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we know, here are your answers!


This is likely an inexhaustible list of commonly asked questions that we hope to have answer to to help with general clarity. With the amount of adjustments and changes we want to ensure that as much clarity on things are as available as possible so you can get to playing!



Don't I have to start with a Novice or a Trainee in the Roleplay? 


Starting Characters can be ANY characters. While there are limits in the Weapon Score area, you are NOT required to work you way up ranks to play your character unless it is something that you CHOOSE to do. If you want to write a full Aes Sedai, Wolfkin or Dreadlord, you CAN! The one caveat is that the biography of your character reflects the type of character you are writing.


HOWEVER! There are limitations to playing these kinds of characters, so be sure to read up on them! 


Is there Malkier and Manatheren? Two Rivers?


Let's assume that the monumental storylines of the world before Eye of the World has happened.

  1. Manatheren is basically a forgotten bloodline and no longer is in existence.
  2. Two Rivers is like any bumpkin little town in the middle of nowhere. It is part of Andor but likely has little to no influence in the world.


However, Malkier has been restored to some extent. To be Malkierien, we need lore for the area written and approved before a character can be located from there.



Can we play the Chosen/Forsaken?


This is currently undecided, but not a hard no. Come talk to staff privately if you have a specific idea.



Can we play a Wilder?


Wilder's are women who have the inborn talent and will channel whether taught or not. Because there is no raising system to become Aes Sedai, it's less of an issue as you will not be Aes Sedai with a block. I will rule now that a Wilder can be of any strength, weak or strong, and if you wish this to be part of your character's history I am alright with it. However if every character is born with the spark, I may see to disallow them at all.


What is a Development Thread?


Development threads are personal workshops for our members. You may post in and maintain your workshop as you please, but keep in mind that the site rules still apply to these forums (i.e. explicit content is prohibited). All development forums will be public. These are designed to replace the need for staff to track information for you in terms of raising or skill upgrades.


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