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100 summer something?


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Ok since we all got somewhat hectic lives i am figuring a monthly event may be a bit of a far streach at the time (of course if anyone want to do that go ahead and start it, we love to see art and its what this board is for).


But how about an extended summer (or winter for those in different hemisphere) one 100 thing event?


May through august, pic a theme and make 100 drawings on that theme, like the events idea say it can be anything, boats, planes, trains, aliens, flowers, dogs...free choice of medium etc, make it easy want to sketch one day do that, want to paint another then do that, photomanip a tird day go for it - you get the drift.


Post your progress here to this tread and just post a number with the picture to keep tabs on how far you gotten, lets see if we can make a multipage tread by the end of august...who all is with me?

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