, Horn, Footy, Froix, Helike, Jadyn, JR, Johnny Solstice, KaraJ, Kellen, Kristine, Manny, Mystica, Nighteyes, Northie, Tay and Vorkia. 


Are you ready for battle?  Do you like to bash people and duel?  If you do, then check out the Org Game and maybe next month you will see your name in the Org Game article.  Well that’s all there is from the stadium this month.  Happy bashing and smashing to all and to all a good night!!!


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Archers News - Straight from the Range

(coordinated by Amavia)


This month has been a very quiet month for the Archers, we all had a lot to do. And of course enjoy the last few weeks of vacation before going back to school/work. Hopefully next month will be a bit more active! For now here is you monthly news straight from the archery range!


The returning month.

Even though the Archers had no new recruits joining them, this month two old member of the Archers arrived back at the Range!


The first one to arrive was Odette after and extended LOA due to health problems our lovely odd came back to us. And she has shown that she can still spam like no other archer can ^-^


Next was Jeannaisias she is an even older member from way back when the archers where founded by our lovely matriarch. Now she is back with us again and she’s not afraid to show it!




Promotions and Bandings

Safia was promoted from sergeant to Master sergeant!

Congratulations Safia!


Odds came back and went on an amazing banding spree banding not one but TWO men!

Congrats to Odds, Froix and Ash!!


Amavia Decided to take the risk of her life after a wrestling match and banded the Bands famous sheep,

Congrats Amavia and Woolhead!




Lewstherin was the first recruit to arrive at the Archery range this month. And he decided to show the Archers what the meaning of a true Spamming spree means! He even got himself a spamming thread. After this he was to become our slave for a day and followed our every command!


Zeth Ally created a wonderful flaming shots bar which he named The Eagles Nest with many different types of flaming shots! The Archers where all very proud of this new bar and many stopped by to check it out!


Safir amazed us all with his talent for drawing and made a lovely picture of him looking like a robin hood hero. This is how he saw himself in tights and with a bow:






The Archery and Dagger schools have been moved towards the sub board at the top of the Archery range. No worries everything is still the same though! And for those who are waiting for a pin, hold on just a little longer, they will be rewarded pretty soon!


Thank you for reading, hopefully next time there will be even more to write! See you all next month!




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From the Horse’s Mouth ~ News of the Calvary!

(By Sir Jon the Direwolf)


Greetings from the Yard!!


The Riders of the Storm have been very busy this August! There’s been a ton of posting, several Raw Recruits about, many have been involved with the monthly competition, and others have been taking part in various other things around the Band’s Camp. 


The Cav welcomed home one new member this month, Wooly!!  Wooly had been a member of the Band before and he recently rejoined.  The Cav are happy to have him as our newest member and can’t wait for the wool to fly!!  We’re looking forward to having him becoming a Knight really soon and seeing all the havoc he can cause the band!!!  Good luck to you Wooly on your page program tasks!!!  Somewhere soon this one will be a Knight in one of the three orders.  Keep an eye out for him, as you never know what to expect from him!!!



Congratulations goes out to the Cav as a team for winning the Regimental Competition this past month!! The members that participated spent a good deal of time working on figuring out the answers and getting them in as few questions as possible.  Out of the three 20 Questions puzzles, the Cav answered two correctly, both in under 14 questions.  The group fell just short of figuring out the final puzzle.  Congrats again for earning our regiment four points!!!  Well done to those that participated!!!


In other news:


The Cav’s Redarms have been pretty quiet this month.  Sir Steel has given out a few spotfines, oddly enough most of them are to other Cavvers.  In the past few months there has been a slow down in the amount of law breakings in the band.  The RAL, Sir Manny has not had many trials or challenges of spotfines this month.  This might be good for the Band but still you might want to think twice before breaking any Band laws, or at least you will want a great defense. 


The beginning of the month brought two out of the two promotions to the Cav.  Mr. Soyo Boyo was promoted from Corporal to Sergeant.  Page Heltor Helton was promoted from Private First Class to Corporal. Congrats to both of you on your promotions for the beginning of the month!! The mid-month promotion period brought about three out of the eight promotions to the Cav.  Squire Stef and Page Shadowhelm were promoted from Sergeant to Master Sergeant.  Page Wooly was promoted from Private to Lieutenant.  Congrats to the three of you on your promotions!!   


The jousting challenge of the Band is on its way to being finished.  The finals are underway and it looks like it is going to be an intense match.  Sir DJ is so happy about being able to get it finished so he can declare the first ever winner of the Jousting Competition. The Cav would like to wish both Taymist and KaraJ the best of luck and we’re all looking forward to seeing an amazing joust! 


Congratulations go out to a few recruits: Lewstherin, Zeth Alley, Demonspawn, Safir,  on receiving their Cavalry Achievement pins!


There were two birthdays celebrated in the Cav this past month.  Page Anigrel had a birthday in the first part of the month. Less than a week later, Lady Angyl celebrated her birthday.  The Cav would like to wish the two of you a happy birthday and hope that you both had an incredible day filled with lots presents and cake and brew.  We in the Cav would like to say again, Happy Birthday and many happy returns!!


The Sarms would like to congratulate Squire Stef!!! Stef just became the newest squire to the Sarmations!! Her Knight is the ever so mischievous Steel Axe!!  Stef recently came back from an LOA and her and Steel have been posting up a storm everywhere! Make sure you keep and eye on this Squire, before long she will be a knight and will be wreaking havoc on everyone with the rest of the Sarms!!! Congrats on becoming a squire Stef!!!


The Arthurians would like to welcome Anigrel to their order and are hoping him the best of luck for when he becomes a squire.  All he has left to do is finish his Squire Vigil with his Knight and he will be a squire of the Arts.  Then he will have to joust his Knight and obtained the required amount of Band points and he will be the newest Knight for the Arts!  Congrats on your choice Anigrel, the Cav can’t wait to see what all you accomplish in your time here!!!


So there you have it….from the Horse’s Mouth for August!



Jousting Arena

(by Sir DJ)


“Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the big show!! Da da da, da da da.” 

“ No no no!!!  That’s Sportscenter, try it again!!”

“Let’s get ready to Rumbleeee!!!!!”

“No no!!! That’s boxing not jousting!!  One last time!”

“Smash, crash and bash, its jousting time!!” 


This here is the first ever article about the joust that occurs so frequently in the Cav.  You’ll be told about the hard hits, the swinging lances and the falling knights and recruits.  Try to hold onto your saddle as you are introduced to, The Jousting Arena!!!!


Our first match from this past month pitted the newest Cav member against the Cav Captain General!  Wooly faced off against Lady Katiora.  Now who came out victorious in the sheep versus the cat?  Lets find out!  Lady Kat came out firing by asking a question about the Winespring Inn.  Wooly knew the answer and avoided the incoming lance!  Dang, that is one fast sheep!  Wooly retaliated by asking about Perrin’s hammer.  His lance holds true and connects with the Lady Kat.  The combatants return to their side for a new lance.  The question is asked and Lady Kat dodges past the Aginor question asked by Wooly.  She fires back with a question about other names used by Lanfear.  Again, the fast sheep is able to dodge the lance and the lady throws her lance down, thinking it unlucky.  They turn for the final tilt and the questions come flying out. Lady Kat asks about a rod sa’ angreal and Wooly dodges the new lance just as easily as the first lance.  He counters with a question about Logain and the Lady Kat is able to squeak past the lance coming at her.  In a narrow victory the sheep outdid the cat and won with a score of one hit to none.  Congrats Wooly!!


Up next we had Lewstherin against the Jousting Master, Sir DJ. This was a battle to remember.  Could the dragon defeat the dire wolf?  The joust master flies out from the start, asking where the Perfumed Quarter is.  To his dismay, the dragon turns his scales and the lance flies right past him.  The dragon counters with a question about arming Sammeal’s army.  He fooled the joust master and his lance struck a hard blow to DJ’s chest plate.  The competitors ride back to their sides and come forward once again.  DJ asks a question about an innkeeper’s name and is once again foiled in his attempt to score a hit.  Lews asked about a guard in a ring shop and DJ was able to dodge that blow barely.  The riders turn and come about one last time.  DJ fires a question about how many men went with Rand into Cairhein and was stunned by his miss.  Lews fired back asking for a lady’s house name and DJ just guessed randomly and was unseated from his horse.  Well done Lews on defeating the Joust Master by a score of 2 hits to none. 


