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How to PG-13ify a pic


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No sorry to those who think they would see a non pg-13 picture in here, i am merely showing the technique cause i know many picture sources have many good pics thats non pg-13 if you verify you are adult/want to see adult content


and there is no reason to despair if you stumble upon one that you for the face or consept or hand position want to use it. Just dress it, and this tutorial will show the simplest way to do so in my mind

(of course you can find a picture with a person with similar position that has clothes and edit on those close on your pic, but sometimes finding that is hard, or the lightsetting is wrong so it wouldnt look good or..or..)


and we will be practising on this picture 




so this tutorial i am going to assume you know the basics if not look into the basic tutorial


step 1 is duplicate the layer

step 2 in this case because i was lazy and copied it in instead of downloading and opening it

image.png.4e9ce57b892232094652085642a7643f.pngthis is the tool used, i hold it over the black field i want to get rid, click and hit the deletebuton on my keyboard


then i use one of the other cut tools and click outside the picture to get rid of the marking of the dragon, one because if not it will only edit within the marking which in this case is not an issue, but two because it anoys me with the flashing line


step 3 i colorize it in the color i want for the clothing



now the next thing i do is use eraser to remove the parts that wont be made into clothes




next you use varying techniques like filters, smudge and the like to make this more fabric like 



to open the menu in the above picture choose the filter menu and choose blur then median blur, and you can play with the radius, pecenetile and such till your happy with result


now i zoom in and basically go over with the smudgetool to make it a softer fabric look too it, but this i do with a smaller brush for controll, i want to blur it with making fabric fold effects and keep shading around where the body would naturaly poke more into the fabric...so slowly bit by bit on smaller areas



you see here how i use the lighter scales and sort of move them in the tradjectory of shaping along the natural shouldercurve of the body rather then say right up or to the side (illustrates bellow)



however i say this is easier as editing on clothes, is because adapting clothes light shape and size wise is so hard to make good looking without spending even more time, or luck out on finding a really compatable picture



now after working that a bit you got to remember you also will downscale it so not all details will show as well

however now even downscaled because this one didnt have any natural decorational pieces that i could make part of its clothes, meaning you do not have to make an end to the clothing cause things like say boots and the like do (if they have some clothes just litle and you want a dress you can meld into those clothes to make dresstops and the like)


anyway in this i want to make edges, so i use eraser brush with hard edge to go and sharpen them up first


now you will see i temporary made a white background its just to see better


next i duplicate layer and set it to addition mode, then go to layers, trancparency, alpha to selection

now i go to select and shrink say 2-3 pixels

once it shrink i hit delete on keyboard

then deactivate the selection with cutting tool like earlier, and go over with eraser to remove edges i dont want


and this is the finished product downscaled as i would for a sig compared to original



it now got a shirt, suit, pj whatever you want to call it


obviously playing with the filters and effects you can make different fabric looks and the like, it again just depends on how much time you want to put into it, but the simple way is to just make thightsiting clothes like thights and tops.


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