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Collecting the WOT series hard backs - need help


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First post here, since I figured maybe someone could help me out with this.


So I read the books a long time ago, and thought it would be cool to collect the whole series in hard back to display in my office.


I went to Thriftbooks and ordered several used ones for pretty cheap. I got them, and I didn't think about this when ordering them but probably should have,

but some look wildly different from others. I would like to collect them all that look the same since it looks much nicer. I'm having a difficult time figuring out

exactly HOW to do that though, since these used places don't show pictures of the exact book they are selling. I was able to get as far as figuring out what an

ISBN# is, and that seems like what I need to accomplish what I want, but I still can't figure it out exactly. Even the few books that I got that look exactly the same,

I can't figure out an exact pattern with the ISBN #'s and what exactly to look for when searching. I also tried searching for a list of specific editions and their corresponding ISBN#'s of each book, etc.


I attached an image of the assortment that I got, haha. 


Anyway, that was a bit long winded but I would LOVE some advice if anyone has any to help me out.


p.s. That bottom right one (The Gathering Storm) looks super cool, but I'm guessing it's probably a special edition and would be really hard to find them all looking

like that, if that even exists. I was more just trying to find more of the editions that look like those bottom left 3, which I THINK I just ordered 2 more in the series to match those... but we'll find out in a few days, haha.




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