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Fade/Trolloc link


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Is it ever described how the link between Fade and Trolloc is initiated?


I don't think it is covered in the books, do you think they will cover it in the show?


Does the Fade have to 'lay hands' on each one to establish the link?

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The book does not describe how the link is established between a Fae and Trollocs. It's somewhat similar to Aes Sedai and Warder bond considering that if a Fade dies, all linked Trollocs die.


The series somewhat contradicts about Trollocs. In early interviews, RJ said there are female Trollocs indicating that they give births. Later, RJ said Trollocs are constructs and that's why they can't go through Travel gateways without dying.


I don't think RJ ever wanted to elaborate on Trollocs/Fade ecology. They just breed fast and exists. In reality, how they can even exist such large numbers in the Blight where there are nothing to eat is highly illogical.  Just one of those we just need to accept.





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