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Dragonsworn Recruiting


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What has been the policy of the Band towards the Dragonsworn they encounter? The Aes Sedai's response seemed to be hostile (hunt down an kill) but that did the Band do? there must be 50,000+ dragonsworn in Altara and Murandy. That would make for a LOT of troops for the band...

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Guest cwestervelt

The Aes Sedai attitude/response never got much beyond a "holier than though" attitide to the Band because in the Aes Sedai's eyes they were "Dragonsworn." That, and an oppinion that Rand had a lot to account for because of the deeds of his followers. Essentially, the all talk no action attitude they are so good at.


The Band wasn't doing much talk about it though. They were taking action instead. If I remeber correctly, that morning that Egwene was riding with Bashere prior to the Aes Sedai swearing, we were told the Band had been rounding them up and hanging them.


As to using them as troops, that would be a very bad idea. You say 50000+, but they aren't soldiers, they are rabble. They won't follow orders and they would break at the first real resistance to them.

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