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"The lion sword, the dedicated spear, she who sees beyond. Three on the boat, and he who is dead yet lives.

The great battle done, but the world not done with battle.

The land divided by the return, and the guardians balance the servants.

The future teeters on the edge of a blade."
- Lord of Chaos, Dreams and Nightmares



the setting


In the wake of the Final Battle, the Wheel of Time has turned, leaving behind a world irrevocably altered. Twenty-five years have passed since the Dark One's defeat, and the Blight has withdrawn, leaving scars etched deep into the land and its people. Nations have crumbled or risen anew, their borders redrawn by the tumultuous forces of the Return.


Merrilor, a city born of both science and the One Power, stands as a beacon of hope and progress amidst the remnants of a fractured world. As the scarred lands heal, awakening echoes resonate—channelers, once scarce, now emerge in unprecedented numbers. The delicate balance of power shifts, and the intricacies of politics and diplomacy dance on a razor's edge.


In the aftermath of the final struggle, the scars are not only physical but etched into the very fabric of society. The whispers of prophecy linger, and leaders grapple with the challenge of forging unity from the fragments of a shattered past. The Age of Heroes dawns and the intricate tapestry of the Wheel unravels, revealing both peril and promise.


As the wheel turns anew, Merrilor stands at the crossroads, a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the undying pursuit of a better future. Yet, shadows of the past linger, and the choices made in these uncertain times will shape the destiny of a world grappling with the echoes of the Last Battle.





the light & the dragon


In the aftermath of the Last Battle, the Age of Heroes dawns, ushering in an era of tentative peace and unsettling change. The Dragon Peace, a fragile accord forged amidst the ruins of the Final Battle, holds the promise of unity among the forces of the Light. However, as the signatories of the Treaty pass into history, a new generation of visionaries and idealists step forward, each with their ambitions and interpretations of the Dragon's legacy.


Merrilor, a pioneering city at the forefront of this new age, stands as a testament to the possibility of unity. A Council, unprecedented in its diversity, convenes within its walls—a tapestry woven from the threads of channelers, Wolfkin, those who followed the Dragon, and the ancient Aes Sedai who remain. This assembly grapples with the delicate balance of peace, striving to uphold the Dragon Peace even as the foundations tremble with the weight of competing ideals.


Yet, Merrilor is not alone in its pursuit of renewal. In the north, the Blight retreats, leaving scars on the land and opening new possibilities for exploration and settlement. In the east, hostile lands challenge the resilience of those seeking to expand and reclaim ancient territories. Meanwhile, a power struggle simmers in Andor, threatening to unravel the delicate threads of unity within the Council.


In the east, the once-great Malkier rises from the ashes, its King's children taking tentative steps to rebuild their ancestral homeland. The echoes of Malkier's ancient glory resonate with the hopes of a brighter future.


As the Council debates the nascent growth of technology, whispers of dissent weave through the chambers, threatening to unravel the tenuous threads that hold the alliance together. The delicate equilibrium is further tested as competing factions strive to reclaim what was lost during the chaos of the Final Battle.


In this era of transformation and uncertainty, Merrilor stands as a beacon—a city striving for progress while grappling with the ghosts of the past. The challenge is clear: how to navigate the delicate dance of politics, technology, and tradition, preserving the hard-won peace while ensuring a future that honors the legacy of the Dragon, all against the backdrop of a retreating Blight, hostile lands, and the looming shadow of internal strife within Andor.





the shadow


In the wake of the Last Battle, the world stands at the threshold of a new era—the Age of Heroes. Victorious but scarred, the forces of Light strive to rebuild, their hopes pinned on the tenuous threads of the Dragon Peace. Yet, as the wheel turns, shadows emerge to challenge the hard-won harmony.


In the north, where the Blight once held dominion, a sinister resurgence unfolds. The retreat of the Blight paves the way for a relentless advance of shadowspawn, devouring the remnants of northern nations. The promise of peace is tested, and whispers of the Shadow's return weave through the scarred valleys.


The Dragon Peace, a fragile accord born from sacrifice, faces its greatest test. Hidden in plain sight, the Chosen linger, their influence undiminished. Shadowsworn manipulates the strings of power, orchestrating discord among those who unknowingly dance to the Dark One's tune.


Amidst these machinations, the burgeoning cities of Merrilor and Cairhien hold secrets entwined with progress and peril. Technology, a double-edged sword, sparks innovation and danger. As the Council in Merrilor, a seemingly unassailable alliance, convenes to shape the future, it becomes a vulnerable target for unseen hands seeking to sow chaos within its ranks.


The wheel turns, and the Shadow seizes another chance to tip the balance. The Age of Heroes emerges not only in the light's triumphs but also in the shadows' persistent schemes. Heroes and villains alike navigate a world in flux, where the choices made within the Council chambers and halls of power will determine the fate of the realm.


The Dragon Peace hangs in the balance, a delicate equilibrium tested by the encroaching darkness. The Chosen, like lingering specters, wield their influence in the shadows, waiting to shape the destiny of a world caught in the dance between Light and Shadow.




the legacy saga


In the closing chapters of an Age, the legacy of influential figures hangs in the balance, shaping the tapestry of events unfolding in the twilight of the world. The Dragon Reborn, a figure of prophecy and destiny, leaves behind a legacy of sacrifice and triumph that echoes through the turning Wheel.


Beside the Dragon, the Aes Sedai, defenders of Light, contribute a legacy of knowledge and wisdom. Their influence, both in healing and wielding the One Power, weaves threads of hope for the ages to come. Alongside them, the Asha'man, a force newly awakened, carve their own legacy in the annals of the Pattern, wielding the Power with newfound strength and purpose.


In the fields of Merrilor, the Band of the Red Hand, leaves a legacy of tactical brilliance and camaraderie. Their unwavering loyalty becomes a rallying point against the encroaching darkness, inspiring others to stand against the Shadow.


As the Seanchan relentlessly pursue their Return, the chasing battles force nations to make fateful choices—defend their lands or unite for the sake of the world. The legacy of leaders and heroes becomes the fulcrum upon which these decisions teeter, as the Return challenges the very foundations of existence.


In the face of such pivotal moments, the legacy of heroes and warriors becomes intertwined with the fate of the world itself. The Wheel turns, and their stories, still untold in the final chapters of this Age, resonate in the hearts of those who bear witness. The Asha'man, the Band of the Red Hand, and the struggles against the Seanchan become integral threads in the intricate tapestry of a world balancing on the edge of transformation.


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