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I. Need. Help. the game

Guest LewsTherin.

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Guest LewsTherin.

so, people iv never met, i need help. i figure you must all be some kind of awesome, loving the wheel and all, i need a techy. i have a hp mini, they have no drive for discs, i also dont have a portable one, and havent yet learned to make one. i have it working on a different laptop but i dont like that 1, and its not tiny like the mini. so, i put the files on a usb storage, the install page comes up, from several source files, i tried a handful, but when it starts, it instantly says bad something or other, cant find file ../help/readme.htm or something very like that, and that maybe the disc is dirty? i havent started, tho it works on the one laptop, cuz i dont wanna break away and yea, im bad at sidetracking. i just gave myself the idea to try just getting the files from that laptop, and i havent dug too deep online yet, so i may figure it out, but if u can help id appreciate it. theres no describing my love for the series, idk how i didnt know there was a game for so long. iv been reading the series over and over for about 15 years now, i dont even read other stuff, i NEED this game in my life XD. ok, well glad to be in the crew, does my mind some ease seeing so many love something so morally outdated. the world is losing the good stuff, its gooey center, like a twinky attacked by raccoons, wheel of time love cant die. later, and thanks in advance

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Buy yourself a USB external DVD Drive. Even then you might have compatibility issues on newer versions of Windows. That game is incredibly old.


Installing on another PC without the disc generally requires a no-cd crack, they are of questionable legality, and downloading/installing them exposes yourself to malware/viruses. (Back in the day, if you asked for a no-cd crack on a games website/forum, you'd get banned).

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