Our third Joust featured Belar against Sir Manny.  Belar proved to be a mighty opponent, but did he have enough to take out the ole pirate of the Cav?  Sir Manny came out swinging and asked about a fight for land, and Belar is able to block Sir Manny’s lance effectively.  The young recruit then attempts a strike at the old pirate by asking about Mazrim Tiam’s home country, in which the pirate knows his stuff and was able to block the lance in turn.  The riders turn around and spur forwards again and this time Sir Manny asked about Bale Doman’s prized possession.  Belar was able to barely squeak past the lance at a call from the Joust Master.  The answer was sufficient enough to gain the miss.  Belar fired back by asking about Thom’s nickname, which again the old pirate knew and blocked the lance.  They turned for one last tilt and Sir Manny fired by asking about a viewing of Rand’s.  Belar once again was able to avoid the hit and fired his last question, which was about Egwene and the chain outside the WT.  Again, Sir Manny was able to block and the joust went to a tiebreaker.  The Joust Master stepped in and asked about the trollocs and the Aiel Waste. Sir Manny was a split second faster in his answer, earning him the victory in the joust.  Well done to Sir Manny!


Next up we had Faelene facing off against Lady Brid.  This was one heck of a joust and one that you would wish you had not missed.  Let’s see who came out victorious.  Lady Brid asked about who helped Siuan escape the WT.  The recruit was able to dodge the attack and countered by asking about Tuon’s veil.  The Lady Brid tried her hardest but was unable to block the attack.  The competitor’s turned and come about again.  This time Faelene fired out by asking what body part offends Ogier.  Lady Brid was ready this time and blocked the lance nicely and countered by asking about Elyas’ Aes Sedai.  Faelene was able to dodge the blow yet again.  The two turned and come back for the final tilt.  Lady Brid came out firing and asked what symbol was at Tarwin’s Gap.  Faelene had no idea and took a hard hit to the shoulder.  She retaliated ay asking about a representative at Aviendha’s bonding with Elayne.  Brid was able to dodge that attack and earned a draw in this joust as the Joust Master decided to cancel the tiebreakers. 


In a later joust further in the month, the Lady Brid fought Demonspawn.  Could the horse lady defeat the evilness of DS?  Brid fires out asking about the three Aiel groups.  Demonspawn was able to block the attack and countered by asking about who Tuon gave Suroth to.  Brid was fast enough to avoid the hit.  The two turned and came racing back down the lists.  Demonspawn rode hard and asked about two Aes Sedai bonded to Logain.  Brid was able to block again and fired back asking about where the Unsteady Throne was.  Again, DS was able to block the hit.  So they turned once again for the final tilt and DS came out firing and asked about Elyas’ bonded.  Brid was ready for it and blocked the attack.  She was given the win with one more hit than DS.


Lady Kat had another joust, this time against Safir.  This joust was half complete and has not been finished as of yet.  When it does get finished a play by play will be given in the next article.  The Cav can’t wait to see how this joust ends!!


Sir Manny also had another joust, and this time it was against Beltine.  The old pirate might have met his match on this one, or he was just being soft this time around.  He fired his first question about how Egwene obtained the ring ter’angreal.  Beltine was ready and dodged the attack and countered with a question about Egeanin’s alias.  Sir Manny was able to dodge the attack easily.  The two circled about and came in again.  Manny asked about a mountain range and Beltine once again dodges the attack. She counters asking about Faile’s mother and Sir Manny was able to dodge it again.  They circle about one last time and ride in hard at the last tilt and Manny asks about the dragon lance.  Beltine blocks the lance for a third time and counters with a question about the Brave Companions.  Manny apparently missed this one and he lost the joust by a score of 1 hit to none. 


Our final joust for the month just got underway and it pits the Fox, Sir Froix versus the new recruit Inky.  They’ve not started the questions yet but we are looking forward to seeing what will happen in this joust as it progresses.


So until next time, keep the horse poo flinging and the lances stinging!



Cavalry Pages

(by Sir Jon the Direwolf)


Our first two pages were mentioned last month, Toy and Minion and Nynaeve.  Both of them had some RL things come up and had to go on LOA’s during this month so they have unfortunately been able to progress more in the Page program and to take a step towards becoming knights.  We in the Cav can’t wait to see them back and have them continue on their paths to knight-hood!!


Another page that we have this month is one of our current RLO’s, Anigrel Tavadon.  Anigrel has moved on from the Templars to the Arthurians.  Lady Brid and  Sir Froix each gave him one task.  Lady Brid gave Anigrel the task of making a booth in the Faire.  He finished this off quickly.  Sir Froix gave Anigrel the task of coming up with 10 ways to enjoy bandy.  Anigrel immediately finished this task.  Anigrel then moved on to the Sarmations.  Sirs DJ and Steel Axe handed Anigrel some tasks.  Sir DJ gave Anigrel the task of finding a weakness in a band law and explaining how he’d exploit the weakness.  Sir Steel gave Anigrel the tasks of creating a new firework and serving bandy to the Sarms.  Ani still has finished all of his tasks, and has declared to join the Arthurians. 


We have a new page with us this month, Wooly!! He has just joined the Cav but has had to delay starting his Page time.  We are all anxious to see the Sheepster in action and seeing which order he will choose to join.  We’re hoping to get him started within the next week or so.  Good luck Wooly!!!


Once again I would like to post the MIA list in the hopes that some will return to us!!  If any of you on this list would like to get back into the Cav to continue on your way to becoming a knight, please just send me a PM on the new DM boards.  I hope to hear from some of you!






Heltor Helton



Captain Huey





That’s the word from the Cavalry camp! See you next month, when one of you might be a Cavalry Page!!



Raw Recruit Report or the Triple R

(by Lady Bridmorgan)


This month was busy with new Recruits running amock throughout the Yard! With ode's to warhorses, scavenger hunts, and storytelling, there was something going on at all hours.


This month, Demonspawn who told us a hysterical story entitled Demonspawns Day of Doom and Misfortune which you can find in this edition of the Hornsounder and wrote a Review Response, which earned him 1 Org point. Safir wrote an Ode to Froix's Warhorse Fluffles, entitled Ode to Fluffles the Terrible (Fierce, Destroyer, Annihilator, Axemurderer...). Beltine wrote an article for the Hornsounder which you can find under Freelance section.


All the RR in the Cavalry participate in a WoT Joust. Here's the lineup from August!


Demonspawn vs. Lady Bridmorgan - The win went to Brid with a final score of 2 to 1.

Safir vs. Lady Katiora - no word on the final score

Beltine vs. Sir Manny - The went to Beltine with a final score of 3 to 2.


A few of our RRs went on LOA or went MIA. We hope to see you back soon!


Thanks to this months recruits! You guys were a blast to have in the Yard and don't forget to stop by and say hello when your RR time is over!!


Calvary Squires

(by Lady Bridmorgan)


This month brought us two new Squires, both of whom will be moving through the ranks quickly, and will achieve Knighthood in a short amount of time!


Stefania Sedai has chosen the Sarmation Knights and participated in her Squire Vigil with her Knight Steelaxe. By the end of the night, there were fantastic new t-shirts made portraying the gorgeous Stef. We won't tell you what she's wearing though. 


Our second Squire Anigrel has just started his Vigil with his Knight, yours truely. Ani has chosen the Arthurian Knights and will be officially a Squire as soon as his Vigil ends. This will be one night he won't soon forget! 


Congratulations to you both! Both Orders are lucky to have you!


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Welcome to Infantry Row! ~ August 2007

(By Kara)


Well, where can I start? There has been quite a lot happening this month, not least the arrival of five, yes folks, FIVE new members to the rapidly expanding ranks of the Infantry! Belar kicked things off with style at the beginning of August, starting the trend, he was quickly followed by Demonspawn, Zeth Alley and Lewstherin and now Safir has succumbed to the sheer excellency that is the Infantry! They have been assigned to their Morat and will be taking their first steps in the Morat-Mahdi programme.


The Infantry Seniors to take these new rough'around'the'edges juniors under their wings are:


JR: morat to Belar

Taymist: morat to Demonspawn

Kristine: morat to Lewstherin

Ashandarei: morat to Zeth Alley

Footman/Deathdealer: morat to Safir


So three cheers to the new Mahdis and their Morats and here's to a long and happy mahdi-ship!


