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Trollocs in the Waste


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Hey folks!

I am reading WoT for the 1st time.

Currently reading The Great Hunt, but a segment in the book where Perrin and Ingtar's group meets the Aielman, reminded me of the story of the Aiel Maidens of the Spear, that was told by the Tinker Seeker, in the first book. 

So I revisited the relevant passage in the Eye of the World, and came across this—


Elyas sat up, his pipe almost falling from between his teeth. "A hundred miles into the Waste? Impossible! Djevik K'Shar, that's what Trollocs call the Waste. The Dying Ground. They wouldn't go a hundred miles into the Waste if all the Myrddraal in the Blight were driving them."

So I never actually figured out what the Trollocs were up to in the Waste. That may be because I read Eye of the World quite desultorily ?


If anyone here has any theories about this, or if this was actually explained later in the book (and I missed it), I would really appreciate it if you could explain it (unless its rafo).

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