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Logain's gentling

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An idea came to me as I was thinking of the episode to come:


In the books we of course never see Logain's gentling because the party is at that point in Fal Dara, or perhaps still in the Blight. Indeed we never see the Aes Sedai gentle any male channeller. In the series however with the party ending up in Tar Valon, it seems likely they will be there at the same time as Logain. Which means they may witness the trial/gentling. 


Now this is interesting for a few reasons.


It puts the viewers face to face with the terrible consequences of the Dark One's backlash on saidin, even millenia after the breaking. And instead of the Red Ajah cruelty (not all of them of couse but still), it is the harsh necessity and responsibilty of the Aes Sedai to prevent chaos and destruction that will be center stage.


Furthermore, Rand witnessing 1st hand the terrible fate that befalls those who proclaim themselves the Dragon Reborn, could serve to add to his reluctance in accepting who he is. And later it would serve to justify his suspicion and antagonism towards Aes Sedai.


Lastly and perhaps most interesting is whether or not in the show Logain will retain his ability to perceive ta'verren. If so with the party present he would notice them instantly. I don't recall if the glow around the ta'verren is stronger depending on just how strong the ta'verren's influence is, but if not it's an easy thing to add. By doing so Logain, just like in the books, would realize how important Rand in particular is, and perhaps even infer that he is actually the Dragon Reborn, particularly if he is surrounded by other ta'verren.


What I would really enjoy is if he would then taunt the Aes Sedai with this knowledge but without revealing it all to them. He could hint at his knowledge, and in some way even (if Egwene isn't ta'verren or if she is but Rand shines so bright its obvious) that he knows the Dragon Reborn is not a woman. For one this could serve to advance the mystery and take some viewers by suprise. And it would also increase the tension and apprehension within the White Tower concerning the Dragon Reborn. Logain could be lying of course but what if he isn't? And it would be totally in character for Logain to do so considering his attempts to sully the Red Ajah's reputation. He's vindictive and would certainly lash out.


Anyway just some thoughts that came up, thought it would make for a cool scene, and was wondering what people thought. Too outlandish?

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