Whilst we were getting over the parties from welcoming that lot, we had a few more parties to attend. Our very own Mystica, the Hornsounders Editor in Chief no less, was awarded the very first Marshal-General's Cross of Distinction for services to the Band. A very well deserved honour it was too. As you all know by now, she does a fabulous job in putting together the Hornsounder and making what it is today. In fact, although many of us Banders contribute articles to it, it wouldn't be nearly as good without Mystica at the helm. *pauses to beam with pride at her Banded*


And, yes, yet more celebrations and parties abound. A few Bandings happened for a few Infants this month. Myself and Mystica banded at the start of August, something that I'm estatically happy about, and I hope that she is too (edit from the EiC: she is!!). Also, recently Ashandarei got banded to both Odds and Froix in a fantastic three way ceremony. Many blessings to all three!


We have several spars going so feel free to pop in and encourage the poor saps..er...i mean, new recruits that are sparring with the Blademasters. Though try not to distract them too much, those practice blades can leave a nasty mark if it hits you after flying out of nerveless hands ;). We also have a Blademaster spar taking place between the XO - Blademaster Tay and Blademaster Ashandarei. Now that is an interesting fight to watch.


We've also had Kellan decide to play Santa and various recruits amuse us with their latrine digging antics. I must say, the quality of recruits these days has been outstanding. Most all have done their tasks with pleasing vigour and timeliness. The few that haven't had RL issues to contend with, which happens to the best of us. Speaking of which, Footy has been able to make a brief appearance now and again, which is most welcome for everyone who knows him.


Last but not least, Promotions!! Belar and Demonspawn were promoted to Private First Class, Talya was promoted to Corporal and Arrandion was promoted from Master Sergeant to Under-lieutenant!  Congrats to all!   


I think thats all for now, until next month at least.



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For any future Banders out there, the Raw Recruit Programme is how we initiate all new members to our Org. Each Recruit spends a week with our three regiments in turn, doing fun tasks and getting to know members. At the end of the three weeks they may choose a Regiment to join.


During the month of July we had an amazing seven Recruits graduate! They were Belar, Faelene, Woolhead, demonspawn, lewstherin, Zeth Alley and Safir. Belar, demonspawn, lewstherin, Zeth Alley and Safir have joined the Infantry, Woolhead joined the Cavalry this time round making it his third Regiment while Faelene has still to make her choice.


The Outstanding Recruit of the Month is the Recruit that has stood out to me as being the most motivated and dedicated. The Outstanding Recruit must excel amongst his/her peers and a reward for this prestigious title is the prize of one org point. The choice this month was especially difficult so the award is a joint one. Both of these Recruits did a fabulous job all round.


The Outstanding Recruits for the month of August are: Woolhead and demonspawn


Don’t forget to offer your congratulations the next time you see them!



Of the Recruits choosing Regiments the statistics for the year so far are:


14 - Infantry

11 - Cavalry

6 - Archers


Missing In Action figures are significantly lower this year with only 17 out of 70 Recruits going MIA. Good job RLOs. We also currently have 12 active Recruits working their way through their torture... umm... training!!  ;)


If you haven't taken part in any of the Recruit activities then you are seriously missing out!! The last month has seen everything from a shop for brawling weapons to a Horse Wash.


The Archer Recruits have been showing off their graphic skills, portraying themselves as Robin Hood heroes or supplying mind boggling optical illusions and held a fantastic jello wrestling match at the Billy Club courtesy of Wooly.


Cavalry Recruits on the other hand, have been shining at the Joust with Beltine being the most recent to thrash... oops... I mean, beat the Auld Pirate Knight and Redarm Leader, Manriva.  ;D Anyone in need of a good laugh should also check out The Pasture, some of our Recruits had a high old time picking their mounts for the week!!


The Infantry Recruits meantime, have been doing what Infants do best, training in the Sword Forms, drinking and brawling. Zeth had the job of acting as Infantry Reporter during his final RR week and Lews set up a Lurvveee Booth to pamper and spoil all those hardworking Infants.


A special thanks to Anigrel, who dealt wonderfully with RR tasks while his Senior RLO was away. He holds this job for the first time and did extremely well!!


See you all next month with the latest Round Up and even more fun and games from our wacky Recruits and RLOs.


Current RLO contacts:


(nve: listed are the people in position before the leadership switch)











Lady Bridmorgan

Anigrel Tavadon




Executive Officer (The XO)


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the Redarm chronicles


It appears August has about run it’s course, so the time has come for me to pound out another in a short line of updates for you insatiable readers of the Hornsounder. Far be it from me to leave unsated your unfortunate appetite for the doings of Law Enforcement in the Band of the Red Hand.


August moseyed thru the door like a wore out, thirsty hown' dawg. A classic Dog Days of Summer month with only scattered law flaunting, but then picked up later with heinous crimes by superior minds you just would not think could sink to the depths they did.  There was, on a bright note, a successfully completed RedArm Challenge. All this and not much more will I relate to you forthwith.


It was fortunate that we had a slow start, as many of my surly crew were on LOA or strike! Our cigar chomping Editor in Chief and erstwhile RedArm had me hopping. She went on strike after I had to step in on a couple of collars, cause the Asst. DA told me they couldnt prosecute. This caused Myst no end of consternation, and outright footstompin that she went on strike! But lucky for us even Wooly, our recalcitrant mutton outlaw, slowed his lawlessness this month of Augustus. It’s been so hot and sweaty even the exotic dancers have been complaining of too much clothing. But enough of Mysty's fashion complaints, let’s move on to the continued strong law enforcing talents of Sir Steelaxe and his pal Rusty, the pink tutu wearin', foul tempered and near homicidal warhorse.


(nfe: plots are in the works to address this attack upon our beloved Editor in Chief by El Corrupto and Co.)


They have kept the Band in line, on their toes and splitting their sides laughing almost single handedly. It seems he has been everywhere. Well... to be truthful he has. Just goes to prove the old axiom, “Give a man wheels, and the buggar won’t flamin’ sit still.” Unless it’s my 16year old granddaughter; who her mother can’t even GIVE a flamin’ car, cause it’s a 10 year old Saturn and she and her younger sister just can NOT be seen in anything like that. I said give er’ her grandmothers 88 Grand Marquis land yacht, see how she likes them candied apples! God Save Ireland!The flamin brat thinks her last name is Hilton for all love! Confounded ingrates.. Hmm...Didn’t I do this last month? Do I denote a pattern here?


On a much much brighter note; we had a successfully completed RedArm Challenge masterfully performed by our lovely Cavalry Lieutenant General, Brid Morgan of the Wood, protector of small furry creatures wherever they may be found. Her Bridness referred to herself in the third person consistently in every post for a week! Congratulations yer’ earthmotherliness! My trinket encrusted headscarf is off to you. Even better than that but you just earned 20!, yes 20! Lotto chips for this feat of daring do.... Whachya gonna do now playah?


To end this months missive, it grieves me no end to have to report to all of you... Rise and take yer’ bleedin’ hats off you keelhaulin' lubbers.. that my ever law abiding sister. The lovely, sweet natured, even tempered Scots Lass every man dreams of..... HAS TURNED INTO A NIGHTMARE! The Bane of the Band of the Red Hand! Our most notorious criminal in the past couple days!


...She Flamin Channeled...


I got one fist of iron, the other of steel


ya smoke 16 arses and whaddya get

a day in court, and ya loses a bet. I smoked 16 arses and one ugly troll, and the pirate said, "well a bless my soul."


This dastardly deed took place in the Infantry Compound at a poor youngsters welcoming party of all places. What a way for our Executive Officer and guiding light of all thats goodly in this existence to conduct herself. What kind of example is she setting to young Infantrymen and women, everywhere? It’s no surprize to this reporter that she was quickly rounded up, corralled and hauled off to court! Where she is being held to the fire for her reckless and horrendous behaviour.


Love ya’ Sis! That’s my kinda gal.... Kick Arse, Take Names, Deal with the Consequences later!


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How to get your story in the Hornsounder?


Do you have interesting, funny, weird, general stories that you'd like to share but that don't quite fit in any of the other sections?

Then don't hesitate to contact me by pm to present your idea/topic and next month your story could very well be published in Hornsounder.


In here you could find:

- the full articles of summarized pieces found in the other Sections

- the loose articles from Banders and Non-Banders that are not assigned to any one Section

- independent and Sectionless projects and coverages

- various undetermined pieces of work from both Banders and Non-Banders


The articles and coverages that are posted here can cover any topic, be it about WOT, Band, DM related topics or anything else that might be of interest to share with our readers.


Now without further hesitation, I wish you a lot of reading pleasure with this month’s collection of articles.








