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Totally apropos of nothing: what other guys around here have long hair?

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Just out of curiousity, really. Since turning 18 (now 46), I've perpetually grown my hair out for around 6-8 years and then cut shaved it off for one reason or another (sometimes sooner than that at points). I've had it so long I had to flick my hair to the side to sit down, otherwise I'd have sat on my hair. The last time I shaved it off was 21 March, 2012. I'd had it long, down about to my waist. I tried letting it lock up on its own into dreadlocks (big mistake!) by constantly wearing a knit cap (this was during that whole #OccupyWallSt thing, and I was part of a local occupation of a park in my state's capitol, with the blessing of the mayor and the police chief which kinda took some of the fun out of it). I kept the cap on day and night, and when I went on a march later that year in Washington DC which got rained on all day while I wore my backpack getting soaked in the streets, my hair did something funny: it folded up from the bottom somehow, and locked into the upper half. When we got back to the 4H hostel room and I went to hop in the shower to warm up I discovered that my hair was now half as long as it was that morning, but now was an unholy mess that was not anywhere near being on its way towards drealocks. 


I tried separating the "beaver's tail" my hair had formed into, hoping to create individual dreadlocks, but it was to no avail. I stubbornly kept the hair a couple more months, still trying to get things to work (and wearing that cap as well, most of the time), but finally decided to shave it all off on the first day of spring. Shaving my head actually turned into an event of sorts, a whole bunch of my friends wanting to watch ?. So my best friend went at it with scissors then clippers, buzzing it down as close as the clippers would take it with no guard on it. I wanted to bust out shaving cream and a razor, but I got talked out of it. And I haven't touched it since with any sort of bladeded implement (well, except to snip a little bit out when some gum got stuck in my hair last summer dang nabbit!).


It doesn't seem to have grown as fast this time as previous times, as it is barely past the middle of my back now, when before after this long it would be at my waist. Must be my age...


So how many of you gentlemen have long hair? Or have had long hair?

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On 12/15/2019 at 2:15 PM, TheSociopath said:

I've just started growing it out a few years ago, and its only just getting past shoulder length. I only ever really wear it in a ponytail or loose


Sweet! How long do you plan to let it grow, do you know? Do you see many guys in your area with long or long-ish hair, or does it seriously stand out?

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