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What would it take for a stormlight archive adaptation?

king of nowhere

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Doesn't seem a wot related question, but it relates to the difficulty of adapting.

wot was given a massive budget, great actors, great people, all the production time they needed, the implied promise of up to 8 seasons if everything goes well.

And it was barely adequate.

Despite all the resources put into it, the show was good, but not excellent. And in a lot of cases, it was for the lack of resources. must save money by not making too many sets, must save money by using cgi sparingly, must not hire too many extras to film battles, must cut plots because 64 hours are not enough for the full story.

No, let us not discuss rafe's ability or lack thereof. I'm focusing on all the objective difficulties that made wot extremely hard to adapt.


Well, I like the stormlight archive even more than wot, and I would like an adaptation of that too. but it's gonna be even harder.

to adapt the SA, you need cgi in every single scene; spren are everywhere. you need special sets for every outside; you can't just film in a forest, roshar has an ecology all of its own, you'd need to make models for all the weird plants they have.

makeup would be a nightmare, there are a lot of ethnicities with unique traits.

the plot is slightly less dispersive than wot, but there's still multiple characters and plotlines.

the story is going to be just as long, or possibly longer. SA is bound to stop at 10 books instead of 14, but each one of those books goes well past 1000 pages, while most wot books were around 800. and those pages are more condensed with plot, because sanderson has less flowery descriptions. And with a more cohesive plot, there's less side stories to cut.


So, if it took a major effort to produce a wot series, and it still was barely adequate, i wonder what kind of resources would be needed to try an adaptation of the stormlight archive

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