*MG Recommendation*


Due to Corki's real life (yes, the Marshal-General does have a life) being really hectic at the moment, there is sadly no M-G Recommendation this month. Corki is currently underneath a pile of emails about possible 5th housemates for the house he shares with friends up in London, and has been sieving through these to find suitable people, and then arranging dates and times to see the place. However, there will be an article in the next edition of The Hornsounder.

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Raw Recruit Articles



*Arthur Wellesly, 1st Duke of the Wellington and the Battle of Waterloo*

(by RR Demonspar)




Arthur Wellesley, the first Duke of Wellington, was born in Dublin in 1769. He had little interest in education and in order to find something which "poor Arthur" could do, his parents purchased a commission for him in the British army in 1787. Wellington seemed to be in favour of Catholic Emancipation as early as 1793, when he took his seat in the Irish Parliament as Member for Trim, in Co. Meath. Two of his speeches early that year deal with the subject of Catholics and their rights. The first was in January, soon after he had taken his seat.


Wellington served in Europe and in 1797 his regiment was sent to India where his brother became Governor General later that year. In India, Wellington saw active service until he returned home in 1805. He sat as an MP for Rye between 1806 and 1809, becoming Irish Secretary in 1807.


In 1809 he was sent to assume command in Portugal. Wellington gained military distinction in the Peninsular Campaigns during the French Wars, culminating in the victory at Waterloo. He was raised to the peerage as the Duke of Wellington in recognition of his achievements and he sat in the House of Lords for the rest of his life.










For a detailed account of the Battle of Waterloo click on this link




Quotes of the Duke of Wellington


She has grown ugly, by jove

About his, soon to be wife, Kitty Pakenham on their wedding day (She rejected him over ten years earlier, and he embarked on a series of characteristically discreet affairs)


The hardest thing of all for a soldier is to retreat.


Educate people without religion and you make them but clever devils.


The Lord's prayer contains the sum total of religion and morals.


I used to say of him [Napoleon] that his presence on the field made the difference of forty thousand men.


I don't know what effect these men will have upon the enemy, but, by God, they frighten me.


Nothing except a battle lost can be half as melancholy as a battle won.


The whole art of war consists in getting at what is on the other side of the hill.


All the business of war, and indeed all the business of life, is to endeavor to find out what you don't know by what you do; that's what I called 'guessing what was at the other side of the hill.'


It has been a danged serious business - Blücher and I have lost 30,000 men. It has been a danged nice thing - the nearest run thing you ever saw in your life...By God! I don't think it would have done if I had not been there.


Yes, and they went down very well too.

- A retort to a comment on how very well French cavalry had come up at Waterloo.


Up, Guards, and at 'em.


It is very true that I have said that I considered Napoleon's presence in the field equal to forty thousand men in the balance. This is a very loose way of talking; but the idea is a very different one from that of his presence at a battle being equal to a reinforcement of forty thousand men.


I never saw so many shocking bad hats in my life.

- Of the British Parliament.


My rule always was to do the business of the day in the day.


The only thing I am afraid of is fear.


People talk of their enlisting from their fine military feeling - all stuff - no such thing. Some of our men enlist from having got bastard children -- some for minor offences -- many more for drink.


Hard pounding, gentlemen. Let's see who pounds the longest.


Wise people learn when they can; fools learn when they must.


We always have been, we are, and I hope that we always shall be detested in France.


As Lord Chesterfield said of the generals of his day, 'I only hope that when the enemy reads the list of their names, he trembles as I do.'"


The battle of Waterloo was won on the playing fields of Eton.

- attributed to Wellington, but doubtful.


Ours (our army) is composed of the scum of the earth - the mere scum of the earth.


Publish and be danged.

- Replying to a blackmail threat.


My Lord,

If I attempted to answer the mass of futile correspondence which surrounds me, I should be debarred from the serious business of campaigning...

So long as I retain an independent position, I shall see no officer under my command is debarred by attending to the futile driveling of mere quill-driving from attending to his first duty, which is and always has been to train the private men under his command that they may without question beat any force opposed to them in the field.

- To the Secretary of State for War during the Peninsular Campaign


I mistrust the judgement of every man in a case in which his own wishes are concerned.


Be discreet in all things, and so render it unnecessary to be mysterious about any.


Being born in a stable does not make one a horse

- A retort to being called Irish.


It has been a danged nice thing - the nearest run thing you ever saw in your life, by God!


Another Side to the Iron Duke


The Duke once met a little boy, crying by the road. "Come now, that's no way for a young gentleman to behave. What's the matter?" he asked.

"I have to go away to school tomorrow," sobbed the child, "and I'm worried about my pet toad. There's no-one else to care for it and I shan't know how it is."

Keen to ease the little chap's discomfort, the Duke promised to attend to the matter personally.

After the boy had been at school for just over a week, he received a note: "Field Marshall the Duke of Wellington presents his compliments to Master ---- and has the pleasure to inform him that his toad is well."

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*There and Back Again: A Sheep's Tale*

(By Raw Recruit Woolhead)


Don't wanna be an American idiot.

Don't want a nation under the new mania.

And can you hear the sound of hysteria?

The subliminal mind--


Woops. Sorry about that. I got a little caught up in my music for a second there. Heh...


Anyways, I am here tonight to finish my last dang task as a raw recruit. Oh, and to talk to you all about  what is the same, and what is different, since that fateful day almost a year ago when I was coerced into leaving the Infantry and joining the Archers. You heard me, I said coerced. Those rat bastards, let's get 'em!


Let's see now...

Well, first off, one of you has royally messed up the Infantry Monthly Column for the Hornsounder. At this time, I would like to direct your attention towards The First Monthly Infantry Article. Now, go look at The Most Recent Monthly Infantry Article. Notice anything? No? Look again. Still no? Fine. Go read the titles. You see now? Infant's Row, not Infantry Row!! You must see how atrocious this mistake is. I am ashamed of you all, just ashamed. That would've never happened on my watch!


Okay, now that that is off my chest I feel that we can continue...

Some similarities... well, here we go:


-Kris is still doing double-duty

-Apollo is still a rock star

-Ash still has yet to reach 365 pairs of shoes (one for each day of the year)

-Kell is still a good-for-nothing part-timer blacksmith  ;)

-My imprint! (though I won't tell you where or how because you'd just go fix that little problem as soon as possible  :P)


Now for a few more differences:


-That guy named deathdealer has disappeared, only to be replaced by some guy named Footy... what's with that?!?

-There seems to be a certain “mustyness” that has infested the area. I can't tell if I like it.  ;)

-The Kafe has been in tact for what seems like ages. That would never happen in my day.

-Oh, and Tay is still regimentless. (I plan to use this fact against her when she demands that I choose mine) ;D


Yeah, that's about it I think.

But wait! One more strong similarity I've noticed recently...


You still can't get enough of me.  8-)


Thanks for reading,


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*The Longsword*

(by RR Lewstherin)


As my RR time is here with the infantry i was set the task of writing an artice for the one and only HornSounder. I was given a choice on what i chose and i have chosen the subject of weapons. I will base this article on one of the best type of weapons for us, which is the Long-sword. Here is some infomation about the Long-swords history.



The long-sword was developed to increase armour protection, the first long-sword was roughly made in the 14th century. There is no exact definition of the long-sword, but it is usualy larger than a sword made for single-handed use. The hilt of the long-sword is larger to accomodate two-handed grip.


The average blade length of a long sword is around 110 centimetres (3 feet and 7 inches), and the weight is usually between 1.2 and 1.8 kilograms (2.6 to 4.0 pounds). The actual size and weight of a long-sword would depend on personal preference and build of the wielder.


The traditional ways of fighting with the long-sword is differred from one-handed ways also meaning that sheilds wcould now be used. This meant you would have to increase the emphasis on parrying and prioritizing areas with low amour protection. Although they normaly require two hands a typical long-sword does not need a continious two-handed grip, giving a possible off-hand attack,grab or throw.


While a living tradition of longsword fighting has not survived to our day, manuscripts written by the masters of the art still exist. Possibly the most famous of these treatises are Fiore dei Liberi's "Flos Duellatorum" (1410), Hans Talhoffer's "Alte Armatur und Ringkunst" (1459), and Filippo Vadi's "De Arte Gladiatoria Dimicandi" (1485). Efforts to revive the art are made throughout Europe, and progressing well.


