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David Buckley is composing the score

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For the first 4 episodes, at least, David Buckley has been announced as the composer. Meaning he will set the tone for the music for the series and if main themes are used throughout, many of them will probably be composed by him at the start.


I don't really know anything about Buckley and haven't watched many of the projects he has composed the music for. He has done primarily television, and he has an Emmy nomination for his main title music for The Good Fight. One of the more widely known films he has scored would be the Papillion remake in 2018, I am listening to some of that on Youtube and the music is fine, but I would say that I am a little concerned that a score he would do for a show like Wheel of Time might sound either, 1) generic or, 2) total background music that doesn't add much.


Depending on what kind of tone they are going for with the series, it might behoove it to have music that is less noticeable or intrusive, but sight unseen of how they are planning to approach the atmosphere and aesthetic, I think I would personally prefer music with strong themes that kind of help propel the visuals and action to some degree with motifs that weave together in a thematic and world-building way, similar to how Howard Shore approached the Lord of the Rings films.


It'd be unfair to expect anything near the level of Shore's score, it is one of the great works of movie scoring of the past couple decades, but I wouldn't mind if Buckley took some notes on it before he embarks on his endeavor here, Based on what I've heard so far, he seems like a fundamentally capable composer, I just wonder if he's going to BRING IT, if you know what I mean.

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He went to Wells Cathedral School by all accounts; and given his age and that it’s a small school, there’s a chance I’d have played him at rugby, so I’m on board. (Reader, we generally beat Wells when we played them)

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