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Gleeman Thorn

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On another re-read of Winter's Heart - I'm in the Chapter What the Aelfinn Said: And I've stumbled on where Mat bumps into and has to fight Tuon.  One of the sentences reads: "He had quick hands, the quickest Thorn had ever seen according to the old gleeman, but it was all he could do to ward her off, forget about grabbing her."


Is it safe to assume that Thorn is just a typo for Thom?  I don't have the Companion Guide handy so I wasn't able to look up Thorn and see if it was a character I missed.  Is anyone able to verify this error in their own copy?   I've attached a screenshot to prove I'm not crazy, HAHA.  



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It's just a typo, I think ... I'm like one paragraph away from that scene in my current reread, so I'll double check tonight. And hopefully remember to let you know here!

You'd better remind me, though, because we old Aes Sedai get a bit forgetful ?

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