Most people confuse the Long-sword with the Bastard-sword because they are of similar sizes and used in a comparable fashion. Bastard-swords replaced the Long-swords as time wore on, as rthey are generaly more sharply tapered blades and have a large rhomboid sections increased the lack of amour protection the original Long-swords covered. In practice sessions, the words are used as synonyms.


Note that this kind of sword is not the two-handed sword of the renaissance. That kind of sword has another purpose and method of use than the long-sword or the bastard-sword.



Here are a couple of pictures of Long-swords



This is NOT me



Well thats all for me im sure you will find this interesting, if not tuff luck, read and blooming enjoy. (lol im joking with you).

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*Infantry History*

(by RR Zeth Alley)


The infantry is the oldest and largest branch of all armies, made up of soldiers fighting by foot using light weapons, such as short swords and daggers of ancient time to rifles and pistols of modern times.


They are charged with close combat and to kill or capture the enemy. Also to repell eneI disagreeaults. They mainly traveled by foot. But in modern times the may travel by trucks, armored vehicles, or helicopter.


The modern infantry has special units which are trained for parachutte and commando-type attacks.


Out of all the Regiments that an army has the first line off attack is usually the Infantry. They are the front line. Their job is to either prevent attackers from getting through or a small group is set out to set up an ambush.


During the Revolutionary War the Colonies Militia was the first to use gorilla warfare against the enemy, which proved quite usefull.


So inconclusion I would say that if you like to be up close and personal in combat then the Infantry is the way to go and is the place to be.


RR Zeth Alley

BotRH (the best of the best)



*Lesson to learn*

(by RR Beltine)


In the summer of 2000 and something RR Beltine went to the cavern.




When RR Beltine goes to the the cavern she is 1)extremely too tired from working and doesn't drink, or 2) someone has to carry her out.




This happened to be one of these particular evenings when Beltine had the bug in her that she would have a few bandys. You know, hang out with the guys, drink, sing, have a brawl or two. So she drank one. And a few more. And a few more. She realized walking was hard, and, come to mention it, so was talking, so she decided to to go back to the yard. She then realized she didn't know where her horse was, but it became a mission to find it, so she wandered out onto the street looking for her her her horse.


SHE FOUND IT!!! Thank the light. She started to ride away but then she saw a light. Actually it was a flashing light. *HMMMM.....maybee I should stop?...or maybe they want the next horse What could they possibly want with me?*

Beltine got off her mount *reluctantly* and , still feeling woozy, cooperated.



Beltine was feeling like the queen of the the world . Who Are THEY she thought? Very confidently she she stepped off her mount.


*This is so annoying*


What? I'm going home to sleep it off.


But her superiors cornered her and all at once her confidence left. *Sinking Feeling*


Count down from forty to one the superior said.

Beltine said "forty to one" and laughed her arse off. Apparently that was not the answer the Superior was looking for because he seemed very upset.


The Superior Told her to stand straight and "walk the line" on the pavement.


RR Beltine's response was "I thought That was Johnny Cash" and laughed again. Again...apparently not the right answer.


The Superiors were not nearly amused as Beltine was.


"Your under arrest for drunk riding" The Superiors said.




RR Beltine spent the night int the brig!!!


Moral of the story VERY IMPORTANT!!!

Children... listen up close. I have been paying for for what I did for long time. Wasn't worth it. If you ever decide to go out and and have a bandy...cool...do it. But don't get on your horse after the fact. There are a lot of band members who haven't been drinking...well...maybe..but anyway.. someone will take you and your horse home. Take advantage of it.

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Freelance Articles


*Demonspawns Day of Doom and Misfortune*

(by Demonspawn)


The 8th day of the month of August broke just as any other Summer day in the City of Newcastle, in the North east of England. Birds singing in the trees, Unicorns grazing in green pastures, peasants readying themselves in preparation for the day ahead.  Demonspawn, a Raw recruit in the illustrious, Band of the Red Hand, awoke oblivious to the doom, misfortune and anguish he was to face this fateful day.


Yawning, stretching, scratching and grunting his way to the washhouse, he made his ablutions then descended the stairs to break his fast on a wedge of dark, pungent cheese, a heel of crusty bread and a sweet apple from the orchard. “Morning” grunted his Father by way of greeting as they passed outside,“How fares thee on this glorious summer morn, dearest father of mine” Demonspawn replied.

“What? Are y’ mental or somethin’? Why you talkin’ like that for?” replied his father incredulously.

“What y’ doin’ eatin’ cheese, bread an’ an apple? There’s cornflakes an’ weetabix on the table man!”

“Oh, Father” Demonspawn sighed, shook his head sadly and turned to make his way to his place of work, his father looked on with a look of utter bewilderment, mixed with complete contempt.


Later, that morning, Demonspawn was at work, he had just received his orders for the day. He was to take something everybody called a “Display”, which created small, magical lights that could make words to inform peasants of the destination of their horseless carriages, and install it in a place called Stockton-on-Tees, some twelve leagues distant.


It was at this point things took a turn for the worse for Demonspawn. He was loading his mystical, white carriage called a “Whitefordtransitvan” (which somebody, in an attempt at humour, had inscribed in the dust and grime caked on the back – “I WISH THE WIFE WAS THIS DIRTY!”) when the first Doom befell him!

Whilst carrying a “display”, he suddenly lost his footing! His world turned upside down! Then everything turned black for Demonspawn.


He lay there thinking he had gone blind. In actual fact the display had just landed on top of him, leaving only one arm and one leg visible, which, for some reason, was cause for great mirth amongst the other workers in the manufactory. With the aid of his given workmate for the day, Squire Steve, he managed to struggle out from under the great monolith-like Display, “I thank thee, Squire Steve, For I wouldst surely have perished had I been under that great magical device much longer, may the light shine on thee for thine great deed of valour”, said Demonspawn, earnestly.

“Nay my Lord Demonspawn, just working in your service is payment enough”

“Squire Steve” Demonspawn replied, shaking his head solemnly, “ you pay me too high a compliment I am no lord, but just a mere recruit”. But, from that moment forth, Squire Steve knew that there was something more to "just a mere recruit" Demonspawn.


The rest of the morning passed without much incident, the carriage made the journey in surprisingly good time, the magical Display was put into place. But the second storm was just about to break.


Demonspawn and Squire Steve were sitting in their favourite Tavern eating a hearty broth with a heel of crusty bread, when Demonspawn felt a strange vibrating in the pocket of his breeches. He wiped his hands on his garishly bright tunic, delved in his pocket, and drew out the magical talking box, which enabled him to converse across vast distances.

It turned out to be a Councillor from distant Stockton-on-Tees, the news he relayed was dire indeed, One of the strangely transparent and blue coverings of the magical displays had fell off!

Almost crushing a little old lady to death, or, at the very least, may have caught her a glancing blow on the shoulder. As quick as Demonspawn and Squire Steve could push their horseless Carriage they made their way down to distant Stockton-on-Tees, eating up the leagues like they never thought possible.


Upon arriving in distant Stockton-on-Tees, Demonspawn heroically made the decision that saved the entire populace of distant Stockton-on-Tees, although they may not have immediately appreciated it.


Demonspawn held aloft his hand, which gave off just the faintest red glow, and thusly he did spake:


“Harken to me o peasants of distant Stockton-on-Tees, I come from Far away Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Over hill and plain, crossing dry land and river, . I shall bind these evil, magical devices with my magical sticking black ribbon. No more shall they assault your elders with their blue-rinsed and permed hair. I will do this for no reward for I am a recruit in THE BAND OF THE RED HAND”


He finished with a flourishing bow, looked across at Squire Steve, saw him standing straight and proud with unshed tears in his eyes. But, from the peasants of Distant Stockton-on-Tees, he recieved a different reaction:



"What the hell are y' talkin' about man"

"Ya not reet in the heed, y' weirdo!"

"Ya not normal"

“Go back to Newcastle, y’ Geordie scum”


So on and so forth,  the tirade continued unabated for three whole minutes.


Nevertheless he carried out his promise to the peasants, and once he was finished his crusade against the evil displays, he and, his now devoted worshipper, Squire Steve climbed into their carriage and unwittingly rushed headlong into his third and final, misfortune of doom.


Halfway home they encountered a stretch of the highway where there were many, many, many horseless carriages, which, the peasants called a "Traffic-jam".

There they remained for almost one whole cycle of the Hourglass!During this time Demonspawn grew so hot he had to lower the window.  That was his mistake. The sun still blazed in through  the open window like a raging inferno. . His left arm and left side of his face became reddened by the sun.


