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  1. Let me shift into high nerd gear. Wolverine's healing factor and claws are mutant. His skeleton was bonded with adamantium in the Weapon X experiment. I don't collect anymore but there was a great storyline where Magneto ripped the adamantium off Wolvy's skeleton and out through his skin. Wolvy went feral. One truly disappointing part of X3 was Juggernaut. He is not a mutant. Never has been. His power came from his helmet. A great movie would the storyline explaining why there are mutants in the first place. Giant space dwelling things incubate their young in planets. They
  2. All Ghostbuster references are welcome here. I once convinced a classmate in middle school that I had found the river of slime under my Great Grandma's well. It was hilarious. Seriously thanks for the feedback guys. I had completely forgotten that the dizziness started after the balefire mishap with Mordy.
  3. This has probably been mentioned before so forgive me if it has. To me it's still a mystery why Rand still feels the Taint on the Power. While reading other posts about the connections between Rand and Moridin after their balefires touched, I had an idea. Rand was using the One Power and Moridin was using the True Power. More than likely the Taint came from the DO "injecting" the True Power into the male half of the True Source. Even though Rand and Nynaeve cleansed Saidin, Rand still feels the True Power whenever he touches Saidin because of his connection to Moridin. So in effect
  4. lol @ Nynaeve and Aes Sedai. Can you post the link to this anagram generator?
  5. It's difficult to recall but wasn't Old Cully a middle to high ranking dark friend who happened to be a beggar.
  6. I started Stephen King's Dark Tower on book four of seven. After I was well and thouroughly hooked, he says he may not finish before dies or goes blind whichever comes first. Grrr. That's all I'm gonna say about it. At least he was able to finish em though.
  7. The wolf part of TG will be fought in the waking world. Dead wolves are in TAR. I would think that TAR will play a role for dreamwalkers and people who can enter TAR with the Power or terangreal. You could say Slayer is already fighting his part of TG in TAR.
  8. I think if the Creator is ready for the DO to die then Rand will kill him. He is the Creator. The DO only exists because the Creator does, but the Creator just exists. Besides which there will still be the general evils of humanity to deal with and leftover shadowspawn like Shadar Haran maybe or something worse. I don't think it's impossible that the DO dies. I mean if that was the Creator speaking to Rand in EotW then the Creator is going to extremes this time around on the merry go round. And also if you read the end of the Book Satan is vanquished like a burnt turkey at thanksgivin
  9. I think it would be possible to fly but not by yourself. For instance, Elayne and Avienda might fly somewhere together by helping each other. Elayne lifts Avienda who lifts Elayne. I think maybe the Power is limited to what you believe you can do with it. Often in the books someone has an extreme need for something and it happens. For example, Nynaeve healing before Moiraine ever showed up, Rand doing numerous things after Moiraine showed up, Avienda created a gateway and travelled to Seandar! with no knowledge of Travelling, etc.
  10. Congrats on an excellent post. There is one thing I would like to comment on. I know the Neo thing has been talked about on other threads, but in case there are new people to WOT and Dragonmount, Robert Jordan has had an established outline for the entire story since before Matrix was a twinkling in the eye of the Wachowski(sp?) brothers. And yes I was potty trained at gun point so I'm a little anal.
  11. Whatever else happens Tuon must be played by Jada Pinkett Smith. She's small, black, and looks like a porcelin doll. Plus she's athletic.
  12. I skimmed through the entries so if someone mentioned this I apologize. Olver is obsessed with beating the snakes and foxes game. There was the whole scene where Mat wonders when Olver will realize the game cannot be beat without cheating. I don't know if Olver will be the third to go with Mat and Thom into the Tower of Ghenji, but I do believe Olver will be key to figuring out the best way to cheat the real snakes and foxes. Hence bringing out Moiraine to do whatever it is she is to do for Rand.
  13. I bet you we've not seen the last of forkroot tea. J Of course, duh. That makes way more since and a lot more simple. And Kalak...decaf....I'm just sayin'. :p
  14. I want this story to end with the next book. But I would like to see some one-shot novels maybe for a few characters. Especially Jain Farstrider. I want to know about all of his adventures.
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