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Hello !

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Hello all,


I am a french fan of the books. Read wot a first time in french, but I had to stop because if did not like the translation and because at the time the last books by Brandon Sanderson were not yet done and I feared they would not be translated.


So I started over in English and finished it quite after the ending by Brandon Sanderson was released in VO, and finished it saying to myself this was one of the best fantasy books I had read (with Royal Assassin & Game of thrones).


And now, as I saw the books were adapted to TV, my blood pressure has raised quite a lot so I started to read the whole thing a third time, to make the wait easier ? (did I write somewhere I am a huge fan ? ? ). From what I have seen, I live the casting, but I have to admit that twice in my story of reading books I told to myself that what I was reading was impossible to adapt to TV: first was game of thrones, second was wheel of time. My guess on Got was wrong, so now I hope I will have false again on Wot ?


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Welcome to Dragonmount, Jaime ?

It's quite exciting to wonder what the tv series will be like, heh?

Which part of France are you from, if I may ask? I was an exchange student in the 1980's and stayed in Versaille and Lille for a short while. I now live in Cape Town, South Africa, which is in the area where I was born and grew up.

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