When, finally, he returned home,  he was greeted with a bellowing laugh from his father and a shouted “Would y’ look at y’ feace man y’ look a complete fool”


Thus ended Demonspawns day of Doom, from that day forth he vowed to prove himself worthy in the Band of the Red Hand, and to become exalted above mere mortal men.




**Un fortunately, due to legal procedings, ALL photographs have been removed, pending further investigation!

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*The Royal Marines*

(by Talya)


So why have I chosen to do an article on The Royal Marines? I was asked to do an article on something Infantry related. Being an ex Jenny Wren (Women’s Royal Naval Service – WRNS), The Royal Marines seemed to be both Naval and Infantry (my regiment here in the band) and so seemed a logical choice.




The Royal Marines are a British maritime focused, amphibious light infantry force. It’s Motto Per Mare, Per Terram, as some of you Latin buffs may know, means By Sea by Air. Unlike most other Infantry units, they come under the Royal Navy not the army.

The RM is the Uk's go anywhere amphibious forces and a key component of the Rapid Reaction Force.

They are required to train in a number of different terrains and environments, from the hottest and arid regions of the Middle East and Africa, the dense tropical jungles of the Middle East and The cold Mountainous areas of Northern Europe.


So a quick history.


The first Marines were formed from the trained bands of London in 1664 and was originally called The Duke of York and Albany’s Maritime Regiment of Foot, A bit of a mouthful, so soon after became the Admirals Regiment.

They were dressed in yellow and stood apart from other infantry who were normally dressed in red. Over the years regiments were formed for various conflicts only to be disbanded again later.

In 1855 They were renamed the Royal Marines Light Infantry. Their role was to land first and skirmish the area ahead of the Sailor Infantry and Artillery.

In 1923 The separate Artillery and Light Infantry forces were joined together to form the Corps of the Royal Marines, which is around today.




One of the best trained fighting units around, The Royal Marines boasts the longest basic training programme in any NATO combat troops.

Their training for Officers and recruits takes place at The Commando Training Centre RM Lympstone and they both undergo the same Physical tests.

The Potential RM Course (for recruits) lasts for 32 weeks and only once finished the commando course will they be allowed to wear the coveted Green Beret with the RM badge.

The Potential Officers Course runs for longer than this but still have to complete the Commando course, before they have the Green Beret too.


Once finished training they will join a commando Unit of 3 Commando Brigade. Here they will undergo the environmental training in either hot, humid or cold environments. This is carried out in Scotland, Norway, Middle East and Belize, to name a few. If he delpoys as part of the Amphibious Ready Group then he can be based anywhere in the world.


He will then be selected for specialist training, from chef to special forces operative and enjoy a varied iand interesting career as a Royal Marine.


The Royal Marines Band Service provides regular bands for the RM and trains RN volunteer bands. They have a secondary role as field hospital orderlies, and they wear a blue beret instead of a green one. This is the only branch in the RM, which allows women.



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*Ode to Fluffles the Terrible (Fierce, Destroyer, Annihilator, Axemurderer...)*

(by RR Safir)



I run in terror of your name

My body quakes all over

Your name is the sound of fear

And death incarnate

When you eat your hay

I run and hide


You are the Dark Ones bane



*The Claymore*

(by Belar)


The Claymore is a large two handed sword used by the Scots in the clan wars between 1300 and 1700. The name claymore is derived from the Gaelic claidheamh mòr and when translated into English means 'Great Sword'.

The two handed claymore is an offshoot of other early Scottish swords, with its distinctive style of a crosshilt of two sloping arms that ended in decorative swellings, the swellings themselves were often in a quatrefoil design. Claymores were actually smaller than most traditional two handed swords, usually 140cm (55") in length, the blade itself was usally 107cm (42") in length and for those good at math the hilt was 33cm (13"), on average the Claymore weighed approx 2.5kg (5.5 pounds).





*INFANTRY - Quotes, Sayings and Mottos*

(by Demonspawn)


"I love the infantry because they are the underdogs. They are the mud-rain-frost-and-wind boys. They have no comforts, and they even learn to live without the necessities. And in the end they are the guys that wars can't be won without."


"I'm convinced that the infantry is the group in the army which gives more and gets less than anybody else."


"Queen of Battle." — motto of the infantry, in reference to the queen chess piece. (This is in opposition to "the King of Battle," field artillery; as the classic infantryman joke goes: '... and we all know what kings do to queens.')


"To seek out and close with the enemy; to kill or capture him; to seize and hold ground; to repel attack, by day or night, regardless of season, weather or terrain" — The stated role of the Royal Australian Infantry Corps, .


"War is never glorious. Ask the infantry, ask the dead."


"The infantry doesn't change. We're the only arm of the military

where the weapon is the man himself."


"Ah, yes, mere infantry — poor beggars…"


"To close with and engage the enemy in all operational environments, in order to bring about his defeat" The British Army Infantry Mission


"The Infantry to be structured, equipped, manned, trained and motivated to fulfil its Mission, in accordance with the British Army's Manoeuvrist doctrine. It must be capable of successful, high tempo and sustained Warfighting, in concert with other Arms, as part of a light, medium or heavy force in a Joint or Multinational context. The Infantry must be able to operate simultaneously, across the spectrum of conflict prevention, conflict and post conflict activities, in all terrain, and in all environmental and climatic conditions." Director Of Infantry's Intent, DInf, British Army


"To Close with and Destroy the enemy" Role of the Canadian Army Infantry


"Ducimus" Motto of the Canadian Infantry ("We Lead")


"The pointy end of the bayonet" description of the Infantry among the Canadian Army


"The army's infantry is its most essential component. Even today, no army can take and hold any ground without the use of infantry."


"To close with and destroy the enemy by means of fire and manoeuvre; in the defense, to repel the enemy's assault by means of fires, close combat, and counter attack."


"Aerial bombardment can obliterate, but only infantry can occupy" - an observation of the War of the Balkans in the 1990s, where the Serbian army remained unconquered

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Ladies and Gents, it is time for you to dive into the debts of your minds once more and put those braincells to work!


Below, you find this month's Competition and free standing Games to which you are all (Banders and Non-Banders alike!) invited to take part in and claim those prizes!


The answers to last month's Competitions and Games are posted at the very end of this Section for those of you who wish to check just how well you did ;)


I hope to see many participants to the Competitions this month and wish you all a great deal of fun with our challenging Games.


But first...


July 2007 Competition Winners!

(by Bridmorgan)


Ah, the dog days of summer, or Winter I suppose if you're an Aussie. Time to be idle, dread the start of school or relish the thought if you're a parent. Time to shut your brain off and just relax for the last two months of summer. At least for most of us!! Apparently not for our winners this month! Although there were few participants, they showed us that their brains don't take the summer off!


First I would like to grovel at the feet of Taymist, Band XO extrodinaire! Winner of not one, not two, but three of the HS Competitions and undefeated champion of the Scavenger Hunt. I think I shall become a brain rummager and try to get myself some of those brain cells. Apparently mine are severely lacking in something...


First up, the Sudoku Challenge! The Master has been usurped by the Mistress once again! This months only winner is none other than the resplendent Taymist! Congratulations Tay!! She wins 3 Game Points and the July Sudoku Pin!!


Next up, the Scavenger Hunt! We have three winners this month, three souls brave enough to sit through their Age of Legends lesson and come out experts!


Once again, with a perfect score of 20/20 is Taymist!!! You may wonder, "How does she do it" ladies and gentleman, the answer is....I don't know, but I sure wish I did! Congrats once again Tay!!


Our next winner, Arrandion, is no stranger to winning this competition. With a score of 18/20 he's not slowing down in this challenge!! Congrats Arra!! Well done!


Tied with Arrandion with the score of 18/20 is Talya, she's showing us that the Infantry holds all the brains! Congrats Talya!!


Finally, our last winner of the Scavenger Hunt is....can it be! do my eyes deceive me?...Corki!!! Our incomparable MG has done it! With a score of 14/20 he rounds out the pack!! Congrats your MGness!


The winnings for our Hunters is 5 Lottery Chips and the July Scavenger Hunt Pin.


Next we have the Word Scramble Competition winners... Our winners, again, one more time.....TAYMIST and ARRANDION!!! There's no stopping these two!! Whoo hoo! Well done !


Their winnings are 1 Org Point and the July Word Scramble pin.


