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Fanfic: Rand's descent into madness: your thoughts

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I'll explain my problem now:

So, I am writing a fic...a multiversal fanfic I posted about few days ago, and the reason I am posting this specifically here is because I've ran into several problems with one (out of millions) specific character: Rand.

The fanfic is basically about the Apocalypse to the entire Multiverse. Dark One (who I also identified with Morgoth from Tolkien's Legendarium) has been fully released and he has raised the greatest army in all of existence. The main characters from all kinds of stories (from First Law and A Song of Ice and Fire to Marvel and DC), the heroes (and a couple villains though) have met each other and united to fight Morgoth, basic plot of an Avengers movie...except it doesn't all go that easy and happily. Morgoth/Dark One wins almost every battle and, even when they finally escape into some distant corner of the Multiverse, Morgoth sends a literal plague to follow them and a great sickness kills so many of them (a few beloved characters too, and because of that I'll sure get a lot of angry inbox messages on Fanfic.com, lol). The situation is very dire for them.

Now, the heroes all establish that Rand is the only one able to destroy Morgoth (and he is the only one who directly met him before, via many encounters with him in Shayol Ghul in every turning of the Wheel). It is established that, since this is the battle outside of the Pattern, when Rand destroys him, he would be destroyed forever. Now, heroes fight a great battle all with the intention to give Rand the opportunity to face Morgoth. Rand does reach Morgoth, similar to what happened in A Memory of Light but...Morgoth instead chats with him. In that moment he (very strongly) shows Rand that the battle cannot be won. He reveals to him that, whenever they met at Shayol Ghul, Rand had the chance to defeat him, but failed. Whenever the Dark One showed him that vision where Rand "killed" him, it was a lie. A deceit on Morgoth's part. And Rand trusted him on that in every turning of the Wheel. Then he reveals a twist to Rand, which I won't say, but basically saying, the twist revolves around this: it is actually Rand's fault that Morgoth ever had the chance to bring evil into the world. 

This revelation (which is more concrete in the fanfic, but, again, I won't say) breaks Rand and he doesn't fight Morgoth, but instead leaves the battle to find answers. He finds them in the TVA. There, he also sees the life of everyone who ever lived in the existence. This...absolutely breaks him. He can only see evil everywhere. Absolute meaninglessness and horror, nothing else, similar to thoughts and emotions he experienced on Dragonmount, but much stronger and horrible. And when the heroes (along with armies and civilians) are running from Morgoth frm universe to universe, Rand sees only evil things happening in the camps. He sees Morgoth in every person he meets.

Long story short, he finally snaps. He makes a terrible decision: he will destroy everything. And he starts a rampage on everyone around himself, killing a few main characters like Dr. Strange, Batman, Sand dan Glokta and etc. He intends to use Choedan Kal and send a massive wave of balefire that would ruin all of reality. (Obviously, he stops before it's too late, but that is a story for another time.)

In your opinion, how would Rand's drastic madness need to be dealt with in this scenario? Rand has always been my favorite character in all of fiction and I always said he is the most empathetic (and sympathetic) character in the entire Wheel of Time. He is a good person. So what would need to be done, in your opinion, to make this drastic shift of his make sense with the Rand we know (and many of us love) from the books by Robert Jordan?

Thank you in advance and sorry if these kinds of questions (related to fanfic) bother you.

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