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WoT cameo in the movie "The Hoax"


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I don't know if anyone else has noticed this. I saw The Hoax last night. (It was pretty good.)


*** Possible movie spoiler info to follow... I don't think it is, but YMMV. Don't read it if

you are REALLY looking forward to seeing this movie. ******





Anyway, at the end of the movie they are burning a bunch of books, supposedly the unauthorised

biography of Howard Hughes. As more books are tossed into the conflagration, several of them

flutter open and you can tell by the book liner and chapter logos that they are from the WoT



I laughed out loud in the theater and everyone looked at me. lol. I just thought I'd share. If

somebody else has already brought this up (or nobody cares), my apologies...

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There was also a WoT book cameo in the movie Wolf with Jack Nicolson and Michelle Pfieffer. I don't remember the particular scene, since I saw the movie over 10 years ago, but Jack is standing in either his office or a library and there are a bunch of books behind him and you can make out the Tor labels and WoT titles briefly before they cut to the next shot. Luckily no WoT books were burned in the film!

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