Our final competition is new to the Hornsounder, the Caption Contest! Our winners are Anigrel Tavadon, (that's my Squire ) and Mystica, EiC extrodinaire!! Their winning captions are posted in this edition of the Hornsounder! Congrats Ani and Mysty!!


Their winnings are 1 Org point!


There ya have it folks, July's Challenge winners! Congratulations once again to all of them! Don't forget to try your hand at this months competition, and you two can have your 15 minutes of fame, well maybe 15 seconds. Till next time!

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June Competitions


The Great Hunt~open to everyone

(by Corki)


Welcome to the latest competition to be added to many already included in The Hornsounder - The Great Hunt. The newest addition are two simple games - 'Who Am I?' and 'What Am I?'. Below are the instructions for each game, but first, the rules for entering the competition.


Rules & Winners


- You can ONLY submit one entry for the competition. Therefore, if you want to enter both parts, you must PM both your answers together AND NOT SEPERATELY

- You can enter either part of the competition

- Those who answered each individual section correctly will be announced every month

- Only those who enter both sections of the competition, answering them both correctly, will be considered for prizes when winners are announced every month


Send your entry to Corki in a pm.


Who Am I

Below are 5 interesting facts about a DMer, and they range from the easy to the difficult. Have a close look and have a good think with using the following facts. So, which DMer is this?

- Is 6'5'' tall

- Has a degree in computer graphics & animation

- Owns a heron-marked sword

- Was a highly-ranked player in the JEDI KNIGHT gaming clans in 97-98

- Has been kissed on the cheek by Harriet, Robert Jordan's wife



What Am I?

Below are a series of various facts, ranging from really easy to the ridicously difficult about an item associated with The Wheel of Time books. Have a good luck and ponder hard over what this item is.

- Has Tia mi aven Moridin isainde vadin inscribed on it

- It was thought lost and destroyed during the violence that preceeded the War of Power

- The item must be found before Tarmin Gai'don

- It was stolen from Fal Dara

- The owner and the item are forever linked until the owner dies



Good luck!

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HS Scavenger Hunt for August~open to everyone

(by Mystica)




Olver's muttering over yet another test given to him by a Blue Aes Sedai, this time. Her Warder sitting across the table, keeping an eye on the youngster to make sure he doesn't run off to play before the work is done. Suddenly a commotion is heard outside and the Warder sprints out without a word. Having a soft spot for Olver, you sneak in to help him so he can come out to play at Snakes with you instead of sitting in that stuffy tent all day. 


But hurry, if that Warder comes back before you're gone, you may find yourself in a horn's nest of trouble.




Below you find 20 questions to which you are to find the answers. Use whatever means necessary but to pass you'll need to get at least 12 of the 20 questions correct or it's back to the school benches with you.




- PM your answers to Mystica before 20 September 2007

- Any answers posted on the boards automatically results in disqualification

- Only the first pm sent in will be considered. So make sure you double check on typos and if you aren’t sure yet of your answers take the time to check them out. No additional answers or corrections will be accepted.


Winners(attention!! change of procedure!!)


- to pass you must correctly answer 12 of the 20 questions

- the winners will receive their prize in a special ceremony and will be announced in the next Edition of Hornsounder




- Band members that win will receive 5 Lottery Chips + HS Scavenger Hunt Medal Pin of the Month

- Non-Banders will receive the HS Scavenger Hunt Medal Pin of the Month

- Prizes will be handed out in a thread on the public board of the BoTRH on DM.


Good luck to you all!


1. Which are the competing locations for Euromeet 2008?

2. Name the Mahdi of the Tuatha’an on Dragonmount

3. Who has been winning the Game of Stones for 6 weeks running according to Gentled Ben

4. Name 3 jobs Cadsuane found to be suitable for her according to the Children of Light quiz

5. What was Taymist’s project for the Aiel Wise Ones?

6. Which blackie kidnapped Mystica and fled through a gateway with her?

7. The Illuminators have a job opening for…… what?

8. What does one need to do to join the Kin?

9. Name the Ogier librarian

10. Why does Emperor drool in the Sanchean?

11. What’s a cool site according to Shayol Ghul Alaksuleiel?

12. Who started a conversation about the origin of legends in the White Tower?

13. What’s the name of the Wolfkin’s newsletter?

14. Name the owner of Dragonmount

15. Where was Euromeet 2007 held and name 3 participants

16. What can blow your socks off when joining the Band of the Red Hand?

17. Where do you go if you have a craving for Tequilla?

18. Gawking at starlets and movie stars is done where?

19. Spam lovers have their own special place which is called what?

20. What is the name of the next book of WOT?


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Word Scramble for August~open to everyone

(by Mystica)




BUSTED!! The Warder came back before you were gone!! I toooooold you to be careful!!


Nothing for it now though. You are punished to sit and finish this ramble of words before either one of you can go out now.


Good luck!




- submit your answers by PM only to Mystica before the 20th September

- only 1 pm can be sent, so make sure to double check your answers.

- you don't need to find all the answers to be a winner. The 10 top answers will decide the winners.




- Banders will earn 1 ORG point towards their promotions

- Banders and non-banders will earn the SH award pin of May.

- All winners will receive their prize in a ceremony on DM and have their name published in the next edition of Hornsounder.


Good luck to all!


1. galihen

2. nigmin

3. irfnamg

4. lertlivang

5. mirgsheirm

6. heaps fightinsh

7. geldisinh

8. pigekine

9. sticwingh

10. olafgint


12. spo cumolin

13. reepavordipng

14. glevind

15. teggniln

16. listling

17. verensig

18. rostegrin

19. giltinf

20. dogilnh

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Sudoku for August~open to everyone

(by DirewolfJohn)




Below you find a Sudoku puzzle level 3. Your job is to fill in the missing numbers using numbers from 1 to 9 only.

If you'd like to practice a bit, you can find an easy and a medium level sudoku puzzle in the Games section, a little further in the Hornsounder.


--> type the numbers per row in the proper order and send your answer to Direwolfjon in a PM before 20 September 2007.




- each number can only appear once in every row, every column ànd every square

- only answers sent in a PM will be valid, any posting of possible answers on the boards will result in immediate disqualification.

- you are only allowed to send in ONE pm, so make sure you double check your answers before sending them in.




- the first 6 correct submissions will determine the winners

--> these will be split between: 3 Banders and 3 Non-banders if enough participants play. If not, it will simply go to the top 6 players.

- in case of a tie, the date and hour of submission will determine the winner.

- the winners will be announced in a ceremony together with the other competitions on the public board of the Band on DM ànd will be mentioned in the next edition of Hornsounder.




- For Band members: 3 Game Points + Sudoku pin!

- For Non-Band members: Sudoku pin!

- For all winners: announcement in the next Hornsounder Edition + Public Ceremony & Party at the public Band boards on DM.



Now get those grey cells cracking!



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Caption Picture~open to everyone

(by Anigrel)


Your job is to find a suitable caption to fit with the picture blow. It can be something people in the pic might say, think or a general text that you feel would go great with the picture. 



- send in your idea to Mystica before 20 September 2007

- only submissions sent in by pm to Mystica will be considered

- only 1 submission per player



- the 5 best submissions will be chosen by the Hornsounder team in a poll

- the winning submissions will be posted in the next Edition of the Hornsounder

- Banders will earn 1 org point

- medal pin will be bestowed on all winners


Good luck to everyone!



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June Games


Arrow Words

(by Karaj)






(by Direwolfjohn)


Easy Level




Medium Level





Answers to last month's Competitions and Games




Scavenger Hunt


1. What is the Collam Daan and where was it located?

Research college located at V’saine

2. How did people travel in the Age of Legends without the One Power?

With Sho-wings and jo-cars

3. Name 3 cities that were considered ‘technological jewels’Paaran Disen, M’Jinn, Comelle, Mar Ruois, Adanza

4. What was most important in the AoL and how could it be obtained?

Status & honor, through service to the community

5. Name 3 professions were mainly dominated by Aes Sedai in the AoL?

Healing, mining, optimisation of farmland, technological research and development, creation of living constructs such as the chora tree and the Nym, making of angreal

6. Where was the main Hall of the Servants located?

The capital city of Paaran Disen

7. What are Streith and Fancloth and what were they characteristics?

Both are artificial cloths. Streith: a shimmering material that changed color to match the mood of the wearer. Fancloth: a camouflage material that blended the wearer to it’s surroundings.

8. How was crime dealt with in the AoL?

The criminals were constraint in such a way that they were incapable of repeating the same crime twice.

