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Gimp - how to make frames - and make things like text or frames glow


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Ok of course you can layer up and make amazing glow effects with layering but lets get to the basics and more simple glow stuff


this is the stuff when i want to make simpler stuff glow and its either

1. use blur

2. use skreen, addition or similar mode in layers

3. a combination of the two




ok here i got a black background and i got text i want to make glowing in a layer afront of it

now i am going to make a layer between my name layer and my background




now it looks like this


aka my text has been selected


i head into select menu


and in this case set it too 3 pixel, then make my empty layer my active layer





i go to edit and fill it with my selected color



now because the color i want to glow is fairly light, you can see it disapears a bit in the light color, so for that reason i go to select menu, shrink 2 and choose a color slightly darker then my text to fill the new selected inner field with




now i use the cut tool (i am sure there is a better way for this but this the simplest way i found to deactivate a selection) and click utside the frame




now i go to filters, blur and use gausian blur on this layer



to me this not good enough so i duplicate layer and set it to addition and half optimacy



now the thiner the line and if its in medium to dark range i find this works a lot better then with light colors most of the time, with them you likely want to layer more and work on shading out and in and all...




and in this one the bluur layer  only have one color not two like the last one, and there is no layer on top of the text either



now of course you can find beautifull frames in say pixabay you can just put your picture in, there is also an framing tool in the filters and artistic menu or was it decoration


but basic gist there is nothing hindering you making your own frames, either by use of cuting tool, shrink and grow feature in the select menu or by use of eraser and different brushes - and combine this of course with any number of other tools and effects


will cover a few here


ok first and very simple one


i have a picture, i duplicate the layer, i colorize it, i go to select and choose all, then i go back to select and here i shrunk by 25

now i delete the new selection and voila



now this same version can be used to fill say one color, shrink some more, fill another color, and shrink again fill another color



you can of course blur those layer lines



you see you can even use another picture, patern or something and do this with

you could play with it and do the different frame colors in different layers and make them more transparent in some layers then others and so on and forth


ok now another way to do this is create a new layer on top of your picture and simple use the airbrush tool, the pencil, the paintbrush or the eraser to make a new frame in the edge by creating some of the brushes with form


now i figure you see the paintbrush and pencil and all, but eraser? yes simple make a picture the layer above with say a pattern, use a big eraser and remove it completely, then use anti erase to take back parts of it




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and really the same principles goes if you want to cut hole in a layer and show a picture underneat in a frame, if you use the scisor tools to cut holes by selection you put it underneat the picture and use the same treatment on selection as above


however if you want to use a brush you have to use the picture above and antierase, you can then use layer menu ->transparancy -> alpha to selection




and once you got the selection you can grow it and fill it in a layer underneat that




here i would remove the stray green dot on the side, and clean it up inside


and here i illustrate how i use a layer above my picture, use the select circle tool to make an oval, fill it with color, shrink with one pixel, and delete content



and i put it to selection again after, the reason i removed it is the selection was only on one side when i had a full circle, now i want it to mark both inner and outer edge


then i grow it by 5 in a new layer underneat this and fill it in and use blur


i think its too stark so i duplicate the dark green and blur the lower of the two



better but still not quite so i put the top green layer to dodge



ok satisfied its somewhat glowing, if not i could add layers and whatnot, but you get the gist of what tools to play with all of you so go create some neat frames ?


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