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Welcome Pe Ell


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Guest Emperor

Pe Ell, welcome to Seanchan. It looks like you have already made yourself at home with posting and starting threads... and that's awesome!


Some suggestions:


Look Caddy in the eyes... your eyes may tend to wander to her siggie but pretend it is the sun and do not stare at it for too long.


Corki will talk about how great the Band is... blah blah blah... but really he knows the Seanchan is the cat's pajamas. I just wanted to say Cat's pajamas...


Kait will be jealous that her newness has worn off and thus pretend to be a SC veteran... just humor her.


Ummm... who else wants me to comment about them *g*?

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Guest Haxorsist

Welcome P.L. :D


You might be surprised to know that Empy's avatar is an actual picture of him, so try not to say "Oh, yeah!" too much. He'll just go crazy and knock over some walls, and the gopher will have to clean up, whoever that is... *shifty-eyed*

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i agree with all the above =)


*pats everyone who posted ^ on the head distractedly* ... Pe Ell will follow me. because Pe Ell is smart like that. thankyou to everyone. ishallbesuretoshare"it"withyou(all)!



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Guest Cadsuane

Oooh! I got commented on!! *stares newb in the eyes*


You are getting sleepy verrrry sleeeepyyyyy... :shock:

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