9. Who lay at the beginning of the end of the AoL and what exactly was done to start that end?

Mierin and Beidomon bore a whole in the Pattern, believing it to be a way to unify Saidin and Saidar, but in fact was the door to the DO’s prison and in doing so released his evil into the World.

10. What were Dreadlords?

Aes Sedai who joined the ranks of the DO

11. What started the War of the Shadow?

A quick strike in an attempt to free the DO by the Friends of the Dark.

12. What is another name for the War of the Shadow and why was it called so?

War of the Power, because the OP was now used as a weapon

13. One use of the OP was stopped by both sides almost simultaneously. What was it and why did they stop using it?

Balefire, because it started to threaten Reality itself

14. Who was the Lord of the Morning and what was his function at the time the War of the Shadow arrose?

Lews Therin Telamon, he was the most powerful man of his time and High Seat of the Hall of Servants.

15. What is the original name of the ‘Betrayer of Hope’?

Elan Morin Tedronai

16. How many Aes Sedai formed the group that accompanied Lews Therin to seal the bore and what was that group called?

The Hundred Companions were with 113 members.

17. Name 5 other names for the DO

Father of lies, Sightblinder, Old Grim, Leafblighter, Shepherd of the Night, Heartsbane, Soulsbane, Lord of the Grave, Grassburner, Heartfang, Shai’tan.

18. What is the one thing that is absolutely certain to be beyond the DO’s abilities?

To break free of his prison, for which he needs the help of others.

19. What is a forsaken’s greatest goal?

To be named Nae’blis

20. who were called the People of the Dragon in the AoL and why?

Da’shain Aiel, for standing with the Lord Dragon (Lews Therin) and keeping to the Covenant known as the Way of the Leaf, meaning they stayed out of the fighting. 



Word Scramble


Age of Legends

Collam Daan

seed singing

hall of the servants

Da'shain Aiel


Portal Stones

Hundred Companions




ring of the Tamyrlin


Nine Rods of Dominion


Sha'ja Duels

the Collapse


the Fateful Concord

Tarmon Gai'don


Caption Contest




(by Anigrel Tavadon)


Cat #1: Your lying!


Cat #2: No, seriously. The mouse was this big!


(by Mystica)


Ninja cat: oh my, what a yummy looking tail


Sword cat: don't even think about it!





Crossword Puzzle



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*Jesus is watching you*

(by lewstherin)


A burglar broke into a home and was looking around. He heard a soft voice say, "Jesus is watching you". Thinking it was just his imagination, he continued his search. Again the voice said "Jesus is watching you". He turned his flashlight around and saw a parrot in a cage. He asked the parrot if he was the one talking and the parrot said, "yes." He asked the parrot what his name was and the parrot said, "Moses." The burglar asked, "what kind of people would name a parrot Moses?" The parrot said, "the same kind of people who would name their pit bull Jesus".



*The good student*

(by Lewstherin)


A blonde girl comes rushing home to her mum and says: "Mummy mummy! Today at school everyone could only count to 3 but I can count to 5. Look - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Does that mean I am special mummy?"


"Yes dear it does."


The next day the blonde girl comes running in again and says: "Mummy mummy! Today at school everyone could only say the alphabet from A to C but I can go until E. Look - A, B, C, D, E. Does that mean I am special mummy?"


"Yes dear it does."


The next day the blonde girl comes rushing home and says "Mummy mummy! Today at school we were getting changed for physical excercises and all the other girls had really flat chests but I had these ...!" She opens her blouse and reveals a humungous pair of DD breasts. "Is it because I am special mummy?"


"No dear it's because you are 25."



(by Lewstherin)


Lenny went on vacation and asked Bobby to watch over his house. About a week later, Lenny calls home and asked "How's my cat?".


Bobby hesitated and sadly told Lenny his cat died.


"What?! You shouldn't have broke the news to me like that! You should have done it slowly. The first time I called, you should have told me he was on the roof. The second time I called, you should have said there was no way to get him down. The third time I called, you should have told me that you tried to get her off the roof, but she fell down and died," explained Lenny.


Bobby apologized and went about his day.


About a week later, Lenny called again and asked "How's my Granny?".


There was a long silence and then Bobby replied. "Well, she's on the roof."


*a Mother's wisdom*

(by Arrandion)


Little dinosaur asks his mother:

- will I go to heaven after I die ?

- no, you will go to the museum...




WOT Horoscopes

(by Amavia)




*Aries* (21 March - 19 April)


You're in a philosophical frame of mind, which might help you if you are a White Aes Sedai. If you’re not, well at least your calm should set a good example, so be sure to get involved.


*Taurus* (20 April - 20 May)


You've got to try something a little different today, maybe a new kind of brew? Take it easy on yourself though your mind is a bit slow today. Facts are much harder to grasp now than they usually are.


*Gemini* (21 May - 21 June)


Something big and weird and kind of exciting is going on, and while you can't quite put your finger on exactly what the deal is, you can tell it's going to be big! Maybe the new Dragon will be reborn very soon!


*Cancer* (22 June - 22 July)


Now is a great time to consider picking up a new book, learning a language or travelling somewhere you've never been before. You know there are many interesting countries like Seanchean for instance.


*Leo* (23 July - 22 August)


This month you find you're much better able to get along with huge groups of people, so work it! Maybe it’s about time to join the white tower, or take a chance at the band’s gambling games



*Virgo* (23 August - 22 September)


Big change is afoot, and that's just how you like it! So get your horse out, strap your sword on your back and venture out! You might find happiness in places that you’ve never really been too!


*Libra* (23 September - 22 October)


Someone close needs your help, but almost certainly doesn't know how to ask. There is no use in trying to pry it out, you need to be as gentle with him/her as a newborn. So don’t go swimming in the dragon’s fingers if you have no idea how to do it!


*Scorpio* (23 October - 21 November)


Your dreams are probably rather odd, which is all the more reason to pay attention and write them down for later reference. Perhaps there is a little glitch in Telan’rhiod you could ask a dreamer to find out what’s going on.


*Sagittarius* (22 November - 21 December)


Your heroic side is out in the open right now, and you can't help but reach out to those in need. This is a good time to prove yourself as a good WOT hero, maybe you’ll even be considered a new Ta’veren?


*Capricorn* (22 December - 19 January)


Share your hopes and wishes with fellow band members. You should get more support than you expect, and could even forge a new kind of partnership that takes you to new and exciting places, perhaps a banding is on its way?


*Aquarius* (20 January - 18 February)


No matter what kind of problem you or your loved ones are facing right now, your imagination is the key to solving it. Be creative, don’t let your loved one rule over you like the Amyrlin rules over all Aes Sedai.


*Pisces* (19 February - 20 March)


Don't let anyone trash your ideals -- you need to stand up for them! If you don’t then you might one day find yourself being a puppet for the White Tower, so stiffen that spine and speak up!

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Introduction to Dragonmount

(by Nyneave)


Once, a long time ago, Dragonmount was created. It was a place to Role Play and socialize but as time passed, it was decided to split Dragonmount into two. The Community part and the Role Playing part. Think of them like the Birds and the Bees. Only not in the usual context O_O cause that would be bad...


The birds are the RPers. They fly in the endless skies of our imagination. And Robert Jordan's of course. They create characters, at times, quite different from their own self. Because in there lies the joy of role playing. To be someone else, to be in another place and have the opportunity to grow and develop. The Role Players are the story tellers and although they didn't create the world they RP in, they sure as hell know how to live in it and make it more interesting.


On the technical part, The role playing part is divided into: The People of the Light, The Congress of the Shadow, The Unaligned Races and the People of the Dragon. In each of the mentioned groups lie the different Divisions that are drawn from the Wheel of Time. The advancements in ranks go hand by hand with your character's development. The more you write, the higher your character gets.


The bees are the Community side. They're huddled all together in their hive, basically interacting and having fun with each other. There are the worker bees who work hard to have discussions, run projects and create activities for everyone to enjoy themselves. In the Community side you don't operate a character. All you have to do is be yourself and after exploring all the existing groups just simply find your place.


The Community Orgs mirror the divisions in name, but in no way do they mirror the way they operate. The different orgs represent the different groups of people that you can find in the community part. And as much as they use Wheel of Time icons, you do not role play there. The way to progress through ranks is activity, hard work and determination. Working for the community and helping it grow and prosper.


So here ends the story of the birds and the bees. Dragonmount style! 


All hail pg 13 *laughs*




Organisations (ORG)

(coordinated by Mystica)

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