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Approved WK bio- cham - CC'ed by the WT


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Posted: Mon Jun 18, 2007 3:35 pm    Post subject: Approved WK bio- Cham - CC'd by the WT 




Character name: Chambliln Rugarth


Email Address: doselan@yahoo.com


Divison: Wolfkin


Physical Description: 5’ 10”, 185, hazel, brown, broad shoulders but only average build, angular face, rough callused hands)


Place of Birth/Raising: Small farm in north eastern Murandy, close to the Road that runs between Caemlyn to Lugard


Character History: Cham first started to notice the changes at the age of seventeen. When he would finish his chores on the farm, he and his brothers would go hunting for rabbits and other small game. Cham had always been the better tracker, but one day he actually found himself being able to track an animal by smell, it was that same day that he shot a rabbit with his long-bow from a near impossible distance. His brothers had not even been aware that the animal was there. As they approached the dying creature, Cham’s brothers were allowing loud exclamations about what a wonderful shot he was, but he hardly noticed for it was at this time that he noticed another smell coming from the animal, a smell that chilled him to the bone yet exhilarated him at the same time; the rotten stink of mortal fear. A grim smile cut across his face as he sliced the animal’s throat with his belt knife.

Later that week, at dinner, he had been eating some of his mothers beef stew. It was his favorite dish and he would always exclaim over how he would kill for it; but he never thought he meant it. Everyone had finished their first bowl and he quickly got in line for seconds, however just as he was about to finish off the pot, his brother, Tad, knocked him to the side and grabbed the spoon and began scraping the bottom of the large black cauldron with an ear wrenching sound that no-one else seemed to hear. Cham fixed a stare cold as death on his brother, and was surprised but not distracted by a sudden low growl that bubbled up from deep in his throat.

“That is mine,” he said with a voice like ice.

“Not the way I see it.” his brother replied, with an arrogant smirk. Cham had always been picked on by Tad, as he was an older and significantly larger brother. Tad had now stopped scraping and was staring at him. Cham felt more focused than he ever had in his life.

“What, Cham?” Tad said sarcastically, “You gonna cry?”

Without a moments notice, Cham leapt at his brother and snapped his teeth around his jugular. Luckily, his dull teeth did nothing to break the skin before the other family members pulled him off of the, now terrified, young man.

“What have you gone insane?” Cham’s father yelled, “You were biting him for the Light’s sake!” The grizzled old farmer bent down to check on his son, who was now breathing quite raggedly, “Go to bed right now Cham!”

Cham walked into the room slowly and quietly shut the door behind him. What in the bloody light just happened? He asked himself. He had never attacked one of his kin before and he would never, ever try to kill one of them! Light! What was happening to him?

He sat on his bed, put his elbows on his knees, and steepled his fingers in front of his nose. Sitting there in the dark, he… The dark? Was it dark? It had to be dark outside by this time of night, however it appeared to him to be like dusk all around the inside of the room. All of a sudden, voices from the common area of the house were being carried to him. Voices of encouragement to Tad to, “Stay with us,” and “keep breathing.”

Cham’s heart was trying to beat out of his chest. Suddenly he heard a small gurgling sound and all fell silent until his mother let out a wailing cry. Cham shot to his feet and a sudden flood of sadness hit him all at once. Then, most unexpectedly, he threw back his head and let out a long, sad howl. Once finished, he dropped his head and let it hang there even as he heard the heavy footsteps of his father coming towards his room.

The door burst open and he heard his father scream, “You’ve killed ‘em, Cham! You’ve killed your oldest brother! You should be ashamed, the Light burn you!”

Cham just stood there with his head down and his eyes closed.

“You bloody look at me, boy!” His father screamed. He could hear his mothers whimpers and sniffs from the common area. Cham just kept his head down. Suddenly his father rushed over to him and grabbed him by the jaw and pulled his head upwards, “I said look at…” His father cut off abruptly as Cham opened his eyes.

“Mother’s milk in a cup, this can’t be,” his father muttered disheartened as he backed away from him slowly.

“What father?” Cham’s question fell on deaf ears as his father sank back further towards the doorway.

“My very own son is a darkfriend!”

“No, father! I promise I am not! It was all an accident!”

“Shut your mouth! You bloody shut it! No son of mine is a darkfriend!”

“Father! What are you…” Cham took a step towards his father.

“Back away, boy!”

“Father, please!” Will pleaded.

When his father next spoke it was in a low voice of resolve, “Chamblin Rugarth died tonight with his brother. You’ll have a grave too boy. Right next to ‘em. Now you get out of here and don’t ever let me see your face again.” Cham stood there dumbfounded. “I said go!” Without another moment’s notice, Cham ran past his father and ran out of the door without a glance at anyone. He ran past the barn and into the woods. As he dodged around trees and large stones, pictures began forming in his mind. Pictures that his mind seemed to want to piece together. The first picture was one of a wolf standing in an ankle deep stream with mist surrounding him. Smokey Stream. He shook his head as he continued running, trying to get the pictures out of his mind. He thought the following pictures were meaning to say things like, “This two-legs can hear us,” or, “do not frighten him.”

Soon he had run until he could run no more. He came to a stop in front of a small pond that was close to five miles away from the farm. He sank to his knees and began to weep, allowing his tears to drip down into the water of the pond. Once he was able to calm himself, he opened his eyes and caught his reflection in the pond and came to find what he knew, somewhere in the back of his mind, would be staring back at him. A wolf’s yellow eyes had replaced his own. He stared in amazement as they seemed to glow inside his head.

For the second time in his life, he threw back his head and howled.




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CC'd by the WT




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