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This is from Kate Franz's Instagram story several days ago. It is Kate with Joe Layton and Bart Edwards (presumably, since she tagged them in it). Bart played Duny in the Witcher and stars in Young Wallander. Another cast member perhaps?


Sorry it's so small. I'd make it bigger if I could. I haven't figured out how to post on here from imgur yet.

kate franz.PNG

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This is apparently from the set of another movie that both Joe Layton and Bart Edwards are in and Kate is Joe Layton's g/f.  Which also explains Joe's presence in the group photo at the restaurant a week or so ago (there was speculation that he was a cast member).

So, sorry! I would delete the original post if I could.

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OK, so looking at IMDB at The Wheel of Time I noticed there were some cast members that haven't been mentioned and also some that don't even give the character they are portraying. So let the speculation begin.


Naana Agyei Ampadu - Danya (I can't remember any character with that name in the books)

Maria Doyle Kennedy - no character given

Kate Fleetwood - Liandrin (I hadn't heard of this maybe some of you had)

Priyanka Bose - Alanna Mosvani

Peter Franzen - no character given

Stuart Graham - no character given

Daryl McCormack - no character given

Taylor Napier - Maksim (I don't remember this character either)


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I'm almost positive Danya is new. Some characters, like Logain, are getting larger roles so these people could be related to them. Also Nyneave's parents are dead and her unnamed father mentioned in passing, Perrin's are mentioned, never seen and killed offscreen and Egwene has vanishing sisters so we'll get at least cameos I think. I think I remember hear they changed the name of Alanna's other warder and I think it was Maksim. I don't remember way, I think it was similar to another one.

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IMDB is not very reliable when it comes to upcoming movies and shows so unless it was confirmed by a social media post by someone involved in the show or by a major news outlet consider it to be rumor. That said the only thing suspicious from what was posted is the name of Ampadu's character as I haven't seen any name attached to the character before.

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