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Graendal/Sammy/Taim/Asmo unified theory


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Warning: This theory is a LOT of speculation...


1) Sammy is reborn off camera... (Yeah, I know what RJ said: "toast", but like AS, what you think RJ means doesn't always jive with what we think he means).


2) Graendal/NewSammy hatch up a plan, a plan to take control of the Black Tower.


3) They find Taim, who has just escaped from WT, and toast him. NewSammy takes Taim's place.


4) She/they toast Asmo.


5) Taim/NewSammy arrives on the scene after Asmo's death, and eventually establishes himself in the BT.



Not proof ...per se... but back-up material:


1) Graendal is the leading suspect in the Asmo murder. (refer to that thread for LOTS more info).


2) Taim has Sammy's posture (sitting on chair at end of KoD) and sigil (fist/lightning bolts)... (all mentioned elsewhere, credit to original posters)


3) Graendal doesn't appear overly anxious at latest Forsaken happy hour, even though her original alliance (Sammy, Rahvin, Lanfer, herself) is shattered.


4) Rumors of Sammael reappearance (same happy hour).


5) Last scene in KoD.


6) Continues trend of plotting by the Forsaken as a whole to establish themselves in power structures, particularly WT/BT. Ishy controls BA, Ishy dies, Mesaana takes over. Aginor/Osan'gar/Dashiva embeds in BT, gets toasted... so is there additional Forsaken presence in the BT?

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Ok, this is a bad theory as currently laid out...


Mostly due to the timing of events...


1) Trap in Illian set by Sammy, Graendal, Lanfear, Rahvin fails.


2) Rand declares Amnesty to male channelers


3) Asmo killed.


4) Taim Appears.


5) Graendal/Sammy meeting.


6) Sammy dies.


I still think there is a connection between Sammy and Taim, just have to find a better way to connect the dots.


More should be made of the trap in Illian. The one that failed to materialize because the assassination attempt on Mat failed. We can reasonably place the Gr/Sam/Rah/Lanfear axis in Illian the night before the attack on Rahvin. Lanfear makes her appearance to learn what Rand is doing, since he did not come after Sammy. Then of course Lanfear goes nutso, and exits stage right with Moiraine.

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yeah, Lanfear did a credible job with Grinwell, but I don't see where or when Sammy would have killed Taim. Taim had been around before Asom's death, but he doesn't become important until after, and RJ has said a million times Taim wasn't responsible for Asmo's death. Plus your first theory makes absolutely no since since you put Asmo's death after the rebirth of Sammy and the creation of the Black Tower, both of which happen after. Sammy could be playing as Taim, but your timeline is off.

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