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New WOT books?


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Brand new to the site and just finished reading the books.  I enjoyed them very much and love the characters created in them, Mat and Elayne being among my favorites.  I ask this with all due respect to Robert Jordan, has there been any discussion of someone writing more WOT books? Surely there is some evil out there yet for the White/Dark Towers to fight.  Mat with the Seanchan, the Sharans, would love to see more on Elayne.  Has there been any talk of this? Thanks

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Did I not just answer this? I grow feeble in my old age, lol. 


RJ intended to write a Seanchan trilogy, but with trying to finish WoT never put anything to paper. That is why so much of the Seanchan is unfinished IMHO. There were going to be some prequels as well, iirc. 


Team Jordan, who owns the rights, I don't think want anyone else writing his books and until the rights are owned by someone else, which could well be never, is the end of that story. 


There give a different answer just to be confusing 🙂

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1 hour ago, HeavyHalfMoonBlade said:

Thanks for the response.  Sorry to hear that new books are unlikely.  Plenty of others to read I guess just really like the various characters created. 


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Yes, could not agree more. I mean, it would not be the same as if RJ had written them, but new content is new content, and for me, even more enticing than the characters, the world that RJ built would live on.


Though of course, expanding into Seanchan or post-Last Battle then the world would need to be added to, but I would certainly love to see that.

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